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March 28, 2003

We wish all members of the Elvis Cyber Club
a Very Happy Easter and to all UK mothers, a Rockin' Mother's Day, Sunday March 30th 2003

Probably my all time favourite photo of Elvis Presley. Some years ago the famous British playwright, Alan Bleasdale, sent me a photo of a Greek Godlike figure from an ancient scroll and it looked just like Elvis in this photograph.  I cannot think of a better looking man in history and this shows almost perfect features in a face. We all have our own favourite photograph and perhaps Cyber Club members would like to submit their favourite Elvis photograph and we can have a competition with prizes for the best five chosen. When submitting photographs please send them to sid@elvisly-yours.com in a compressed jpeg format otherwise it will take forever to download your photos. If you do not know how to compress a photo ask an expert or DO NOT send. 

Aloha from Killarney

Apparently Mark Leen is planning a Tour of his great show in the summer. Check out the Elvisly Yours website for full details, which will be posted when made available.


 Lisa Marie's new Album

On April 8th Lisa Marie releases her new album "To Whom It May Concern", on the Capital record label. Lisa has just cancelled a European Tour because of the War but has been doing the publicity circuit in the USA and she is on the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine this week 28th March issue with an in-depth interview, sadly revealing details about her marriage to Michael Jackson.

It has taken a long time for her to release her first album, with fans having been waiting for over two years. We wish her every success !! She has a hard act to follow and forever she will be Elvis' daughter but let's hope she will soon be known as Elvis' singing daughter. You can hear snippets of Lisa's first album on her website and she very much has the country sound, with hints of Shania Twain. Check out Lisa's website which is pretty sparse for info except for the album www.lisapresley.com 

   Another new INDEPENDENT Fan Club

In the UK first Lee Dawson broke away from the clutches of Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc and became independent and personally endorsed by Donna Presley Early, Elvis' first cousin. Fans can join Lee's excellent club the 'Elvis Express' and get amazing bargains for CDs, DVDs and videos at http://members.lycos.co.uk/elvisexpress . Now you can join another excellent fan club called the 'Aloha Independent Elvis Fan Club of Scotland' and run by Andy Marshall and his friends at www.aloha-elvis.co.uk.

It's a bit late but why not still make a New Year resolution to persuade your Elvis fan club or other Elvis fan clubs to break away from EPE Inc and become INDEPENDENT and FREE. What does EPE do for ELVIS fan clubs other than give grief ? Elvis fan clubs have been around for years before Jack Soden drove into Memphis in 1982 in his small, clapped out car and started to alienate Elvis' family and friends and his millions of fans. You do not need EPE, living proof that Elvis is dead, but EPE needs the fans so become INDEPENDENT today. You will be well supported by Donna Presley Early and many of Elvis' true friends who hate what EPE stand for in the Elvis World...not repeatable here because the language is so rude. Elvis would have shot the lot of them for what they have done to his family, friends and the fans he loved.

ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

The winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Mrs Becky Romanowsky, Oklahoma City, USA. She will receive a set of six Elvis badges and four Elvis magnets, Congratulations !

Celebrating Elvis' 68th birthday on January 8th 2003
at the Elvisly Yours shop in London !

We had Elvis and friends at our birthday party on January 8th greeted by a heavy snowstorm. There was Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Joan Collins, Frankie Howerd, Ali G, Sherlock Homes and Elvis Presley ( Liberty Mounten ) all standing out in a snow blizzard trying to smile for the gathered Press Photographers, who had decorated the statue with a hat & scarf, for a special winter effect. Our look-a-like friends at least managed to defrost on Elvisly Yours champagne. They also were promoting the new 'Online system' to apply for the Elvisly Yours Mastercard. Yes, if you live in the UK (sorry, not for other countries) you can apply online for our credit card.


We are open 7 days a week (10.30am - 6.30pm)

How to find us:
233 Baker Street, London NW1 6XE
tel: 020 7486 2005 

Please note our shop will be closed December 25th, 26th, 27th and 
re-open again December 28th and thereafter 7 days a week, including New Years Day.

Baker Street
Tube Station 


2004 will be as big as the 25th Anniversary

Reliable sources have said that 2004 will be as big for Elvis Presley, all over the world, as last years'  25th Anniversary. Next July 2004 sees the 50th Anniversary of the release of Elvis Presley's  first hit, "That's All Right" on the Sun Record Label, the rest, we all know is history. It is also the year that BMG, in the UK and other countries, will start to lose their music copyright after 50 years on Sun Records and Elvis' early songs will become public domain.

We will keep you informed of major Worldwide Elvis events in 2004 as we get further information and meanwhile we have the "Virtual Elvis Concert" Tour to look forward to in Britain, Ireland and several European countries. If you plan to come to London for one of the two Concerts do drop into Elvisly Yours and say hello. Also, you will find our memorabilia is so much cheaper than that sold by EPE at the concerts. In fact, buy your t-shirts, Elvis jackets, jewellery and badges NOW to get into the mood for the Elvis Concerts, coming very soon.

The TOUR of "A Little Less Conversation" 
Tribute Band with lead vocals Paul Lillie

There will be a short tour of this new band in Wellingborough, Hertford, Cambridge, Harlow and Dorchester during May followed by Germany in Murnau, Munich  and Uffing. There will only be limited tickets for all small venues so book today on the numbers listed on the advertisement above. What is intriguing about this new band is that they will play Elvis songs rarely heard on tour, as featured in the "68 Comeback" and "That's The Way It Is" with my  favourites like, "How the Web Was Woven", "If I Can Dream", "Twenty Days & Twenty Nights". 

 Elvisly Yours,

Sid Shaw


P.S. Sorry about delay in posting our latest Cyber Newsletter but we have had to recently change our Web Hosts after so much trouble with the previous company. We have had to deal with various technical problems but, now everything is fine.

Copyright Elvisly Yours 2003