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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 38



April 2006



In this issue

  Elvis tribute artists should be protected     Elvisly Yours Rockin' Again 
  David Neale sells his collection     John Krondes and Elvis' Hit Making Team  

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Elvis Tribute Artists should be
protected by the US Constitution

There have been many international press reports about the new owner of EPE, Robert Sillerman, threatening to ban Elvis Tribute Artists, at least in Las Vegas where he plans major Elvis themed projects. Actually, I can see nowhere he actually made such a statement but it was just a hint suggesting “why would he want unauthorised Elvis Tribute Artists appearing in Vegas competing with his projects?” He will need to think again as the US Constitution, Anti-Trust Law, Employment Law and Common Law Rights will stop him.

Mr. Sillerman is a billionaire, a shrewd businessman and he is not stupid. Although, I have no idea who is advising him because, so far, everything he has done in the Elvis World has been to upset his core customers, Elvis fans, by marketing Elvis rubber ducks, Elvis rubber face masks, Elvis bobble-heads, tacky jumpsuits, evicting the last independent stores at Graceland and now he is hinting at banning ETAs.

I sued Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc in the UK High Court and Court of Appeals and beat them in landmark legal battles in 1997 and 1999 canceling their trade marks and making Elvis Presley public domain in this country. If I hadn’t succeeded Elvis fans in Britain and Europe would find life a lot tougher and be controlled like they are in America having to pay to use the name Elvis even for their charity fund-raising efforts. ETAs in the UK are free to carry on their work and perform Elvis tributes without threats from EPE. Likewise for Europe and the British Commonwealth.

In America, the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights states :

Amendment 1:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances

In simple language, Elvis fans have the right to assembly and freedom of speech. They can gather in theatres, conventions, other venues and sing Elvis songs led by an ETA, dressed like Elvis and these facts seem to be a Constitutional Right protected by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. There are even Elvis Churches in America that clearly would be protected by the 1st Amendment. ETAs could declare themselves Ministers of an Elvis Church and then what would EPE do? The love for Elvis Presley and their devotion to his memory for many fans is almost religious.

Then, there is the matter of anti-trust ! Under US Law it is illegal to operate a monopoly and I do not understand why Bill Gates has been sued by the US Government for monopolistic actions but not EPE. They have the most powerful monopoly in America claiming control over everything associated with the name, image and likeness of the world’s most famous entertainer, Elvis Presley. It is a very powerful monopoly that claims it will try and stop Elvis Tribute Artists carrying on their profession, some after 30-40 years of performing. After I lost to EPE in the US lawsuit I was advised by a famous lawyer “Racehorse Haines” to sue EPE under anti-trust laws and he believed I would win but I just did not have the funds to fight such a case. EPE has yet to be challenged in the USA under anti-trust laws. There are Employment Laws that protect workers to carry on their trade or profession. There are Common Law Rights and “Rights of Statute”. EPE, 29 years after Elvis’ death, cannot come along and stop ETAs performing. ETAs that have been performing for years without any interference means EPE would be out of time (Right of Statute) even if they could surmount all the other legal hurdles they face.


“Legends in Concert” logo


Tony Roi, far right with American Airlines aircrew and other
stars from Legends in Concert

In Nevada I was very friendly in the 1980’s and early 1990’s with the founder, John Stuart, of the fabulous show featuring ‘Elvis’ called “Legends in Concert”. I used to take our fan club members to Vegas and always saw his Show. We were always warmly welcomed and treated fabulously with fans mingling with the stars and having their photo taken after the Show. John Stuart lobbied to get laws passed in Nevada to protect the rights of Tribute Artists. His lawyer at the time was Mark Tratos who still practices law in Las Vegas and is probably America’s leading expert on Entertainment Law relating to Elvis Presley Tribute Performances.

Incidentally, John told me he used to pay EPE $10,000.00 a year to have ‘Elvis’ in his show just to get EPE off his back (‘protection money’ he called it). He then decided to take the Show on the road in the late 1980’s and was sued by EPE for having ‘Elvis’ in a “Legends in Concert” Show in New York. He complained to EPE that he had a contract with them and they said they would tear the contract up. If he fought them, at the Final Appeal, he could probably win but he would be bankrupted before he got there. John defended the lawsuit in New York State and received the most bizarre injunction probably ever issued in America. The Injunction stated Tony Roi, the ETA, could not look like, dress like, move like or sing like Elvis, so he went on stage in a tuxedo and sang Elvis songs standing absolutely straight. John did not pursue the case to the Appeals Court but would have won. He still had to pay $70,000.00 in legal costs.

Then there is the little matter of competing Casinos in Las Vegas. Many Casinos and clubs have made $millions over the years from running Elvis Shows and Conventions with ETA Contests. Why should they suddenly be stopped from performing Elvis Shows because there is a ‘new kid’ in town, Bob Sillerman? They will fight him every step of the way.

One final thought is about all the thousands of people that have received employment from the tens of thousands of Elvis Tribute Shows that have been staged for over 30 years in America. Any musician, any singer, any promoter and any others connected with staging Elvis tribute shows could rightfully sue EPE in a lawsuit or class action lawsuit (they group together to sue) for loss of income, interfering with their contractual obligations, infringement of trade etc, etc.

Sadly, when I was sued by EPE in the USA in 1985 not one Elvis fan, not one Elvis fan club, not one dealer, Elvis store, friend of Elvis, nor family member gave evidence in my defence. When I lost ALL of the American Elvis World lost and now they are suffering for not supporting me when I stood alone against the might of EPE. Elvis Tribute Artists must band together and form a “UNION of ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTISTS”. Remember ‘united we stand and divided we fall’ and an EPE attack on anyone ETA would be supported by the entire Union.

Apparently, billionaire Robert Sillerman, was named the bronze winner for “the worst person in the world” contest on the American NBC TV show called Countdown with Keith Obermann, for April 24th. Obermann said on air that Sillerman has no control over impersonators in Europe (thanks to Elvisly Yours, my comment) and suggested there could be a mass Elvis flight, with expatriates in Paris or this could be the dawn of the 'Elvis Speakeasy' in America.

Elvisly Yours Rockin’ Again

We mentioned in a previous email that Elvisly Yours will be re-launched with a range of new products after I had to spend many years helping Maureen fight her battle against cancer. Even though she has won the major battle, cancer has all sorts of side effects, one of which is thrombosis. Maureen developed thrombosis in 2001 and now sadly it has returned. After several weeks of intensive treatment and the wonderful “Hospital at Home” service where nurses came to our home to treat her she is now starting to improve but she is on Warfarin for the next few months.

Elvisly have found a partner who will finance new products for manufacture and distribution around the world and we are “Rockin’ Again…”. Now we would like your help again about choosing the best design. Since Elvis fans will be buying our fabulous new products who better to help us chose the best designs. This week we will have the first samples of new material that will be used to make casual shirts, skirts, dresses, sheets, pillow cases, curtains, cushion covers and duvets. We may even produce wall paper with the new designs that feature a collage of black and white images of Elvis from mostly the 1950’s. It will take 2-3 months to manufacture the material and start to distribute  the range of products that should be sold by Elvisly Yours first and then in the chain stores later this year and for 2007. Look out in our next Newsletter for Elvis Hawaiian designs.

Question 1
Please advise us whether we should produce the shirts with or without the black collar and armband, chose (A) or (B)

Do you prefer a (A) skirt or (B) dress or should we manufacture (C) both. Men can also respond on what they prefer for their wife, girlfriend or sister.

Let us know whether you would prefer to purchase (A) duvet cover with pillowcases or (B) sheet and pillowcase set and state single or double bed size.

Click here to start answering the questions.

All fans who kindly respond to our questionnaires will be put in a hat and a lucky winner will receive a shirt when they are manufactured in the next 2-3 months. We hope to be able to retail the shirts for less than £20.00 when they are launched, about half the price of similar imported shirts. Please note the final design will be without the line you seen the material below. The superb design is by Shaun Gordon a recent graduate of the London College of Fashion.


Photo of the house




Set of 2 Elvis magic mugs £12.95
p&p UK 2.50, Eu £5.00, Ov £7.50

So Uri Geller wants to buy Audubon Drive?

It has been reported by Reuters that Uri Geller is bidding to buy Elvis’ old house on Audubon Drive. He wants to turn into into a weird and wacky Elvis Museum. Perhaps he does not know that EPE are very litigious and will slap a US Federal Injunction on Uri as soon as he crosses the porch. But since Uri has “special powers” who knows what he can do with the megalomaniacs at Graceland. I have always thought that Jack Soden is the classic example of the North American Indian’s expression “ he speaks with forked tongue”. Please God, perhaps with his powers Uri can bend Soden’s ‘forked tongue’ to make it straight so that Soden becomes honest just like Jim Carrey in the film “Liar, Liar”…on second thoughts Uri can’t have that much power…but a nice thought.

If he does succeed and persuades Sillerman that Audubon Drive is another Elvis attraction worth promoting he could use mind control to get cars to follow the highways to Audubon but then he will have parking problems as the house is in a residential zone. Does Uri know you cannot run businesses in residential zones? Surely, with his powers he can do what he wants and even get the laws changed without anyone knowing, just like magic.

The $64,000.00 question - if Uri can outbid everyone and buy Audubon Drive, turn in into a Museum, can he persuade Bob Sillerman to be able to sell the Elvisly Yours “Magic Mugs” at Audubon Drive ? Current bidding at the time of writing is £425,000.00. Sounds like great PR to get the price hiked !!!

Coffee mugs 1977, the first mugs
Elvisly Yours ever sold

Corgi Thunderbird, sold 1998 by
Elvisly Yours in our shop


David Neale sells his collection

Apparently, after living many years in Belgium David Neale and his family will be moving to another country for health reasons and has to sell some of his rare collection. David is very well known in Europe and America through his website and book reviews of hundreds of Elvis books that have been published over the years. Fans interested in finding details of what is left for sale can view the list, many with photographic images by clicking on the main index: http://users.telenet.be/davidneale/elvis/sales or individually by clicking on of the links below:

We wish David and his family health, wealth and happiness in his new life in a new country.

John Krondes and Elvis’ hit making team

For the past two years John Krondes has been bringing together most of the musicians and backing singers that worked with Elvis during his career. John has persuaded these legends to go into recording studios and back John with new songs that Elvis may have sung had he lived. He has got songwriters also involved that had written songs for Elvis and had presented new songs to him. John’s late father had written a song called “The End” for Elvis. John has got Ray Bardini who remixed “30 #1 Hits” and “2nd to None” to mix a new album with the “Elvis hit-making team”. The album should be released in the next few months and tours of America and Europe are planned for John and the Elvis hit-making team.

John Krondes and Jordaneries


John Krondes and Sweet Inspirations

Ray's new mixes include with John Krondes musicians from the TCB Band, Elvis' Memphis Studio Band "The Memphis Boys", DJ Fontana, the Jordanaires, Sweet Inspirations, Millie Kirkham and Elvis' "Original" Horn Section.

For further details click here . Also, each Friday you can hear on the Internet John Krondes and special guests from the Elvis world – friends of Elvis, from his entourage, fan club leaders and fans on an American Radio Show called KDSK at 2pm-4pm US Mountain Time:

KD Radio Is The "Official" International Voice Of John Krondes
And The Elvis "Hit Making Team"!

The Film “This Is Elvis” is being revised, re-mastered and dramatically improved

Through our contacts in the film industry we have been advised “This is Elvis” is to have a whole new makeover, just like the Special Edition of “That’s the Way It Is”. This is a major project and will be available for theatrical release in 2007, as well as eventual release on DVD. Out will go a lot of the early film footage with the Elvis look-alikes and be replaced with more emphasis on the real Elvis and more music.

I have always believed “This is Elvis” has been the best documentary on the life of Elvis Presley and with all the new technology available today dramatic improvements can be made to a lot of Elvis film footage. It is now 25 years since “This is Elvis” hit the screens around the world. It never did well in the cinemas and lost money in many countries because it did not receive much promotional support at the time. But, in Australia it made a good profit. I am sure the new “This is Elvis” will be a great improvement on the original that in itself is a classic in the Elvis World.

Another superb product from Elvisly Yours

Front and back of the new 
Elvis card pack

Elvis playing cards £9.95 for 2 packs
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RCA Calendar card

Order two packs of playing cards now and receive this special RCA 1979 calendar that was released in Tupelo. Elvisly Yours bought all the remaining stock and has never offered it for sale to our customers.

These are the favourite t-shirts chosen by fans from our last Newsletter

Elvis the King' t-shirt
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''Elvis Lives in our Hearts' t-shirt
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D20. Elvis pillowcase £8.95
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Elvis sunglasses GOLD

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Elvis sunglasses SILVER

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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

The winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Emma Lacey of Sussex Police Force, England 
She receives a pack of the NEW Elvis playing cards when in stock.


Elvis banned in East Germany

It is hard to imagine but in Communist countries Elvis was actually banned and that included East Germany.

We had excellent relationships with the International Elvis Fan Club in Luneburg, West Germany who arranged a joint promotion to take our Elvis Statue to Bremerhaven to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Elvis arriving in Germany on October 1st 1988 and a special first day cover with Elvis stamp was released for the Event.

However, prior to that my German friend, the fan club president, Gerd Schuster had secretly arranged for an Elvis Concert in East Germany with Elvis Tribute Artist Dirk Juttner..

He arrived at the border in Berlin at “Checkpoint Charlie” and put on an impromptu concert on the West German side. He then proceeded to cross the border into East Germany with all the sound equipment.

The East German Guards stopped him and demanded his papers. He had no papers to take in the sound equipment but through sheer bravado and guts demanded the security guards contact the East German Consulate in Bonn, knowing that in those days it was almost impossible to make calls into West Germany from the East.

He quoted some names of Embassy officials in Bonn and after much deliberation they let him in together with some friends and the best young Elvis in Germany, Dirk Juttner. Secretly they put on probably the first Elvis concert ever in East Germany (with amplified sound) in a fans home.

Elvisly Yours Shops in England

Elvisly Yours started as a concept as soon as Elvis died in August 1977. I wanted to honour Elvis’ memory and thought the best way was to raise money to build a life size statue in bronze. I sold my house to raise funds and moved in to Maureen’s apartment and made Elvis busts in our garage. In 1979 as business increased  I could afford to rent a space above the company who made our plates for the Elvisly Yours magazine. Business expanded even more and we got our first office in Easton St, London WC1.

Finally we could afford to move to large premises in Shoreditch in 1982 where we remained until 1999. Elvisly Yours was officially opened by Myrna and Jerry Schilling on January 8th 1983. We had many happy years there and regularly put on discos and mini conventions in our basement. In the Spring of 1989 Elvisly Yours opened it’s first shop outside London. We opened at the famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

One day when I write my autobiography there will be several chapters on Blackpool, about the B&B’s that all seem to be run by ex-Gestapo and if you are one minute late for breakfast, hard luck. Then there are more drunks per sq. inch than anywhere else on the planet and the owner of the Pleasure Beach must have been a 19th Century mill owner who ruled with an iron fist. You could not shut up shop until he said and that could be 2am in the morning. We moved after one season to Coral island on the Blackpool seafront and one cute story is worth recounting. I was helped in Blackpool by a dear friend called Eddie Porter who is the best Beatles Tour Guide in Liverpool.

Our shop was actually a kiosk with just a counter and back wall and no escape. One day a group of forty drunk Scots came menacingly towards Eddie in the kiosk, all pointing at him loudly bellowing “Elvis, Elvis, Elvis”. “That’s it”, Eddie thought, he was a gonna and would lose all the stock and be beaten to a pulp. They got nearer and nearer as they crossed the road chanting louder and louder “Elvis, Elvis, Elvis”.

Eddie closed his eyes, said a prayer but they all wanted was to hug him as they loved Elvis and instead of punches Eddie received kisses from a mob of drunken, Scottish, Elvis fans. 

Shoreditch was our home for 17 years but it was an old building on four floors with 7,000 sq ft floor space. I could not afford the very expensive costs of maintaining the old building so I decided to sell in 1999…more next Newsletter.

Old friends

As I go down memory lane for this feature I come across photos of old friends that I have lost touch with over the years, especially friends from Memphis. I have not been to Memphis since January 1993 when I closed our warehouse and moved out of our apartment and shipped stock and furniture back to England. I vowed then not to return to Memphis until they kick out Jack Soden and his cronies. One such friend I have lost touch with is Eddie Poole who used to run the only “official” Elvis fan club in the world from Memphis.

He was one of the good guys in the Elvis World but I believe he got more and more upset as EPE got more and more control of the Elvis World. He used to be good friends with Billy and Jo Smith (Elvis’ cousins) also featured in the photo taken in 1985. If anyone knows what happened to Eddie please email me sid@elvisly-yours.com

The Very Best Bus Driver in America

Over many years when Elvisly Yours ran tours to Memphis we were privileged to be driven around Memphis and Tupelo by Adolphe (pronounced ay-dulf). His name always tickled me but in Memphis you have some of the most unusual names in the world…even Elvis is pretty unusual as a name. If you could find someone who was the total opposite to someone in history of similar spelt name, that was Adolphe. Nothing was ever too much for him. Whatever you wanted to do, morning noon or night Adolphe would be there and not only there to drive you but to act as security guard, advisor, shoulder to lean on for all the fans in our groups that went to Memphis over the years. If we went down to Beale Street Adolphe would hang around all evening checking that our fans going into different clubs were okay, especially female fans since Memphis can be a dangerous place. He used to come to our parties and join in the fun and he loved and was loved by all the fans that ever went on Elvisly Yours Tours to Memphis. It was Adolphe who had to get a ladder to climb up the back of a bus to unscrew the bathroom window to get into the restroom to free a lady that had drunk too many Long Island Teas. She was fast asleep, fallen against the door so no one could get into the rest room. Adolphe, her husband and others then carried the lady to her hotel room. 

Since I have not been to Memphis for so many years Adolphe is another friend I have lost contact with and if anyone knows his whereabouts please let me know or get Adolphe to send me an email. I always believed Elvisly Yours Tours were the best to Memphis since we really looked after the fans with trips downtown and around Memphis almost every evening. Having worked a whole day Adolphe was back again in the evening until midnight or later driving us around Memphis. Adolphe made our tours to Memphis very special and I will always be indebted to him. He was one of the nicest people you could meet anywhere, a true gentleman and a dear friend for whom I had the utmost respect. 

Dirk performing at Checkpoint Charlie Berlin


Dirk with East German fans performing in a fan’s home. It seems women vastly outnumbered men as fans.

Photo at Elvisly Yours, Shoreditch with 1959
Bal Ami jukebox.


Life size bronze statue of Elvis with flowers always left by fans


Shop at Blackpool Pleasure Beach



          Photo of Eddie Poole, Billy and Jo Smith

Sid, Bobby Dobson of Mencap Charity and Adolphe by the pool at Quality Inn Hotel

Adolphe receiving gift of London Bus from Sid with Aunt Loraine at our Party at the Quality Inn Hotel

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