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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 39



May 2006



In this issue

  Elvis joins the Circus?     Elvis Presley Blame Game    Uri Geller Buys Elvis' House 
  Japanese Box Set of the UK #1 singles      New Elvisly Yours Clothing and Homeware 

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Elvis Joins the Circus?

 Elvis with elephant

Elvis on trapeze


According to press reports Robert Sillerman has formed a joint venture with a Canadian company called “Cirque du Soleil” to promote Elvis Shows around the world. 

CKXE is teaming up with the high-flying Circus company to produce Presley-themed shows called, “Elvis Presley Projects”.

There is so little explanation about future plans that the mind boggles about what Elvis fans can expect from future shows. Perhaps, very secretly, Elvis Tribute Artists have had to learn acrobatics as they belt out “It’s Now or Never” when auditioning for the new shows. 

There has been a lot written recently about how Bob Sillerman wants to eliminate ETAs. One quick way for Sillerman to get rid of ETAs is to insist they have to become acrobats in order to perform Elvis songs. Unfit or overweight ETAs will simply crash to earth during their renditions of songs like “Return to Sender” and “All Shook Up”, problem solved for EPE. Perhaps, the only Elvis film seen by Sillerman was “Honeymoon in Vegas”.

Seeing the “Flying Elvii” in the film perhaps he believes all ETAs fly through the air, just like in the Circus, hence his joint venture with a Circus Company. Will we have Elvises dressed as rubber ducks juggling bowling pins or will bobble-headed Elvises be shot out of cannons? Will they recreate scenes with Elvis’ beloved chimpanzee “Scatter” or have Elvis look-a-likes riding Elephants or be wearing the ‘Tiger Suit’ while taming wild tigers?

Apparently, “Cirque du Soliel” put on fabulous shows but do we really need all this distraction of circus style acts when all Elvis fans want to see is Elvis performing? I just do not believe you need to mix Elvis and Circuses. 

Give me ‘Virtual Elvis Concerts’ any day to watching scantily clad women flying through the air while the sound system blasts out “Flip, Flop and Fly”.

There will be a prize of a pack of the new Elvis playing cards for the cutest suggestion about an Elvis act with the new Circus theme. Send entries to competition@elvisly-yours.com  marked ‘Elvis Circus Act’ to arrive by June 15th 2006.

The Elvis Presley Blame Game

We had a greater response to the feature in our last Newsletter about CKXE banning ETAs than any other story from our past Newsletters. The story entitled “Elvis Tribute Artists should be protected by the US Constitution” was featured on numerous Elvis websites around the world. Of course, ETAs were up in arms about CKXE’s threats and I had many responses from American fans and promoters, mostly worried about the future, but such worry was really unnecessary. EPE has worked for years by using intimidation and it saves them money by not having to revert to the legal system. It gets people scared and they back-off…don’t! They have as much chance of banning ETAs in America as I have or winning the Lottery Jackpot. The backlash was enormous against this real or imagined threat so the “blame game” started.

A BBC producer, who came to Elvisly Yours recently to interview me for a TV documentary, will be travelling around the world filming Elvis Tribute Artists. He will also enter the main ETA contest himself in Memphis during Elvis Week in 2006, run for many years by Dr Ed Franklin (Elvis’ vet/owner of Bad Bob’s). Of course, filming is very expensive overseas so the BBC producer tried to get a definite ruling from CKXE about Elvis Tribute Acts. When he phoned CKXE’s publicists in New York they clearly did not want to discuss the matter and said it was nothing to do with them and to call EPE at Graceland. The producer called Graceland and was told it was nothing to do with them and he should contact CKXE in New York, giving him the number he had previously called. He never did get an honest answer from anyone but is going ahead anyway. Now we hear CKXE and EPE are backing off and have withdrawn the threat after a huge backlash from fans, ETAs, the media and probably the Musicians Unions.

Japanese Box Set of UK #1 Singles

On May 24th 2006 BMG Japan released a complete box set of 18 no.1 Elvis singles from UK. Apparently, in Japan very little is known about the history of Elvis in the UK. If you remember, BMG UK made a good marketing decision for a change and re-released all of Elvis’ no.1 UK singles for 18 weeks from January last year. Elvis fans became frantic as they tried to purchase the singles as they were released each week, as there was limited distribution. A special box was issued by BMG to collect all the singles.

I was honoured to be asked by BMG to write a booklet called “The Story of Elvis in the UK” to accompany the box set (7,500 words). It was a labour of love as I researched and reminisced through the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s to complete the story. My English text has been translated into Japanese by Tad Akazawa of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Japan. The booklet includes both English and Japanese text. The Japanese box set will be a unique collector’s item as well as the booklet that will only be available with purchase of the box set. Sadly, the box set will only be available in Japan and will be a limited edition. A signed copy of the booklet will be a prize for the next newsletter.

Last month BMG Japan also released a box set of the US no.1 Elvis singles. There is a bonus gift for fans that purchase both box sets, a special offer of a 10 inch analogue record 'Love Me Tender' including 7 songs that was released in Japan in 1957. This record was one of the rarest records ever known to collectors. In 1995, when Vince Everett was in Japan for our Elvis Exhibition at the Mitsukoshi Department Store he told me he had tried for 40 years to find the 10 inch record of "Love Me Tender". He was over the moon when he found a copy in Tokyo. Vince traded one of Elvis’ shirts for the record from his collection, the shirt being worth at least £3,000.00.

Recently, I received an unusual letter from a lady called Anita Hardman asking about “Vince Everett”. On her birth certificate he was named as her father and she wanted to know if the Vince Everett I knew was indeed her father.

In fact, my dear friend Vince was her father but I had to tell her he died in 1998. Vince was the biggest collector of Elvis artifacts and Elvis memorabilia ever and to me he was the no.1 Elvis fan in the world. There was nothing he did not know about Elvis. Whenever I needed help answering a question about Elvis he always had the answer. Anita asked for any information about her father so I searched through my archives and found photos and press cuttings on Vince that I sent to her. She would like to hear from any fans that knew Vince and especially any fans that have photos and/or press cuttings of him. Please write direct to Anita at: anita_hardman@hotmail.com 




Japanese box set UK #1 Singles





Vince Everett in Tokyo

Uri Geller buys Elvis’ Audubon Drive House

Audubon Drive House 


The bidding was fast and frantic in the last two hours of the auction on Ebay for Elvis’ house on Audubon Drive. Larry Geller is a psychic and believes he got a signal from Elvis that his would be the winning bid. He is a great believer in the mystical numbers 11:11 and at 11p.m he got that winning signal direct from ‘Blue Suede Heaven’ when he heard on the radio at the close of the auction Elvis singing “Love Me Tender”. He is now like the boy who won the last ‘golden ticket’ for the visit to the “Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory”. As a big Elvis fan he is overjoyed at buying the home Elvis bought for his parents and grandmother when he became famous and rich in the mid-1950’s. 

 Now Uri intends to use the house for philanthropic purposes and invite children from all over the world to stay at Elvis’ home recreated to all its former glory of the 1950’s. Ideally, he would like to turn it into a Museum but he will have problems with zoning laws because the house is in a residential area. Uri is a huge Elvis fan after having met him in the mid-1970’s when he bent a spoon for Elvis. There are many coincidences uniting Elvis and Uri, at least in spirit. The last photo of Elvis was in his coffin on the day of the funeral and published in the National Enquirer. Reportedly the paper sold 7 million copies and in the same issue there was an article about Uri Geller and how his parents had witnessed his powers of bending spoons from the age of four. Further in 1974 Uri was on the front page while Elvis was featured inside the National Tatler. Uri could be the younger brother of Larry Geller as they look so much alike and they have similar spiritual believes. 

Larry has said he is not related to Uri but I think they both should check their ancestors because there is a definite similarity between them. I noticed the similarity when I saw Uri in a show last week. If you get the chance you must see Uri perform his magical powers…it really is amazing and not an illusion. He does bend spoons, fix watches and clocks with his mind and usually accompanied by children from the audience. He can make seeds grow in his hand by mind control and with the aid of other men lift a man weighing 16 stone (224 lbs) with just two index fingers of each man. His show is really the story of his life and just like Elvis he has the audience in the palm of his hands mesmerizing them with his unique voice and special powers.

Dutch Elvis stamp

On June 6th 2006 the Netherlands will honour Elvis Presley with a Stamp. We have been informed that Johan Kesseler (member of Elvis Matters) was a driving force behind the Elvis Stamp campaign and we must congratulate him; no doubt Johann was supported by thousands of Elvis fans in Holland. The stamp comes in sets of 2 and 10 and will cost 0.39 Euros and be available in all Dutch Post Offices. It was back in 1985 that Elvisly Yours persuaded the UK Post Office to honour Elvis Presley with a special hand stamp for Elvis’ 50th Birthday Anniversary.


Dutch Elvis stamp…NOT licensed by EPE !!!

The King and I

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll with the King of Thailand

This photograph of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand was taken at Paramount Studios in June 1960 on the film set of “G. I. Blues” …flanked by Elvis Presley and Juliette Prowse…


This photograph has been unseen on the Internet and probably unseen in the world for nearly 46 Years…
It was sent to me by Dennis Peacock, the author of “Escape to Thailand” and we are grateful to Dennis for sharing this rare photograph with us (ESCATI is probably Dennis’ copyright notice). 
You may write to Dennis at dennis@ethailand.com 


New Elvisly Yours Clothing and Homeware


The first samples of the shirts, skirt, curtain, tie and cushion cover have been produced and everyone loves the fantastic design so we have decided to make a special treat for fans who want to be the first to own a fabulous shirt. The first 500 will be numbered and sold with a certificate and can be pre-ordered now. It will take about two months to have the first 500 shirts made but they are so good we think it would be neat to actually number each shirt with a special label for fans with a certificate. We don't believe there has ever been a shirt that is numbered. It will make sense to frame the shirt rather than wear it and believe me it is so good it should be framed.

The price of the numbered shirts will be the same as the recommended retail price of £19.95 (plus £1.55 p&p UK). You can order as many shirts as you wish while we still have stock of the first 500. They will become serious collector’s items. Of the 3,000 or more products Elvisly Yours has sold over the past 28 years the Elvis shirts are the best design and the most exciting…everyone will want a shirt, even your family and friends who aren’t fans, a real kitsch product of the King.

ORDER a Casual Elvis Shirt today each numbered with a certificate

Casual shirt

Giant and regular cushion covers

Duvet covers and pillowcases

Ready made curtains

Elvis tie

Elvis skirt

Look out for more new designs coming soon, with a Hawaiian theme and also designer Elvis shirts in black with long sleeves. Eventually, there will also be different colours for the shirts and all the other products in blue as well as sepia (reddish-brown). The new products will be available first from Elvisly Yours but also in chain stores in Britain and then around the free world, i.e. outside the USA.

Another superb product from Elvisly Yours

Front and back of the new 
Elvis card pack

Elvis playing cards £9.95 for 2 packs
 p&p £1.00 p&p, £2.00 Eu, £3.00 world

RCA Calendar card

Order two packs of playing cards now and receive this special RCA 1979 calendar that was released in Tupelo. Elvisly Yours bought all the remaining stock in 1983 and has never offered it for sale to our customers.

These are the favourite t-shirts chosen by fans from our last Newsletter

Elvis the King' t-shirt
(p&p £1.50)

''Elvis Lives in our Hearts' t-shirt
(p&p £1.50)


D20. Elvis pillowcase £8.95
p&p UK £1.50, Eu £3.00, Ov £4.50


Elvis sunglasses GOLD

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Elvis sunglasses SILVER

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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

The winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is MRS. JOANNE MILLIGAN of Glasgow
She receives a pack of the NEW Elvis playing cards.


Elvisly Yours Shops

The biggest destroyer of businesses in the UK are the local councils who very quickly call the bailiffs when you are late with payment of the Rates (land taxes). Nothing has changed since the time of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. You are given two chances to pay late instalments of rates (14 days) and then the Council will take you to Court and demand you pay the whole year's rate bill in advance. Unless you fight them they get a “Liability Order”. This means they can immediately go to your premises and either get full payment in cash or bankers draft or start to seize goods from your premises to sell at auction. They keep on coming back seizing goods until they get the money owed. I was at war with my local council, “Hackney” for five years.

The local area was famous for poor education, poor housing, crime, drug dealers, poverty and a small company called Elvisly Yours. My shop had been opened on Jan 8th 1983 by Jerry and Myrna Schilling and for the next 16 years Hackney Council only gave me grief. I had begged them for assistance for years as we were one of the few tourist attractions in the Borough. All they wanted to do was close me down. After being wiped out by the Russian Mafia when I had opened a western supermarket in St Petersburg, opened by Vladimir Putin, and robbed of $250,000.00 of all stock and assets it was a struggle paying the rates. The Council had demanded I pay a Rateable Value at £44,000.00 for the property and this was clearly wrong. I challenged this and got it down to £11,000.00.

We had a game of legal ping-pong for years with the Council demanding far too much and me objecting in Court Hearings that they got it wrong. Eventually, an agreement was struck and I adhered to this agreement. One day, I was told bailiffs were coming to seize my goods but they had made a mistake. Only the manager of the Rates Department could stop the bailiffs. I attempted to contact this bloody bureaucrat but he was in meetings for hours so I rushed to the Court that had issued the Liability Order to stop the bailiff’s action.

Apparently, even the local court cannot stop the action only the Council or the High Court. I was lucky that I had a sympathetic court official who phoned Hackney Council to prove they were wrong. Eventually, a junior clerk at the Council found their mistake and agreed to call off the bailiffs. I went to the Council offices demanding a written statement and apology. The Manager never showed his face but I got my letter. I then appealed to the Ombudsman to get compensation. In the UK the Ombudsman has no teeth and cannot demand damages, they just got the Council to refund the £480.00 bailiffs fee, that’s what they charge for turning up at your premises. It is legal robbery and when I retire I will use my time to fight this archaic system that forces small businesses to the wall. Councils give no help, show no understanding and the system is an evil throwback to the Middle Ages with Lords of the Manor and serfs. I had had enough of Hackney Council and wanted out of my warehouse and shop at Shoreditch. My next-door neighbour was a massage parlour and its owner knew the owner of the famous Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus. He arranged a meeting and we were on our way from the East End to the West End. The move was done in style. First when the building was put up for sale I had my dear friend, Elvis look-a-like Leyton Sommors, put up the For Sale signs (still got them) and TV and press were invited. The day of moving I had ETAs Kim Bridges and the Emerald Elvis driving through London on open top London buses singing Elvis songs. Elvisly Yours were now uptown, up market in the London Trocadero but I had a tenuous lease and knew I could not stay forever. In fact, we were there for 2 years when the then Management demanded I pay £17,000.00 in Service Charges for our small 440 sq. ft. unit, 4x the rate for large shops. I complained and they refused to budge and gave me 7 days notice to get out. They were so bloody- minded yet the shop remained empty for the next year. They were very strange landlords. They refused the world’s media access to my shop after I won the Appeal Court legal battle in March 1999. I had been asked by four TV News film crews and lots of photographers to do interviews and take photos at my shop at the Trocadero but they said “no” and lost £millions in free publicity. In fact, every time the media came to interview me at the shop they caused us problems. To be continued in the next Newsletter…

Old friends…

After running a story about my dear, old friend Jim Kingsley I got an email out of the blue from his twin brother’s wife, Lilly. Many fans did not know that Jim Kingsley had a twin brother John who had a Down Syndrome son. The son, Johnny is a Special Olympics Champion and an he does and excellent Elvis Tribute. He was recently in Ireland for a Special Olympics Event and when the Irish media heard he did an Elvis Tribute they followed him around Ireland throughout his stay and he became an Irish hero. He was also on TV on the famous "Oprah Show".

The Kingsley family are close friends of Becky Yancy and her family. Becky was Elvis secretary for many years and she published a book about her life with Elvis. The Kingsley family, Becky and her husband used to come to our hotel during my fan club tours and we would raise money for Memphis Special Olympics. One of the simple fund-raising ways that is perfect for any party is “Elvis Musical Chairs”. The chances are as a kid you played musical chairs but imagine what it is like with a roomful of devoted adult Elvis fans. Talk about “death or glory”. There are no prisoners when you play “Adult Elvis Musical Chairs”. Of course, you play the normal game but only using Elvis songs until you are down to just two participants, all the others are in a heap on the floor. The winner gets an Elvis prize and fans pay to enter the game. On one evening I believed we raised $700.00 for Special Olympics and it was always great fun.

Sherry Daniel

Over the years I have had hundreds of friends in the Elvis World who have been supportive and helpful, especially after my struggles with EPE. None of my American friends had actually given evidence on my behalf in the US Court Case but still supported me morally and remained friends although many cut me off for fear of imagined reprisals from EPE. I was very friendly with Julie Banhart of the Memphis Elvis fan club and Sue Wiegert, the Blue Hawaiians Fan Club (Los Angeles) and they were both friends of Sherry Daniel who lived in LA. Julie had helped raise money for our Appeal to in 1989 to get the Russian Fan to Graceland and Sue had always supported me as far back as 1979. Sherry was a prolific writer and I think she should have become a professional writer (or maybe she has since I lost contact). Of all the letters I have ever received Sherry’s has remained the most the most important to me. It wasn’t actually a letter, but a fantasy story and I think it was written with me in mind. Please read this wonderful fantasy and just think of Elvis, his multitude of fans, EPE and then me or maybe it is you…who will TCB. Just click on:

Setting the Eagle Free

A couple of years ago Sherry had written a critical email about me to the “Elvis Information Network” that I believe was completely unfounded. It was about my lack of support from American fans during my lawsuit. No Elvis fan, fan club, dealer, Elvis store, friend or family of Elvis gave evidence on my behalf when I was sued by EPE in US Federal Court, period. Of course, fans were supportive of me but my real need was to have the Elvis World behind me and no one came forward although I asked many to give an affidavit on my behalf, including Sherry. Sometime after losing in US Federal Court in 1991 I lost contact with Sherry and heard no more until that email to EIN. I never heard from her after I vigorously defended my position to EIN but it would be nice to hear from Sherry again.

I have published her story on my website and I hope it inspires other fans around the world, but particularly in America where EPE have had the most devastation and are most feared to TAKE CARE of BUSINESS for Elvis.

George Klein

After I had invited Charlie Hodge twice to Britain and then Dee Presley I started a campaign to invite Elvis’ family and friends to Britain and had several conventions a year. My next guest was George Klein in September 1982. I had met George through Bill Burk and George would always invite me to where he was appearing as a DJ in Memphis when I was in town. Through George I met many of Elvis' friends who became my friends: Alan Fortas, Richard Davis, Jim Kingsley and Jerry Schilling. Each time my fan club was in Memphis George and the guys would come along to meet the British fans. The parties were free for the fans and I was never asked to pay one cent to any of Elvis’ close friends when we were in Memphis, nor were any books or memorabilia offered for sale. My friends from the Memphis Mafia were only too pleased to share their memories of Elvis with the fans and we had some wonderful evenings. In Britain, George had a great time and he went over very well with the fans; he has such an interesting voice and is a great storyteller. You can see why he was Elvis' favourite DJ.

We invited George again and George helped give away a Sunshine Coach after we raised money during the 50th birthday year, a lot was raised from the sale of an Elvis jacket donated by Larry Geller for our convention to celebrate Elvis’ 50th Birthday. After I was sued by EPE in 1985, sadly George stop coming to our fan club parties in Memphis as he did the occasional job for EPE and I presumed did not want to upset the EPE megalomaniacs. Some years later, out of the blue, I got a call from George at my Memphis Hotel and he told me Richard Davis had a problem and needed to raise some money. Could my fan club, staying in Memphis, come to where he was performing on Beale Street and help with some fund-raising for Richard. I knew Richard well and had invited him to Britain for a fan club holiday Event and of course I said “yes”. The fans raised over $1,100.00 that night for Richard.

I have lost contact with George again and I hear he is working at a Casino in Mississippi. There was no one closer than George Klein and Richard Davis and I am sure George really misses Richard. I would not be surprised if they saw each other every day. They were like brothers.



Elvisly Yours Shoreditch shop official opening with
Jerry and Myrna Shilling January 8th 1983

Vladimir Putin opening our Supermarket In Russia July 1992 with Sid and orphans from local orphanage we sponsored

BBC film crew at Shoreditch January 1984



Larry Geller with BBC's Linda Lewis & Sid


Jim Kingsley and Sid in Memphis

  Setting the Eagle Free


George Klein with Heathcliffe in London

George Klein on Beale Street holding our jacket

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