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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 43



October 2006



In this issue

 World's first store on History of the Presleys   Sad Elvis Halloween Story  
 Elvis knocked off no 1 spot??   Elvis for President   Fund Raising in memory of Elvis   
Memory Lane   Our new webmasters

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World’s first store on 

History of the Presleys

Barbara Lee

 Barbara Lee dressed in authentic Civil War clothes

I was recently contacted by a cousin of Elvis about an interesting, new store. Her name is Barbara Lee Rowe and she has opened the world’s first store on the history of the Presleys. She is a mine of information on Presley family history and is in contact with many Presley family members around the country. Her store is in the Patriot’s Point shopping mall in Gettysburg and is more like a “Presley Museum”. The store has a wonderful name:
The Kin of Rock and Roll
241 Steinwehr Avenue
(located inside Patriot Point)
Gettysburg, PA 17325

WINTER HOURS Thurs. thru Sunday

Her store must be visited, is highly educational and will help you understand Elvis’ Presley family roots. In fact, the store focuses entirely on the Presley history, and the Presley family members who fought at Gettysburg. Barbara Lee wants Elvis to be remembered for his contribution to the wonderful history of the Presley family. There are many Presley graves in Gettysburg and there was even a Confederate Army General from the Presley family.

Elvis would have been thrilled to know that he was also kin to the fellow who created the Winchester rifle. Some of the Winchester family, also Barbara Lee’s family, married into the North Carolina Presley line. That is why she is related to Elvis through several different channels coming down the line. Her ancestor, Thomas Presley, was a son of Andrew, Sr. Some of Thomas' children moved off to South Carolina and Tennessee, and Arkansas and mixed in there with a Pritchett line. There was a Pool/Poole connection, and Pruitt (the Texas line).

According to Barbara Lee there are 450 in all who have wonderful Presley ancestor information, but she has not met them yet. She has now been advised that the direct kin in Mississippi, et al, are not actually involved or interested in the family history, but does not know if this is true or not. She will do her own genealogical research for now and if anyone decides to jump in, that is fine.

Visit the Presley Family History website: www.elvisandhistory.com. She has a great selection of Ed Bonja’s photographs for sale in her store. Ed was Elvis’ official photographer in the 1970’s and most of the classic concert photos you see on albums, in magazines on Elvis memorabilia are the copyright of Ed Bonja but he has been cheated by EPE, RCA/BMG and manufacturing companies because he gets no royalties for use of his photos and cannot afford to sue them.

To quote from Barbara Lee’s wonderful website:

Join with us to help preserve the history and heritage of our nation. The children of today need to know from whence they came in order to see where they will go.

It is most important that we strive to enrich our lands, not to destroy them.
It is most important to preserve sacred grounds and historic areas.
Elvis wanted to do something to let the younger generation know that there was more to life than the way of fast living. Elvis would have been proud to help us preserve this land of our ancestors, and to honor our heritage.
Today, little children are drawn to Elvis. Years after his passing, his soul reaches out to them through the magic of his music. Elvis is truly an inspiration to the young, as he is to the young at heart.
Elvis belongs to history now. He is with his forebears-- in our hearts they will always be. Forever an inspiration.

Barbara Lee wrote to me, “all in all, ‘Elvis in Gettysburg’ may do very well and I am happy to be able to promote him in a different, yet favourable light; that is helping in remembering and preserving American history.”

Of course, she has had no help from EPE but Elvis fan clubs and fans can pass on information ” in their newsletters, websites and emails about this unique Presley Store, “The Kin of Rock and Roll”.

She has a nice disclaimer on her website:

Presley family members reserve the right to use the Presley name and family photos without permission required.

To contact Barbara Lee by email: elviscousin@adelphia.net

Barbara Lee also organises regular Elvis Shows in the small theatre at Patriot Point. It is also available for local fan club meetings. Send her an email for further information or visit her website: www.elvisandhistory.com

A Sad, Elvis Halloween Story


Halloween Photo with the singing male nuns 

Elvis with Jaycee award
Elvis receiving Jaycee's award

Every year Elvisly Yours used to run fan club trips to Memphis from 1982-1992, originally just in October but in later years in August and October. The October trip for people who stayed two weeks would include Halloween night and this was wonderful in Memphis. The best place in town on Halloween night was Overton Square, very near the Overton Shell where Elvis first performed in 1954. The street was blocked off from traffic for the evening and everyone was dressed up and partying. There were lots of witches, of course, also wizards, Draculas, Frankensteins, aliens, Star Wars characters, Dr. Spocks, fairies, ogres, Supermen, Wonderwomen. In one bar we found about 12 nuns, all were drinking and some singing around a piano. On a second glance we noticed the nuns had beards and hairy legs. They were men, happily drunk and singing at the top of their voices.

Yes, a Memphis Halloween was a great experience, except for one year. Local Elvis fans had told us of a disgraceful display in a store window. The Young Jaycees, Memphis decided a “DEAD ELVIS” display would make a nice store window for Halloween. There was a waxwork-like figure of a very overweight Elvis with gunk coming out of his face and body, an open toilet was on display, half eaten peanut butter sandwiches, giant hamburgers, shakes, pills all over the floor and broken syringes. How sick can you get dishonouring, degrading and insulting the man who not only did more for Memphis than anyone else in the city’s history; he was world’s greatest ever entertainer?

It was Memphis chapter president Bill Morris that nominated Elvis Presley for the U.S. Jaycees’ Ten Outstanding Young Men award. Elvis was probably prouder of that award than any other award he received. He was chosen as one of America’s most outstanding young men and made his famous speech. I was due to leave Memphis the next day so I did not see nor want to see the awful display. Fans phoned to complain to Graceland but they did nothing. They had sued me and dragged me through the courts in the USA for 6.5 years for selling Elvis souvenirs in the USA when EPE were my biggest customer but such a disgraceful Elvis exhibit was totally ignored by EPE, the self-proclaimed guardians of Elvis’ name, image and likeness.

Elvis knocked off No 1 spot??

Elvis Strangled
Elvis strangled and probably how his spirit is feeling in heaven, taken from MIP legal magazine.

The media recently reported more than twelve years after his suicide in 1994, Kurt Cobain has supposedly earned the title of the highest earning deceased celebrity, beating Elvis Presley for the title. Between October 2005 and October 2006, the late Nirvana frontman’s estate earned $50 million, in large part thanks to his widow, Courtney Love’s decision to sell a 25 percent stake in his song catalog, according to Forbes.com that has published the list for the last six years. Cobain knocked four-year top-earner, Elvis (who earned $42 million), off the list. Also in the top ten: Peanuts scribe Charles Schulz, John Lennon, Albert Einstein, Andy Warhol, Dr. Seuss, Ray Charles, Marilyn Monroe, and Johnny Cash.

But back in June AP reported:

Elvis Tops Forbes' List of Dead Celebs.

UPDATED - Thursday June 15, 2006 7:58pm LOS ANGELES (AP) - Even in the afterlife, some celebrities remain big-time money-makers. Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe continue to earn enviable incomes from the grave, according to Forbes magazine. Elvis Presley, who died in 1977, raked in an estimated $52 million last year. Cobain, who committed suicide in 1994, generated about $50 million. Most of that came when his widow, Courtney Love, sold 25 percent of Nirvana's song catalog in April.

So what do you believe? The news was extensively reported both in June and October with Forbes quoting $52 million June making Elvis top or $42 million October making Cobain top. What happened to the $100 million Sillerman paid for the rights to Elvis? Why was the $100 million not added to the rest of the money generated by EPE. If Courtney Love gets $50 million and is included in Cobain’s money why did not Lisa Marie’s $100million not get added? I will write to Forbes for an explanation.


Elvis for President
Elvis for President book published 1992
Elvis Manifesto
Elvisly Yours Elvis Presley Party famous Manifesto

The mid-term elections will soon be held in America. There is a wonderful tradition of voters in America being able to put in a write-in vote for a person not on the ballot. Actually, it is not the Presidential Elections but State Congress and Senate Elections. If you are an American voter and sick and tired of your State’s politicians there is an alternative-VOTE for ELVIS. 

You can simply write-in Elvis as your preferred candidate for any political office on the ballot. In Britain there are ballot papers and as long as you write in the box of your chosen candidate it does not matter what you write as long as it is in the box. If the mark is outside the box it is a spoilt vote. I always write in ELVIS in the box, even though Elvis does not get a Vote it is symbolic.

From a poll done in California in August 2004 1,000 people were asked whom they would vote for between Elvis, Bush and Kerry. The results were interesting 15% for Bush, 13% for Kerry and 35% for Elvis with the remainder not answering.

I have never known Elvis’ voting habits. He was very private about his personal political feelings. Perhaps a reader knows what political party Elvis voted for, was it Democrat or Republican? Did he vote for Kennedy or Nixon and what about all the other Presidential Elections?

If you want to VOTE ELVIS in the coming US Elections…

Instructions for Voting Elvis by machine in a US Voting Booth

Stand facing the ballot, look to your left. You will see an unlabeled silver button. When you push that button, it releases the slats below. There is a slat that corresponds to each office on the ballot. Depress the button and, while holding it in, open the slot(s) for the office(s) for which you wish to write in a candidate's name (remember to write-in Elvis).
Also on the left is a box that contains a small pencil that you can use to write in your selection. You may want to bring your own writing instrument, just to be sure. You may write in for as many offices as you like. If you wish to vote for a candidate who is listed on the ballot, just vote normally by turn the lever down next to the candidate’s name.

As you pull the red voting lever back to the starting position, the write in slot(s) will close and levers will return to the upward position. Your vote is now recorded and will be tabulated by the Board of Elections. (New York State instructions))

Sorry about the misdating of the Newsletter, September wasn’t cancelled it was just we could not produce the August Newsletter in August because my computer manager quit without notice and I had to find a new Webmaster. So August Newsletter was produced in September and since it takes so much time to produce a Newsletter I never could find time until now, at the end of October. But the sequence is correct and this is No.43 that follows No.42, we just lost a month, by name and what’s a lost month between friends?

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Fund Raising in Memory of Elvis
All over the world Elvis fans have been raising money in Elvis memory for years. It would be impossible to calculate but many $millions have been raised and there have been many unsung heroes that have kept the memory of Elvis alive through their generosity and hard work organising all sorts of fund-raising activities. Hundreds of tribute artists around the world have given their time for free to help with thousands of charitable events.

Over the years we have raised money at Elvisly Yours for many good causes. Every year we took a handicapped person and a relative to Graceland for free, sometimes two handicapped fans. We brought black kids from the Memphis Ghetto to London and I arranged for them to meet the Lord Mayor of London on their visit. We raised money for a Sunshine Coach with the Royal Variety Club for a “special school”. Every year we helped “Special Olympics” in Memphis during our fan club tour through my connection with Jim Kingsley and his twin brother John who was a Down Syndrome son who is a champion athlete. We raised money for Princess Diana’s favourite charity Centrepoint helping the homeless of London when we had a store in the Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus and another charity “Careline” that counsels people in distress. For the past six years we have been helping the charity “Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre” who counsel cancer victims and their relatives. When Maureen was being treated for cancer she found them very helpful and their offices were at Mount Vernon Hospital where she received daily radiotherapy treatment. They became our chosen charity but we also help others to promote their fund raising when using an Elvis theme.

When we had the Elvisly Yours Appeal to take handicapped fans to Graceland fans would help us in many imaginative ways. We had fans doing sponsored knitting, one club had three of their fans walk to London from Southampton, over 85 miles and they raised £325.00 in the mid-80s (more like £1,500.00 today). Fans did sponsored swims, sponsored cycling from Wales to London, even sponsored silence. The simplest way to raise money yourself for charity is to keep all your loose coins at the end of the day in a jar. You would be surprised how soon the money builds up.

We have even been approached by the London Borough of Haringey recently to help with their fund-raising event “Building for Babies – Whittington Hospital”. The hospital is built on Highgate Hill, and is named after the famous “Dick Whittington”, the first Lord Mayor of London. There was a real Dick Whittington who was Mayor four times and there is a famous British legend:
Dick tried to get work in London but decided there was no future for him there and left to go home to Gloucestershire. He stopped on top of Highgate Hill on the way out of London. There he heard the bells of London ringing - they seemed to say: ‘Turn again, Whittington, three times Lord Mayor of London'. Dick died in 1423, his wife had died some years earlier and there were no children. But, he had become very rich and left all his money for the benefit of the City and especially to help the poor.

Mayor of Haringey’s fundraising event ELVIS Echoes of a Legend

Mayor of Haringey’s Fundraising Event

Echoes of a Legend

I would be delighted if you would join me for a very special evening on
Wednesday 22 November
St Joseph’s Parish Centre Theatre
Highgate Hill, N19
Doors open 7.00pm, Show starts at 8.00pm

Join me for a special evening to see one of the finalists of the Worlds Biggest Elvis Contest, in Memphis Tennessee.
A fabulous evening as George Elias presents
“A tribute to the King”
Ticket on sale now - Price £12.00
Available by - 07931598701 – Mayors Committee
020 8489 2679 – Mayors Office
020 8881 5218 – Fax

Cheques made payable to the Mayor’s Special Fund.

Thank you
Cllr Gina Adamou
Mayor of Haringey

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Calendar Front

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The Tupelo Years

The Tupelo Years
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Uri Geller v Freeman and Hazen Lawsuit

Audobon House
Audubon House
Sid and Uri
Sid wearing Elvis shirt & Uri  outside Elvisly Yours
Please note the Elvisly Yours shirts have been delayed until December owing to production problems matching quality of the original design. All products from the material will be available in the new year.

A date has not yet been set for the Uri Geller et al lawsuit against Freeman and Hazen. Meanwhile the buyer of the Audubon house, Mike Curb has publicly announced he is giving the house as part of a $5 million gift to Rhodes College in Memphis.
We have all the latest Court documents posted below, courtesy of Diana Magrann. So the trial will be at least one year off. I really do not see how Freeman and Hazen can win as the trial will clearly show they cheated Uri and his partners. The $million question is “can the court quash the sale of the house to Mike Curb as being illegal and allow Uri and his partners to buy the house after their successful bid on eBay?” Will Mike Curb be called to give evidence as a witness, only time will tell? We will keep you updated on any progress in the lawsuit. What is really crazy about their decision to cheat Uri is all the illegal gains made by Freeman and Hazen by selling to Curb have already been wiped out after they had to pay their previous creditors and now massive legal bills. Of course, the Court could then award damages against them if they lose and they really could be bankrupt, then.

Final dates for:

Initial Disclosures: October 13, 2006
Joining Parties: Plaintiff - January 31, 2007
Defendant - February 28, 2007
Amended Pleadings: Plaintiff - January 31, 2007
Defendant - February 28, 2007
Completing All Discovery - July 1, 2007
Requests for Production, Interrogatories, Requests for Admissions - May 31, 2007
Expert Disclosure: Plaintiff - April 1, 2007
Defendant - June 1, 2007
Depositions of Experts - July 1, 2007
Filing Dispositive Motions - September 1, 2007
Final Lists of Witnesses and Exhibits - Plaintiff - 45 days before trial
Defendant - 30 days before trial
Jury trial is expected to last 2 days. No trial date has been set yet but will be some time after these final dates.


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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

The winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is MR. Dean Tierney of Abingdon, England
He receives the NEW Elvisly Yours 2007 Calendar.


Two Memphis Ambassadors

Meeting mayor
Gary, Willie, Sid & their teacher meet the
Lord Mayor of London
Austin Mitchell MP and the boys
Austin Mitchell MP with the boys outside the Houses of Parliament
Outside Parliament
The boys in London with Big Ben
Each year we would take a handicapped Elvis fan with a relative to visit Graceland as mentioned in the feature on raising funds for Elvis. On each visit I would try to arrange a visit to the Mayor of Memphis and the Mayor of Shelby County for the handicapped fan and they would be given the keys to the city and county. We became friendly with Special Needs Department of Memphis City Schools and in 1988 they had a special award for two boys with learning difficulties and poor home circumstances to visit London with a teacher. Their names were Gary Chalmers and Willie Johnson. Elvisly Yours agreed to sponsor them during their stay here and the boys became Kings of London. Two black boys from “in the ghetto” were two of the finest ambassadors Memphis has ever sent to Britain. They had a letter from Mayor Hackett to present to the Mayor of London. It is NOT easy arranging a visit to meet the Lord Mayor of London. He is only in office for one year and his diary is totally full every day. I wrote weeks beforehand to the Mayor’s office and eventually got a reply saying sorry but the mayor was busy. Never take no for an answer. I phoned up the Mayor’s office in London after the boys arrived and said “these are two black children from Memphis and to refuse to accept their goodwill gesture presenting a letter from the Mayor of Memphis will be construed by the media as racist and very bad press”. I got a call back in twenty minutes and a meeting was arranged with the Lord Mayor of London, Sir Greville Spratt. He was charming and the perfect host. He normally meets kings, queens, ambassadors, international business tycoons but he took time to meet two boys from the ghetto, a memory that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and certainly a highlight in my life and I have photographs to prove it. The Mayor resides at the Mansion House in the centre of the City and inside it is spectacular but sadly very few ordinary people get the chance to go inside so I consider myself very lucky, using what is known as “chutzpah”. It is an old Jewish expression that is hard to translate but it is like being cheekily manipulative.Willie and Gary had a ball and every day I made sure was filled with great events, great visits. They had a night time tour of London, a taxi tour of London with my brother Maurice a London cabby, a visit to Madam Tussaud’s, Windsor Castle, Windsor Safari Park, a visit to Colchester to meet the Mayor and Bobby Dobson our chosen handicapped boy. They saw Starlight Express and met some of the stars backstage, were guests at Johnny Earl’s Show, were entertained by a steel band at Harlesden Primary School (Maureen’s school), visited the Metropolitan Police Horse Stables, Barbican Fire Station, the Tower of London, Museums and Brent Cross Shopping Centre. They were special guests of London’s famous Capital Radio being picked up by limousine and taken on a personal tour of the radio station. They were given a personal tour of the House of Parliament by MP Austin Mitchell and had dinner with Elvis fans Cheryl and Diane. All organisations gave their time and any entrance tickets for free. London and Memphis were united in the memory of Elvis.I don’t know what happened with Gary and Willie. I tried to keep in touch and visited their homes in Memphis after their trip and met their families but they left school and we lost contact. I like to think their trip to London had such a profound effect on their lives that the positive memory has stayed with them but after one week of being Memphis Ambassadors they returned to the same over-powering problems of the ghetto and the gangs. One day when Soden is long gone I will return to Memphis and see what happened to Gary and Willie to share memories of their amazing visit to London where they were treated and acted like Kings of Memphis.

Sam Thompson

Sam with Elvis
Sam, his wife, Elvis, Lisa and Linda 
Recent photo of Sam
Recent photo of Sam - copyright Paul Casey
For inspiration to help me write the Newsletter I look through old copies of Elvisly Yours magazines. Elvisly Yours was first published in August 1980 as a poster magazine (sadly all sold out 26 years ago) and then followed by five more poster magazines that are still available to buy. We published our first magazine/catalogue in October 1980 just four issues in black and white then changed to colour in 1982 and 42 issues were printed. There were 26 Elvisly Yours Fan Club Newsletters. So there are lots of stories to help me go down memory lane. One brief story I noticed was about Sam Thompson.Sam is the brother of Linda Thompson and was one of Elvis’ trusted bodyguards and head of security. After Elvis died Sam went back into law enforcement and he eventually was promoted in 1987 to the Chief of Shelby County Correction Centre. This is a very prestigious job in law enforcement and I mentioned in an Elvisly Yours magazine I bet they play “Jailhouse Rock” every night at close down in the Jail. I never did ask Sam whether my suggestion was true. He later became a Judge for 25 years. I bought all copies Sam had left of his book and soon sold them out in Britain but still, of course, have the personal copy he signed to me. Not all the Memphis Mafia are good guys but Sam is a good guy and although I have never met Linda but everyone I know in the Elvis World have only said good things about her. Perhaps if Elvis may have stayed with her he would be alive today as Linda really cared for him and loved him.I always remember my first meeting with Sam. In our discussion, I said I never understood how members of the Memphis Mafia would receive a gift from Elvis one day and sell it the next day. If Elvis had ever given me anything I would keep it for life. I recounted what Jimmy Kingsley had told me about gifts Elvis had given him and he said he would rather starve than part with a gift from Elvis. He said you could always find a job, do extra work whatever, but he would never part with things from Elvis. Sam then recounted a sad story about why he was forced to sell possessions Elvis gave him. His parents had been given a house paid for by Elvis and as was usual they kept it in Elvis’ name because it would be more valuable. When Elvis died EPE demanded the house back and if they did not give up their home they would be sued. The Thompsons) fought EPE in Court and they lost the house. The stress and strain of fighting EPE and losing their house made them ill and Sam was forced to sell his Elvis possessions to pay medical bills. They died from all the hurt, grief and stress. Elvis would be turning in his grave to think a house he had given as a gift was taken from Sam and Linda’s parents. I do not understand why all these years later after what EPE had done to their parents both Sam and Linda were their guests at EPE functions during Elvis Week 2006. Perhaps they blamed Vernon rather than EPE but my impression from Sam it was EPE that were guilty.

The Summer 1982 in Memphis

Ken Brixey
Ken Brixey, original marketing manager Graceland
Sid and Soden
Sid presenting statuette to Soden and Joni 1982
It was going to be the beginning of great things for Elvisly Yours. I was on very friendly terms with Graceland. My key contacts were Ken Brixey, Marketing Manager and Twyla Dixon, the Curator. I was also friendly with Beecher Smith, the lawyer for EPE. Graceland had opened to the public in June 1982 and I had shipped 4 tonne of Elvis Presley souvenirs from England to Memphis to sell to the private stores in the Graceland Shopping Centre opposite the house on Elvis Presley Blvd and to EPE. Graceland had no Elvis souvenirs to sell, only Graceland souvenirs. Ken loved our memorabilia and instructed the buyer to order Elvisly Yours products to sell during Elvis Week. There was a big gift shop devoted to Graceland souvenirs and a small kiosk selling our Elvis memorabilia. Just one lady was at the kiosk selling our products so I helped her and I worked behind the counter as she was so busy. They bought $11,000.00 of Elvisly Yours trade products in just a few days and sold out. That equates to $35,000.00 retail in 1982 and would be at least $200,000.00 at today’s prices. I was delighted, the fans were delighted, Graceland was delighted. The American and international fans loved our British Elvis memorabilia. EPE had no idea Elvis memorabilia would sell in such large quantities. If they had realised the potential of Elvis souvenir sales in August 1982 they could have retailed properly and had a much wider range and in larger gift shops. They could have sold ten times the volume. I remember the best selling lines were Elvis calendars, cushions, posters, magazines, badges, fluorescent socks, pennants, scarves and the best of all the Elvis sunglasses. Elvisly Yours memorabilia flew out and I was looking forward to many years of future trading with EPE.I opened the eyes of Jack Soden to the possibility of marketing Elvis product. I then arranged a meeting with Jack and Ken to discuss a tour of Graceland artefacts in the winter season when Graceland would be dead because of the lack of visitors. Even today, off-season, you can practically walk into Graceland. My proposal was to have a travelling Graceland Museum that would not only be profitable itself but would promote visits to Graceland during a World Tour starting in Britain and Europe 1983. Elvisly Yours would help EPE market and promote the World Tour and we would supply the memorabilia. They seemed to like the idea but when presented to their lawyers they went up the wall!! By buying Elvisly Yours memorabilia EPE’s lawyers believed they had lost their exclusivity to the name Elvis and, in fact, were condoning my Elvis business. Now, 25 years later Bob Sillerman plans a travelling Elvis Museum from 2008. Just think all the business EPE have lost by not working with me after my proposal in 1982 to have a Graceland Museum touring the World.Soden gave instructions to stop buying from me. He set up his own deals and had his own suppliers supply Graceland with Elvis product. He did not need Sid Shaw, he could do it all by himself. I remember a company called Southern Postcard supplied Graceland after they dropped my memorabilia but nowhere was there any mention of Elvis or Elvis Presley being a Registered Trade Mark on their products so why did they drop my products…ask Soden? I think any other business in the world, if they found a good supplier whose products sold out, would nurture that business. Soden drove into Memphis, I was told, with an old clapped out Honda when he first started in 1982. I would like to see his financial records now since he has been at Graceland for 24 years. Everyone around him except Priscilla has been discarded over the years, but he remains. I am sure he holds all the keys to all the closets for all those skeletons at EPE. I was told I had to get a license if I wanted to supply Graceland and had to go and see Soden’s arch enemy in EPE, their licensing agent Jospeh Rascoff whose offices were in New York. There was a power struggle between them that Soden eventually won. To read full details of my legal battles with EPE and my ridiculous meeting with Joseph Rascoff at 666 Fifth Ave, New York click on: DisGraceland.The Summer of ’82 held so much promise for Elvisly Yours in Memphis except for one greedy person who has since been referred to me by people in the Elvis World as “Jack Snow Job”, a term not familiar to British people, but well known in the USA.

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We are just 100 yards north of Baker Street Station at the top end of Baker Street near Regent's Park, plenty of parking in side streets or Regent's Park, if driving.


Baker Street Tube Station ->

Elvisly Yours,Sid Shaw

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