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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 42



August 2006



In this issue

 Will Uri Geller get Justice in America?   Elvis Fans Desert Graceland 
 How Elvis Helped a Boy Talk   Todd Morgan Goes to Jail    Elvis BLACKOUT in Memphis 

I am very sorry the August issue of our Newsletter is being published in September, but when I was about to write this Newsletter my computer manager quit without any notice after 6 years, actually by email. Consequently, the Newsletter has had to wait until I found a new webmaster. I am delighted MK IT Ltd will now produce the Newsletter and maintain our website (see below). We will produce September’s Newsletter towards the end of the month.

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Will Uri Geller get
Justice in America?

Aubudon House

 Audubon House

Uri Gellar

Uri Geller

Mike Curb

Mike Curb

Uri Gellar's House

Uri's House

Freeman And Hazen

Freeman And Hazen

The origin of auctions dates back to 500 B.C. when Herodotus reported the use of an auction. These auctions were for the purpose of selling women under the condition that they be married following purchase.

The Roman Empire used auctions to liquidate property and estate goods. In the Roman Empire auctions were also implemented by soldiers to sell goods they acquired through war and plundering. Probably the most bizarre account of early auctions concerns the year 193 A.D. when the entire Roman Empire was put on the auction block after being sacked.
Historically, the highest bidder would win the auction and take possession of the property auctioned.

Now, 1803 years after the Roman Empire was auctioned we have another bizarre auction, the auction of Elvis Presley’s house on Audubon Drive by Cindy Hazen and Michael Freeman on eBay. The purpose of auctions is to attract the highest bid. The highest bid wins the auction and buys the property that was offered. According to Sotheby’s, world famous Auction House, their terms of trade state “the auctioneer will take increasing bids on each lot, until one bidder remains. The final bidder purchases the lot”. Auctions are very simple and practical forms of selling that have operated successfully for over 2,500 years.

In the case of the auction of the Audubon house, it attracted worldwide publicity and a very high price of $905,100.00 was the final winning bid by Uri Geller and his partners on May 14th 2006. That should have been the end of the story and the house now being renovated for its first visitors of children on free vacations to Memphis, particularly children from areas of conflict, with Israeli and Palestinian children a high priority.

Everything was going through smoothly. To speed up and simplify the purchase the lawyer representing Freeman and Hazen also acted for Uri and partners. But he suddenly wrote to Uri et al on May 30th at 9.54pm UK time stating the sellers had found another buyer. On May 31st, the very next day, the house was sold to Mike Curb, a famous songwriter and music entrepreneur from Nashville. Uri instructed the lawyer to stop the sale immediately he heard the bad news but no injunction was applied for. His heart was broken. Uri will fight as long as it takes to regain the house that was rightfully his and that of his partners, Lisbeth Silvandersson and Peter Gleason.

Uri Geller and his partners have filed a lawsuit against Freeman and Hazen in US Federal Court in Memphis. This is just the beginning and more defendants will almost certainly be added as the case takes its course through the US Justice system. The eventual Trial will be by Jury. This intriguing Trial will attract worldwide publicity and if there is any Justice in America and any relevance for Auctions Uri and his partners will prevail and get the house they dreamed of.

Most of what you have read about the case has been biased with lies given by Freeman and Hazen to the media. It was stated Uri Geller and his partners did not have the money…. a silly lie when you see just one of Uri’s homes in Britain. Also, documentary evidence shows that deposits were received by the joint lawyer. Another lie was Uri had insisted the sellers should vacate immediately and again correspondence shows this was never a point of contention.

All the details of the evidence and exhibits can be studied by clicking: Read details of the lawsuit of Uri Geller et al v Freeman & Hazen together with the response to the lawsuit by Freeman and Hazen. Will they want to perjure themselves at Trial and repeat all their lies on the witness stand? They stated in April 2006, on the eBay auction pages for the sale, that some music people from Nashville were going to view the house. Who were these music people?

What is intriguing about American Justice is it seems to be blind at times when it comes to economic crime. In Britain, when you become personally bankrupt it is very draconian. The laws are changing but previously you would have to remain bankrupt for six years and could not get any credit. A friend of mine was DJ for a major radio station with an Elvis hour. He had been bankrupt and then got a credit card. When this was discovered by the Court he went to prison for a year, just for holding a credit card.

In America, Freeman Hazen went bankrupt, kept their house, car, furniture etc and the poor creditors got nothing until Uri complained that their bankruptcy petition did not include the fact the house they owned belonged to Elvis and its value was way below that listed on eBay weeks later. The Court even made accusations about fraud and re-opened the Bankruptcy Hearing. But, then did absolutely nothing so the “Freeman and Hazens” of this world will go on cheating people, declaring bankruptcy and getting away with it. One great outcome of Uri fighting for Justice in America is the creditors will now be repaid in full and F&H will have to pay legal costs. What with legal costs of fighting Uri Geller all their ill gotten gains by cheating and selling to Curb have been wiped out already and their legal bill will mount up and up. They should do the honourable thing and persuade Curb to sell on the house to Uri Geller at the price he bid and the additional monies Curb paid be refunded by F&H. The alternative is a long drawn out legal battle with many more defendants who in turn could countersue them, then they really will be bankrupt.

Gellers complaint and exhibits
Read details of the lawsuit of Uri Geller et al v Freeman & Hazen
Freeman and Hazen response to complaint

Elvisly Yours, Uri, Lisbth and Peter would like to than Diana Magraan for all her help researching many legal matters in the lawsuit. She is now the proud owner of two books by Uri and one bent spoon plus Elvisly Yours goodies, given in gratitude.

Elvis Fans Desert Graceland




This year was the lowest turnout of fans for “Elvis Week” since Elvis died. All sorts of excuses have been made but the bottom line is that EPE have so alienated Elvis fans from around the world that they have answered with their wallets and stopped going to Graceland. They have stayed at home in tens of thousands watching Elvis films and documentaries on TV or played their DVDs, videos, CDs and record albums. Also, there are more and more Elvis Tribute Artists around the world putting on shows for the Anniversary in August, in their hometowns.

In America, even very small towns have their special days and there are Festivals for all sorts of occasions. These Festivals attract not just thousands but hundreds of thousands of people each year. There are festivals for watermelon seed spitting, the Sleepy Hollow Legend, the Biketoberfest, Tennessee Williams Festival, North American Indian Festivals, plus thousands more and Memphis has its very own Barbecue Festival that attracts over 100,000 people each year along the riverside park, downtown.

Elvis is the most famous American in history so you would think hundreds of thousands of people would be attracted to Memphis for “Elvis Week” every year from all over the world. This August 2006, according to local reports there were 3,000 to 4,000 fans. I stopped going to Elvis Week in 1992 after twelve continuous years of loyal attendance. The fun had gone out of Elvis Week. It was becoming all controlled by EPE, the 'Blue Meanies' of the Elvis World. Even the original and very spontaneous candlelight procession was controlled and you had fan clubs told what they had to wear for the honour guard. Thousands of Elvis fans like me, just stopped going and most have never returned. Until Bob Sillerman gets rid of Soden I do not intend to go to another “Elvis Week”.

If EPE cared about Elvis they could use their imagination and organise wonderful Elvis Weeks with fabulous events and make every fan feel welcome but all they do is insult fans. This year with EPE turning over $52 million they stopped the food at the President’s Lunch and the free t-shirt they gave away in previous years had to be purchased, I was told. If Bob Sillerman looks at his takings for “Elvis Week” 2006 doesn’t he wonder what is going wrong? Doesn’t he think the same old, boring, nasty management are making the same old mistakes and they need to have new blood, a complete change in personnel. EPE suffer from delusions and the height of their paranoia was realised when they had blacked out an image of Elvis on a billboard on Elvis Presley Boulevard for “Elvis Week”….

Elvis BLACKOUT in Memphis

This is a true story. These are not made up photographs you see below. This actually happened to Carol Light, the previous owner of “Memories of Elvis”, when she tried to advertise her new store in Bartlett for “Elvis Week” after being evicted from her old, independent store at Graceland Crossing last November.

Carol only sells Elvis products licensed by EPE and even has her own licenses for several Elvis products. She still has a wide range of Elvis souvenirs in her new store. Fans going to Memphis for Elvis Week in 2006 would have been surprised not to see Carol’s store opposite Graceland if they hadn’t read the sad news that after 27 years Carol was being evicted, the last independent store in the Graceland shopping malls. Carol thought of the bright idea of advertising her new store on a billboard opposite her old store, by Graceland and innocuously included an image of Elvis besides photos of her and her staff on the ad.

Billboard Before

Carol’s billboard with Elvis

EPE went ballistic. They threatened Clear Channel, owners of the billboard and are now threatening to sue Carol - for what? …for advertising that she is selling Elvis products that EPE themselves earn money from license fees and products she buys from Graceland. She has every right to use an image of Elvis to advertise her store selling Elvis products and any Court in the USA would agree. Elvis Presley had his image BLACKED OUT on Elvis Presley Boulevard by Graceland because EPE management are megalomaniacs.

Billboard After

Carol’s billboard with Elvis BLACKED OUT because of the stupidity of EPE

I really had great hopes that after Bob Sillerman took over there would be a new regime at EPE with imaginative and enlightening Elvis projects at Graceland and around the world. Instead, we have utter madness with a decree passed by EPE that one of their customers and licensees cannot use an image of Elvis to promote their business, selling licensed Elvis products. Having evicted Carol she is now being hounded out of business by banning her using an image of Elvis to sell her Elvis products. It reminds me of stupid arguments put up by EPE in my UK lawsuit and the very intelligent High Court Judge made the obvious comment about my trading name stating what else was I to call my company “Idi Aminly Yours”?

I advised Carol to get on a plane and go and see Bob Sillerman in New York and ask him to stop EPE interfering in and damaging her business. Since he sold his last company to Clear Channel for 4.4 $billion (the billboard owners) he should apologise to them as well for causing such ridiculous problems. Failing that Carol and Clear Channel should unite in a class action suit against EPE interfering in their business.

If you have been affected by the ridiculous antics of EPE and have an even sillier story to tell please write to me sid@elvisly-yours.com and we will publish the best stories.

How Elvis Helped a Boy Talk

Elvisly Yours Shop
233 Baker Street, London NW1
Napier Brothers

Jordan & Lewis Napier (glasses) with Elvis statue at my shop

I am usually in my shop on a Friday and Saturday and at Elvisly Yours you get to meet some interesting people and hear some heart-warming stories. I know Elvis has influenced millions of lives and for one boy, Elvis helped him to talk.

Earlier in the summer the Napier family came in with their two boys Lewis and Jordan and I commented to his parents that the younger boy, Jordan, had a lot to say for himself. His mother Amanda told me how he didn’t speak and they were worried for him, yet through playing Elvis’ music Jordan learned to speak. In Amanda’s own words please read about Jordan and Elvis:


With the arrival of my second child I was not prepared for the problems that were ahead of me. At an early age it was diagnosed that he was to experience developmental delay due too hearing problems (glue ear) this delayed his speech and language that only me as his mum could realise his communication needs.

Like we had done in past routines my husband and eldest son listened to Elvis to help them relax and unwind. As if by magic and just before his 1st birthday we were listening to Elvis and he said his first words "LOVE" and "TENDER". Elvis has now proved that we have found our own therapeutic answer to helping our son though this stage of his development. From this very day I am thankful that Elvis' music is as strong today as when he was KING of music.

Every now and then we have an ELVIS NIGHT which the boys wear their wigs and glasses have their guitars watching him in concert and copy his every move, to which I believe doing this has helped my youngest son to battle against his co-ordination skills linked with dysphasia (impaired condition of speech).

We are now busy saving to take them to the U.S.A for a holiday and asking the children were they would like to visit, they both replied Graceland. If we play music every day whilst in the house they both ask for Elvis to be played. To me as a parent I am grateful for the influence of a positive kind that Elvis music had on my son. It's a great loss of such a good musician.

We all enjoyed the visit and we were educated with a better understanding of the REAL Elvis.

Thank You.

Regards Amanda

Al Dvorin
Al Dvorin
Julie Parrish

Julie Parrish

Remembering dear friends
Al Dvorin and Julie Parrish

Out of the blue I recently received two emails, one from the son of Al Dvorin and one from Julie Parrish’s webmaster.

Al made famous the expression, “Elvis has left the building”.

I had told Al that he should log his entire collection and perhaps we could organise a World Tour for him. He had kept everything from 1955 when he first worked with Elvis until 1977 when Elvis died and the collection was massive. Al’s son Howard wrote to me to say he was cataloguing everything and hopefully would be finished soon. Who knows, we could one day continue the legacy of Al with a world tour of his unique collection? He worked longer with Elvis than anyone. Also he had such wonderful stories and such a wonderful way of telling his Elvis stories that I had suggested he record them for history and produce an audio book. It is now two years since Al Dvorin died. He touched the lives of so many people and I hope we can perpetuate his memory through his collection.

Then I got an email from Stan Holcomb the webmaster of Julie Parrish, Elvis’ co-star in “Paradise Hawaiian Style”, advising me of his latest news and stating Julie’s website is permanently online at www.julieparrish.com. It is now coming up to the 3rd anniversary of Julie’s tragic death, October 1st. I never had the pleasure of meeting Julie but we corresponded by email and I helped her trace her family tree back over 200 years in England. Suddenly 40 signed photographs appeared by airmail as a thank you from Julie.

I offered some of these to fans to raise money for a cancer charity but sadly, only sold a few. I also have signed photos of Julie from TV shows she co-starred in, like Star Trek. The signed photos are £50.00 each and 100% proceeds go to the “Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre”…If you would like a signed photo of Julie from a TV show then please write to sid@elvisly-yours.com or for photos with Elvis click on:

BUY A SIGNED PHOTO of Julie Parrish and help a Cancer Charity

Remember each signed photo is only £50.00 and all proceeds go to a cancer charity.


King of Kommunication

King of Kommunication
Still props supplied by Elvisly Yours

King of Communication

Chantal Brown wearing our Elvis
sunglasses walking through London

Elvisly Yours was recently invited to a special screening in the West End of a 10-minute film with an Elvis theme. The producer, Perry Stevens, is a big Elvis fan and he made a very original, short film about two Elvis fans that communicate through Elvis song titles. Perry hopes to sell it to Film Festivals, TV and cinemas and as a vehicle to help him getting funding for larger projects from the Government agencies and investors for his film company, Imp Films: www.impfilmco.com. It is cute and the girl, Peggy, played by Chantal Brown was excellent and very pretty. She carried Vince, played by Stew Castledine, an ex-footballer. We will let you know where it is showing.

The Synopsis: King of Kommunication, a 10 minutes short comedy, focuses on the relationship of the odd couple of Vince and Peggy, two hopeless romantic Elvis Presley fans who converse in 'The Kings' song titles with each other.

Whilst talking on web-cams to one another they receive an electric shock resulting in their ability to change and understand language at will.

When I set out to write this film I wanted it to be about language. I wanted characters everyone could identify with, hence the Elvis fans. I wanted to experiment with euphemisms, explore body language and the way the muscles in the face work when speaking new languages and dialects. Most of all I wanted to make a film that was upbeat, universal and fun.

Music (the international language) plays a very important part and two original tracks have been recorded especially for the film, co-written by Matteo Scumaci and Perry in a 50's style.

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MK ITOur New Webmasters
and Newsletter designers

As mentioned above, I received an email from my computer manager resigning his position without any notice after 6.5 years, such is life. But life does go on and no one is indispensable. On the recommendation of “Elvis Shmelvis” (Martyn Dias) I spoke to “MK IT”. Before he became a full-time Elvis Tribute Artist Martyn Dias was the head of a computer company.

I am delighted to say I have appointed “MT IT Ltd” to be my new Webmasters and to help produce our excellent Newsletters. They set up a system instantly allowing them to monitor my website and produce the Newsletter remotely from their offices. I am delighted with their speedy service. I can recommend them to any small company. They even have clients overseas and handle all their IT work from England. Please read their advert below.

A fresh approach to business information technology.

MK IT Limited are specialist IT solution providers to Small Business customers.

Our practical approach ensures our solutions are easy to understand, measurable but most importantly, customised to suit your specific business needs.

Through our customer care support programme you can also count on us when you need us most. We are only a phone call away and perhaps equally reassuringly, our secure remote management capability proactively checks and reports on your system status. Our dedicated team is supported by an extensive range of third party suppliers and business partners. Call us today and discover how our IT business offering can make a difference to your business performance.

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Vimy Road
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Tel: 01525 214934 Fax: 01525 214935
Email: info@mkit.biz

ELVIS SHMELVIS gigs near you

ELVIS SHMELVIS gigs near you

Elvis Shmelvis

Elvis Shmelvis at Elvisly Yours with his sons Micky and David


One of the best and most entertaining Elvis shows you are likely to see is performed by Elvis Shmelvis. His real name is Martyn Dias and he switched a career in computers to Elvis and has loved every minute. His manager and sound engineer is his wife, Sue Dias. His whole family are singers. Martyn has performed all over the country but tends to be based in the Home Counties where he regularly appears in Restaurants. Below is a list of some of his upcoming shows:

Tuesday 19th September - Elaichi, Windsor
Wednesday 27th September- Taste of India , Kings Langley
Tuesday 3rd October - Peppermint, Leighton Buzzard
Thursday 5th October - Harbour House Casino, Southampton
Thursday 12th October - Spice Hut, Marshalswick, St Albans
Thursday 19th October - Buckhurst Tandoori, Buckhurst Hill
Saturday 28th October - Broxbourne Squash Club, Broxbourne

For those of you thinking further ahead.....

Sunday 31st December - La Hind, Milton Keynes - Elvis and disco, same again this year as it was so fantastic last year!!!!

Todd Morgan goes to Jail

We were sent this story by David and Charmaine Voisine just as we were going to publication for Newsletter 42..

For your information Todd Morgan was a tour guide for Graceland but quickly moved up the ranks in EPE Management as he would ‘kiss ass’, especially that of Jack Soden, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. He now has some important title and is known as Director of Media and Creative Development.

By Tom Bailey Jr. Commercial Appeal

September 13, 2006

As the long-time spokesman for Elvis Presley Enterprises, Todd Morgan has been in the newspaper about 180 times since the early 1990s. But this time it's different.

Collierville Police arrested the disoriented 44-year-old Sunday night on a charge of driving under the influence after he wrecked his car, according to a police report. "Mr. Morgan did not know where he was or how he got there," the report states.

The Presley Enterprises director of media and creative development registered a 0.243 on the breathalyzer, the report states. The maximum allowable blood alcohol content in Tennessee is 0.08.

Police found Morgan and his damaged Toyota Avalon at Byhalia Road and Polo Run at 9:53 p.m. "Officer observed Mr. Morgan to have a strong odor of intoxicant on or about his person, bloodshot, watery eyes and was very unsteady on his feet," the report states. He performed poorly on three field sobriety tests, according to the report.
Morgan told police he had three beers at Rafferty's Restaurant at Poplar and Perkins near his home in Memphis. "... And could not figure out how he ended up in Collierville," the report states. The arrest occurred about 15 miles east of the Memphis restaurant.
Police took Morgan to jail.
The car's hood was cracked, the front fender damaged, front left tire missing and rear left tire was flat. But police couldn't figure out what he had hit. "It was undetermined what location Mr. Morgan caused damage to his vehicle," the report states. Morgan said Tuesday that his car struck something in the road.
His arraignment in Municipal Court is scheduled for Sept. 21st.

I had only one dealing with Todd Morgan in 1988 and this is the story:

We had arranged with the famous TV programme in the UK called “Surprise, Surprise” to take two handicapped boys on a free trip of a lifetime to Graceland. The boys had no idea they were going to Graceland, they just came to my shop and were asked questions about Elvis then presented with the free airline tickets by a celebrity, as a big surprise. One boy was Down Syndrome and the other wheelchair bound, both were called John and big John with Down Syndrome made a speech when presented with the tickets saying how much he loved Elvis and how happy he was…everyone was in tears.

We made arrangements with the local NBC TV company to film the boys at Graceland.
When we got to Graceland and met the NBC film crew by the gates. They wanted us to walk up the drive - two handicapped boys, their relatives and me. The guard at the gates said he had to get permission first. He came back and said there was no one to talk to for 1.5 hours and we had to wait until someone called "Todd Morgan" came out of a meeting. NBC said don't worry they had been there hundreds of times and would work something out through their offices. Meanwhile, 45 minutes goes by on a very hot day and the handicapped boys were almost in tears. They did not know why they were not allowed into Graceland. The TV people said they were still trying. After one hour and 15 minutes the guard said we would have to get the bus and the TV crew were not allowed. Whilst we were waiting we had been doing some filming and interviews outside Graceland and then went across the road to buy the tickets. The programme, "Surprise, Surprise" was watched by 16 million people when we left London and another 16 million people would watch the show of the boys visiting Graceland....great PR for Graceland, you would think?

I bought five tickets (no freebies with EPE), we took the bus and got to the house entrance when surprisingly the film crew drove up. Suddenly a 6ft 6in security guard arrived and started talking to me, enticing me from the filming taking place. Then we went around the back of the house and the TV producer asked for all of us to walk towards the house with the cars in the background (this is prior to the car museum). I was then pushed out of the way by the security guard. I said "don't you push me around" and Todd Morgan screamed "there is a lawsuit going on and we don't want you in the film" in front of dozens of visitors. I could have sued EPE but did not want to spoil the story about the boys fulfilling their dream to visit Graceland. The NBC film crew were shocked and I wonder whether that film footage still exists? "What goes around, comes around..."


Billy, centre, talking to Elvisly Yours fan club members

Danny Smith with girlfriend at Elvisly Yours party

Bena, our first Memphis employee in warehouse 1983
Charlie with elvis' statue
Charlie with Elvis' Statue at unveiling
Jon Douglas with the clay model of Elvis

Billy Smith continued

Billy Smith and his wife Jo were closer to Elvis than anyone. In fact, for the last two years of Elvis’ life Billy and Jo were with Elvis 18 hours a day, every day. They were with Elvis playing racquetball shortly before he died. You would think Graceland would have bent over backwards to get Billy on their payroll but no, he had to beg for a job as a tour guide and started on minimum wage. When they realised how valuable Billy could be to Graceland he was promoted and was head of the tour guides.

Billy was very unhappy with the way Graceland was being run so he voiced his genuine complaints. A control freak like Jack Soden just cannot take criticism so he fired Billy without any warning. Billy, of course, was upset and immediately phoned Priscilla. Lisa answered the phone and Billy explained what had happened and asked Lisa to get her mother to phone back. Billy never got that return call and never got his job back. Priscilla does not like Elvis’ family on the Smith or the Presley side. She kept close contact with Patsy Presley but Patsy was also fearful of Priscilla. The family members who worked at Graceland were always being threatened with being fired if they opened their mouths about the management.

When Billy was fired by Graceland, I offered him a job to run the Elvisly Yours warehouse in Memphis. We did a mass mailing of our catalogue to fans and fan clubs and Billy would take orders from the independent stores at Graceland. This was during a period when we could still sell our Elvis souvenirs in America. When I was sued by EPE in 1985 I initially won the case and it wasn’t until 1987 that on Appeal I was banned from selling Elvis souvenirs in the States. After about a year or so in the mid-1980s Billy said he could not continue working for me but his son Danny would like to take over his job.

These were interesting days in my lawsuit with EPE when my accountant in Memphis, Bill Vance disappeared and his son (Rob) had all my files but went to work for the EPE Accountants “Bean and Ison” without informing me. I went with Danny Smith to pick up the files in their office only to find I was in the lion’s den. There was an Elvis gold record on the wall presented to Joseph Hanks, the vice president and Trustee for EPE. I asked what the hell was going on to find EPE had access to all my private accounts through Rob Vance. Joseph Hanks sold his accounts practise including EPE to Bean and Ison when $8 million was transferred to EPE by Probate Judge Evans. I just did not have time to investigate whether this act of withholding my files was criminal. They had a disclaimer they wanted me to sign before they released my accounts files. My lawyer advised me to sign.

Danny, some days later, almost got in a fistfight on Beale Street with Bernard Lansky who never paid me for merchandise he had at his store on consignment. Lansky still owes me in excess of $1,000.00 for all these years.

Whenever I was in Memphis my different staff over the many years worked hard and were helpful. But, as soon as I left, they did not make the effort and so it was with Danny. “When the cat’s away….” I came into Memphis to find the heating turned up full blast in my warehouse and printed matter curled at the edges. I had to let Danny go after neglecting the business and running up huge utility bills that were never explained. Surprisingly Billy came along to the meeting. I was happy just to get my keys back and say goodbye. For about three years we had an apartment in Memphis as I was there 4-5 times a year for business and the lawsuit with EPE. One of my staff members in later years had the cheek to live in our apartment, without telling us, running up huge utility bills and even receiving collect phone calls on our telephone. Our phones were also bugged at the apartment. Somehow, instead of recording our calls we had the conversation of two people on a stakeout recorded on my answer machine tape for several hours. I still have the tape.

Elvisly Yours 25th Statue Anniversary

In 1977 when Elvis died I wanted to honour his memory with a life size statue that I hoped would grace a major museum in London. I was a teacher at the time but quit teaching in June 1978 and started Elvisly Yours. I soon realised fans would not donate money for a statue fund but they would buy Elvis memorabilia and profits from the sale of Elvis souvenirs could finance the life size bronze statue. It took three years to get Elvisly Yours started to raise enough money to finance the statue and work began in March 1981 to sculpture the statue. I chose Jon Douglas, who I still consider one of the greatest sculptors in British history, to produce the statue. Jon was 76 when he stated the statue and his greatest previous work was sculpting the moon for the film “2001” a special coincidence because Elvis’ theme tune was the music from “2001” that started his shows in the 1970s.

Jon first had to build a framework, a skeleton for the statue on which he put clay then sculpted the clay. One night I had a call from Jon telling me to come quick (I lived 2 miles from his studio) as he had problems. When I got to his studios in Cricklewood, NW London the model of Elvis was collapsing. Jon tried to move the stance of the legs and Elvis collapsed in our arms as the weight of the clay became too much and snapped the legs. Jon had to start again and 3 months was wasted.

He eventually was near completion and made a mould for the cold cast bronze statue. Sadly, Jon became paralysed in his hands two days before completion and he had to direct his two sons and my staff how to join the 8 parts of the statue together the night before the unveiling on September 27th 1981. To join the arms to the body he needed two round cylinders. All he could find to hand was two cans of Campbell soups and these are inside the statue. The statue was completed just two hours before it was due to be unveiled in front of 2,000 fans by Charlie Hodge at the Baronial Suite in the City of London on September 27th 1981. Even then, the truck carrying the statue and my staff to the unveiling ceremony was in a road accident. People were hurt but the only damage to the statue was the microphone was bent back, rather rudely. You may know that Elvis always had problems with microphones.

Our Elvisly Yours Statue was offered to the London Museums, County Hall and the Royal Festival Hall for free but no one wanted our Elvis so we eventually found a home for it in Elvisly Yours in London’s East End in 1982. Then it moved in 1998 to the Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus and now it can be seen each day at Elvisly Yours, 233 Baker St, London NW1. An exact life size copy of the statue was offered for FREE to Graceland in 1982 but Soden said he didn’t want any statue of Elvis at Graceland, all he wanted was money.

The statue has been on television probably hundreds of times over the past 25 years. It has appeared on a Rolling Stones video, on Top of the Pops in a Del Amitri video, on Blue Peter, toured the country for Conventions and was the star of the 30th Anniversary celebration of Elvis landing in Germany to start his army service.

THe statue now raises money for charity and we ask Elvis fans to donate at least £1 to have their photo taken with the statue.
We have raised £thousands for the “Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre” and other charities because of the Elvisly Yours Statue. HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY…

10,000 emails a year

Every year Elvisly Yours gets 10,000 plus emails about Elvis, that is not including 1,500 spam emails a week. Every day I get a weird and wonderful selection of emails from fans, the media, students, ETAs, relatives trying to sell their dearly departed’s Elvis collection and I try to answer all. I get emails from Elvis’ family and friends and they are nearly always complimentary about Elvisly Yours and appreciate what we do to honour and promote the memory of Elvis. Family and friends of Elvis are still being intimidated by EPE and often write to me asking for advice since I have 21 years of litigation experience against EPE in the US and UK. You may get a reply from me at 4am. If I can’t get back to sleep after waking up in the night I go on my computer and catch up with all my email correspondence.

I find some fans are quite lazy and do not use the search engines on the Internet. Many answers I do not have to hand but usually a quick check on “Google” will find the answer and I wonder why they couldn’t do the same. I was once asked about “Elvis songs in Latin” by a News Agency reporter. When I asked him why he didn’t use the Internet he said, “Sid, you’re quicker than the Internet”.

Many questions are about value of memorabilia. I am no expert on values of memorabilia and we don’t even sell records and CDs. The best website to ask for such valuations is www.jerryosborne.com.

For words to Elvis’ songs go to the “Elvex pages on website: www.xs4all.nl/~arpt/elvex

For all Elvis News check out: www.elvisinfonet.com

But, for the very best Elvis memorabilia in the world, at the best prices just click on www.elvisly-yours.com.

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With Christmas coming up now is the time to start buying Elvis memorabilia before stocks run short and it gets too late for Christmas buying online.

Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Even though I have not written about the Restaurants recently negotiations are still ongoing and we are talking to several potential partners in Britain and the Middle East.

One of our contacts knows many wealthy people and he has started discussions with them on the Restaurants and other worldwide projects we plan from 2007. By the end of the year we should have completed contracts on at least one project for Elvisly Yours on a World Tour to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Elvis’ passing.

Restaurant Restaurant

Every day we get fans writing and phoning us asking when the Restaurant will open. Believe me the world will know when we have finally got finance in place for the first Restaurant, just a cool £4,000,000.00. Since the bombs in London on 7/7 it has been more difficult to raise money for ventures in the Entertainment Industry but we will succeed, it just takes time. So watch this space and if you do will the Lottery remember “Elvisly Yours Restaurant”.

Savou and Eileen who work at Elvisly Yours have both promised to invest in Restaurant if they win the Lottery and so have many more diehard Elvis fans.

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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