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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 44



December 2006



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Tribute Artists Beware   Jailhouse Rock...The AUCTION   Elvis in Concert loses money   
Elvisly Yours and Vladimir Putin
  Memory Lane   Beecher Smith Arrested

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Elvis Tribute Artists Beware

Tony Roi

 Tony Roi 

Since 1982 when EPE was resurrected to open Graceland and then terrorise the Elvis World they have done everything they can to sue, attack and demean Elvis Tribute Artists. They sued the Vegas show “Legends in Concert” when it was on tour in New York for using an Elvis Tribute Artist “Tony Roi” (1980s). They got a Court Injunction stating Tony could not dress like, move like or perform like “Elvis”. The owner and producer of the show, John Stuart, even had a licence with EPE and paid them to have an “Elvis” in his act. The lawyers for EPE told John that if he appealed the Judgement he could probably win in the Supreme Court, but they would bankrupt him before he got there. It cost John $70,000.00 in legal costs and he had Tony perform in New York wearing a tuxedo, standing up straight and just singing Elvis songs. For years I have had American tribute artists contact me asking for advice because of harassment from EPE.

I have always believed ETAs have kept Elvis’ memory alive and if there was no demand for their performances there would not be so many in the world, in almost every country. I never got to see Elvis live in concert but a good ETA can help create the atmosphere of an Elvis Concert for the millions who never had the chance to see him.

The most popular show year after year in Memphis for “Elvis Week” was the late Dr Ed Franklin’s “Images of the King” with ETAs from all over the world competing each year to be the best Elvis at “Bad Bob’s Vapors”. It was a brilliant concept promoted by Ed Franklin and now copied all over the world. In 2005, Mario the star of “Jailhouse Rock the Musical”, won the contest and thousands of ETAs competed over the 20 years since the contest started in 1987. In those days it was called “Bad Bob's Vapors International Elvis Impersonator Contest”. For Elvis Week in 1988 the famous British TV presenter Jonathan Ross filmed the Contest for a TV documentary called “Viva Elvis”. They had all the ETAs sing “Suspicious Minds” and then cleverly edited the sequence of all ETAs singing the song in one clip. EPE refused the BBC permission to use the song and Jonathan had to re-shoot much of the documentary. He went on stage at Bad Bob’s Vapors to sing “Teddy Bear” dressed in a jumpsuit and EPE also refused him permission for that song, so instead he sang “Hound Dog” and dedicated the words to EPE…you ain’t nothing but a hound dog and you ain’t no friend of mine!!

Now, after all the years of grief against Elvis Tribute Artists EPE are organising their own Elvis Tribute Contest with heats in Tupelo and Collingwood. Other contests may be allowed but they have to be licensed by EPE. The EPE rip-off is called the “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.” …WHAT HYPOCRISY!!!!

BEWARE Elvis Tribute Artists…this is an underhand and devious way to get you all licensed and controlled by EPE paying them huge royalties out of your hard-earned wages. Thirty years after Elvis’ death EPE are now trying to compete with all the Elvis Contests that have been held all over the world, keeping alive the memory of Elvis. I hope ETAs have the wisdom and common sense to boycott EPE’s contest and instead support the other wonderful Elvis contests and especially the most famous, “Images of the King”, held for 20 years in Memphis by Ed and Jackie Franklin and now run by Bobbie Hoover: www.imagesofthekingcontest.com.

Ed had practically invented the “Elvis Tribute Contest” and others have copied. For years he and Jackie tried to get EPE to work with them but they always turned them down saying they were not interested. They probably allowed Ed to continue his Elvis Contests as he was still the practising vet for Graceland’s animals. Now just a few months after Ed’s sudden death EPE are stealing his idea and even the format for the Judging procedures. Shame on them!

Another great product from Elvisly Yours

For 29 years Elvisly Yours has brought to Elvis fans all over the world inexpensive, well designed, highly collectible, imaginative and exciting Elvis memorabilia. From March 2007 Elvisly Yours will offer the world’s first ELVIS TALKING CLOCK. Every hour 'Elvis' will not only tell you the time, he will say cute expressions. The design incorporates a special light sensitive feature so when it gets dark at bedtime Elvis will stop speaking so as not to wake you up. The clock will be sold all over the UK in all the major retail outlets, through mail order catalogues and TV Shopping Channels. There will also be fabulous Elvis watches and more clocks, all with great designs. See the “Elvis Talking Clock” below and some other new, Elvisly Yours timepieces:

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Jailhouse Rock...the AUCTION

Julie Wall
Julie Wall Mug Shot
Love Me Tender
Rarest Elvis record? 'Love me Tender' Japanese 10inch album

For ten years Julie wall defrauded  Lincolnshire council who she worked for in the UK. Her job was to count the coins from parking meters but she recorded lower income and pocketed the rest to feed an Elvis Addiction. It transpires she stole £557,327.11 ($1 million) and used most of it to buy Elvis records and some memorabilia. Read more details: www.telegraph.co.uk/../2005/10/21/ixhome.html 

I can find no record of Julie Wall on our mailing lists and it seems most of the money went on rare Elvis records. The collection is currently stored and valued box by box and just one box of records alone cost her over £27,000.00. Apparently, she hardly played the records and just hoarded them in her attic. She is unmarried and lived at her home with her parents and never lived a high life style with all the money. She was addicted to collecting Elvis records.

The Crown Prosecution Service in the UK has now appointed a liquidator to handle the sale of the collection. They have talked about holding an auction in Britain but historically Elvis Auctions in Britain do not do well. I can only see a handful of serious Elvis collectors paying the sort of money Julie paid for her collection in the UK and America is far more preferable. The most valuable item is a 10” Love Me Tender Album from Japan. The only person I knew who owned a copy in Britain was the late Vince Everett and he got it in Tokyo in 1995 in exchange for one of Elvis’ shirts when Elvisly Yours displayed part of Vince’s collection at the Mitsukoshi Department Store. He had been trying for 40 years to buy it and said it was the rarest Elvis record in the world. After Vince Everett died in 1998 his collection disappeared. He kept very few items at home but had the bulk of it in storage but no one knows where. Vince was the greatest Elvis collector in the world and bought everything he could of Elvis from 1955 until he died, a real addict. Vince’s estranged wife refused to let any of his friends know of his funeral arrangements. No one knows where he is buried except his wife and daughters. One day his collection will be discovered in probably some lock-up garage.

Who Bought ALL the best seats for the 30th Anniversary Concert in Memphis?
On August 16th 2007 there will be probably the last “Elvis the Concert” with Elvis’ original musicians and backing singers for the 30th Anniversary. Of course, all fans planning to go to Memphis would like to see the Show at the FEDEX Forum, even at the extortionate prices charged. Fans were allowed to pre-book tickets from September but all the VIP tickets sold out in minutes. The price of a VIP ticket was $250.00 and there were 430 tickets on offer. Apparently, all the tickets were sold to one person or company, a cool $107,500.00. This is grossly unfair and means any  fan rich enough to afford the VIP tickets that wanted to mingle with the stars and get their souvenir pack will be denied that choice. Not only did all the VIP tickets sell out immediately also the best regular seats at $90.00. I guarantee the tickets will re-appear and advertised as part of some very expensive package including hotel and/or dinner or be sold at hugely inflated prices on eBay. I thought scalping was illegal in the USA. The VIP and best seats should have been limited to two per person or special arrangements made for genuine groups to bulk buy.

The FEDEX Forum and/or EPE should announce who bought ALL the best seats to help prevent a massive rip-off for such an important Concert. I have been told by people in the Entertainment Business it is common for promoters to buy all the tickets for a Major Show because the fee demands of today’s stars is so high they would never make a profit without charging much higher prices through alternative outlets. If a Star demands 80% of box office they would only get 80% of the official advertised price. The promoter buys all the tickets and then resells them ‘unofficially’ at higher prices and pockets the difference. I hope Bill Burk or another intrepid journalist can find out the “Monopoly Buyer” and announce the person or company to the Elvis World.

You can still buy $75.00 seats plus almost $10.00 booking fee, another $2.50 if you want to download your ticket from the Internet and there is $15.00 parking charge. However you will be sitting up with the Gods and I strongly recommend you take along binoculars or perhaps they will hire them at the venue for more crazy prices. Elvis will be turning in his grave at the extortionate prices being charged to the fans he loved. Elvis was all about giving, sadly EPE are all about taking and just pure greed makes “Elvis the Concert” so expensive.


Elvis in Concert
Elvis in Concert 
Elvis in Concert
Elvis in Concert Down Under

Although the fans loved “Elvis in Concert” on its recent tour Down Under it lost money for the promoters and is unlikely to tour again. It is a very expensive Concert because EPE are so greedy charging huge fees. Unless you can fill auditoriums it is very risky for promoters and ticket prices are too high. Rumour has it the TCB band may be replaced by younger musicians.

In fact, “Elvis in Concert” could go on forever replacing all the original musicians and backing singers but EPE would have to make it much more attractive for promoters and fans. If they want too much to book a Show and promoters have to charge too much for ticket prices there will be no more shows after Memphis in August 2007. There are many complaints from Elvis’ original entourage about the way they are treated by EPE and some will probably not be performing next year in August.

To add to this depressing news for Elvis fans it seems the “Mid-South Coliseum” where Elvis regularly performed may be closed down by the City of Memphis. It has had competition from the Pyramid and Fedex Forum in downtown Memphis and loses money. Just like previous Elvis landmarks such as American Sound Studio, the Tupelo Fairgrounds, Libertyland, RCA Studios in Nashville and the stadium for Elvis’ last concert in Indianapolis I can see more destruction of Elvis and American heritage. In Britain and many other countries such historic buildings are protected by law and cannot be destroyed.

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Elvisly Yours and Vladimir Putin
Sid and Putin
Sid on left, Elvis (Rafik) on right, Putin in the centre
Sid and Putin
Our Russian Supermarket
Sid and Putin
Putin cutting ribbon to open "Super" with two orphans from orphanage we sponsored
Sid and Putin
Putin smiling after I announced 50 FREE flea collars for dogs

In 1989 I went to Russia for the first time to meet the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll fan in Russia to invite him to come with the Elvisly Yours fan club to visit Graceland. It became a huge, worldwide story and made the front pages of many international papers and appeared on TV News all over the world. We called the Project “Presleynost” and we followed that with “Presleystroika” and staged a Vegas style show in Leningrad with the Russian Elvis Rafik and took him to visit Graceland.

I could not believe the business opportunities in the new Russia and for three years negotiated to open the first Western Supermarket in Russia. It was called “Super” and was officially opened on July 17th 1992 by the seventh deputy mayor of St Petersburg, Vladimir Putin. He has been in the news recently heavily criticised by the western press after the murder of ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko.

Putin was at our supermarket for over an hour with national and local TV News, radio and State Newspapers. We had an extensive range of products with everything from food, electrical appliances, pet products and clothing to British beer, cosmetics, house wares and chocolate in the style of a US drugstore. I always remember his very firm handshake and piercing, cold lifeless eyes, like a shark. There was no emotion yet you sensed a cold, calculating mind who had been trained as a senior KGB operative mostly working in East Germany. I made a speech, Putin made a speech, all filmed and recorded and we got extensive publicity throughout Russia and business was very good.

Within two days of opening our Russian partner wanted to close the supermarket. He had not put up one penny, he just provided part of the store he operated under State control for us to rent. He wanted 30% of all stock as his share of the deal. I later discovered he with my “trusted” interpreter had forged all documents for the business. He did everything he could to destroy the business. He turned off air conditioning on the hottest days, cut all electricity, restricted us to two phones, he had ten. He called the Russian Tax Police after ten days of operation and the local council to close us down. We tried for two months to get to see Putin to complain about our treatment. He was head of foreign trade in the city and as a new investor, a pioneer our Russian partner was trying to force us out of business. For two months excuses were made but finally on October 6th 1992 we had a meeting with Putin. Prior to the meeting at 1.30am that morning our hotel room was broken into a gun put to my head, five men dragged my brother out of bed and aimed machine guns at us screaming for our passports in Russian. We later discovered they were undercover police tactical squad. You hand your passport to the hotel as soon as you arrived in Russia so this was BS. After 30 minutes of interrogation in Russian (we spoke none and they did not speak English) they allowed me to make a telephone call to a Russian friend and the leader spoke to him. Soon the men with machine guns left except one to guard us. He then left and finally 15 minutes later the leader of the group marched into the room, with his hands by his sides he made a very deep bow and in English said “SORRY” and left.

Putin did nothing to help us. He listened to our problems for 1.5 hours, said he would resolve the matter and discover what happened earlier that morning, but did absolutely nothing. On the night of November 15th 1992 as I was to arrive in Russia from England and my brother had already left the country our Russian partner broke into our Supermarket and stole everything. The supermarket had been surrounded by Russian police with machine guns while our Russian partner stole $250,000.00 of our stock and equipment. We never saw or heard from Putin again. We had meetings with many of his aides but got nowhere and were told it was a commercial dispute between partners, Eventually and after five months of constant badgering, we persuaded the Russian Independent State Investigator to investigate the crime. Within one week we suddenly found we could have our stock back if we paid $5,000.00 compensation to our Russian partner. We paid in equipment but much of the stock was damaged and foodstuffs out of date.

An interesting footnote and amazing coincidence is I had invited to visit our Supermarket a delegation of Memphis businessmen who were arriving in Russia to plan ‘Memphis in May’ honouring Russia. Just three days before the delegation was to arrive in Russia I got a fax from the Memphis Chamber of Commerce to say they had to cancel the visit to us because of complaints from Graceland. I had planned to use Memphis as a US base to import American products into Russia. The day the Memphis delegation arrived in Russia was the day of the break-in to our hotel room.


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Beecher Smith Arrested

Beecher Smith
Beecher Smith
Beecher Smith Poems
One of Beecher's poetry books, on Elvis
Beecher Smith was arrested at his offices in Memphis on the morning of the 29th November and made an appearance in Court that afternoon. There was a six-count indictment stating that between Dec. 11, 2004, and Jan. 31, 2005, Smith received by computer images of minors engaged in sexually explicit acts on at least six occasions. The charges carry punishment of up to twenty years in prison and fines of up to $500,000.00. Beecher was Elvis’ lawyer for the last year of his life and represented EPE for several years after Elvis died. He also handled the divorce of Vernon and Dee Presley and the controversial will of Elvis Presley. According to Billy Smith, when Elvis died Vernon asked Billy where Elvis kept his important papers and went into the room where the will was held, locked the door and the will was not seen again until read out at the Probate Hearing. Billy and others had seen their name in the will and each of the family members and friends were to get $50,000.00.

The will that was read left everything to Lisa Marie with Vernon in Trust until she was 25 years old. If you look at a copy of the will you will see it is not Elvis’ signature and signed “Elvis A. Presley”. Elvis just signed Elvis Presley in every signature I have seen. The family raised objections after the will was read, but Beecher said that was the only will they had and Elvis had changed a previous will. When Elvis died he owed over $3 million to the local 'Bank of Commerce'  for a failed business venture called “Elvis Presley Courts” and there was not enough money to pay all the family and guys $50,000.00 each.

I met and became friendly with Beecher Smith III after my second visit to Memphis in 1981. I said I wanted to trade with EPE, to buy and sell Elvis memorabilia and help with Elvis Shows and Graceland Tours. Beecher told me how he used to pull his hair out trying to get Priscilla to sign important documents for EPE. Sometimes he would have to wait months and when he phoned she was always in the beauty parlour. He had said Vernon was like a father to him. I took Beecher on a tour of the independent gift shops at the Graceland Shopping Centre and showed him the poor quality of designs and junk, cheap Taiwan imports and he liked our Elvis memorabilia. We went out for lunch several times over the next two years.

When I exclusively supplied Graceland with only Elvisly Yours products to sell for the first “Elvis Week” in 1982 after Graceland opened to the public he was shocked because he had not been informed and we lost contact. Sometime later, Beecher was replaced by a “little Hitler” of a lawyer, Barry Ward as chief lawyer for EPE. I believe if Beecher would have kept his position representing EPE I could have struck a deal with them. Instead, I was invited to a meeting by Barry Ward at EPE’s law offices in Memphis in February 1985, set up and sued at that meeting…entrapment. Ward has since been replaced. Legal bills for the Estate in 1982, according to Probate Court records, show a total expenditure of $812,000.00, compared to $132,00.00 for all staff salaries and wages at Graceland.

It has been reported that Beecher’s brother is in prison in California for child sex abuse. Often this follows a pattern and if a child is abused they, in turn, become abusers and the sad cycle continues. Beecher has become a famous poet and writer winning numerous awards. He has bail but is tagged and had to give up his passport. The only defence I can see is that he was studying child sex abuse for a case he was handling or research for writing. To me he seemed to be a decent person, friendly, open and easy to talk to and this charge has come as a shock to me and many people who know him. If he is convicted Beecher would have ruined his life and could go to prison for many years…such a waste. Paedophilia is a mental disease I have never been able to comprehend and apparently seems to be incurable.


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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

The winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Eva Jager of Sweden.
She receives a pack of the NEW Elvis playing cards.


The first Elvisly Yours TV Appearance

Elvis Bust
Bust of Elvis
(order details)
Elvisly Yours first started trading in 1978. I had sold my house and moved in with my partner Maureen. I made busts of Elvis in our garage behind the apartments we lived in. By 1979 I had produced our first catalogue and started to build the business selling a wide range of Elvis memorabilia. I have always kicked myself for not keeping samples of each product because since those early days Elvisly Yours products have changed so much and I do not have samples of some memorabilia. One day I received a telephone call from a TV production company saying an Elvis fan had sent in a complaint to them because having paid for postage and packing she had to pay again when the goods arrived as there were no stamps on the package. Elvisly Yours had supplied the goods and I was asked to appear on this consumer rights programme. I was sent the package that the goods arrived and clearly stamps had been stuck to the package but had come off in transit. The post office would not have accepted the parcel if there were no stamps.

But we had no office for the filming so I asked a friend who had a record wholesaler business near my apartment if I could use his office and we decorated the walls with Elvisly Yours memorabilia for the filming. They made a really neat programme with a postman walking down the road, carrying the parcel for the Elvis fan, a young girl of 14. He delivered the parcel to the sounds of “Return to Sender” with the girl “All Shook Up” having to pay again for the postage as there were no stamps. The film then switched to ‘my office’ full of Elvisly Yours memorabilia. I explained and showed how the stamps had clearly come off and for the fans’ inconvenience she was given some Elvis gifts. For some years after she kept up correspondence with me and I heard from her again a few years ago reminding me of the first ever Elvisly Yours TV appearance. It was great PR for us and each year since Elvisly Yours has organised all sorts of fun Elvis promotions and shows all over the world.

Visits to Sweden

Stutz Blackhawk
Stutz Blackhawk
Elvis Museum
Elvis Museum
There was a successful, touring Elvis Museum that was run by the Swedish Elvis fan club. Elvisly Yours used to supply the fan club with Elvis memorabilia for the Museum to sell for over ten years from the mid-1980s until the mid-1990s. The Museum even came to England in 1988 and again in 1995. It was eventually sold soon after its last visit here.

I was invited to Sweden twice and had two interesting and exciting experiences during my visits. The last visit was for New Year’s Eve 1993/94 and I came face-to-face with the presumed murderer of the Swedish Prime Minister, Olaf Palme.

The Elvis Exhibition was on display at Stockholm’s Music Museum in January 1994. I was standing by the gift shop talking to a fan when suddenly a very menacing looking man stood beside me. I looked into his eyes and they were evil and I had a very bad feeling about him. It looked like he was trying to steal some t-shirts and I managed to whisper to sales staff they should call security. He quickly left when security arrived but I still had this strange feeling about him. Later he had gone into a part of the Exhibit showing the Stutz and got into a fight with a security guard. The Police were called and I later discovered it
was the man Swedes believed murdered Palme but did not have sufficient evidence to convict him. The next day the story was in all the papers attracting large numbers of visitors to the Elvis Exhibition. Stockholm is a beautiful city and if you go there over the Christmas/New Year period ALL the homes and offices are decorated with the same candle style lights in the shape of a tree.

On the earlier visit in the late 1980’s I stayed in Gothenburg, another beautiful city. I was driven 250 km in the Stutz Blackhawk across Sweden to a Car Show. The Museum advertised it as Elvis’ favourite car but this model did not belong to Elvis, it was owned apparently by Priscilla Presley. However, the Stutz was Elvis’ favourite car and he loved it so much he buried it after it was in an accident. The story goes that one of the Memphis Mafia had asked Elvis if he could borrow the car and it was in a crash. A lot of damage was done to the car and Stutz wanted to keep it for a long time to research why so much damage was done after a small collision. In a fit of rage at losing his car Elvis had the car buried in the grounds at Graceland. It was eventually dug up and now resides in the Car Museum at the Graceland Shopping Centre. I always remember driving in the car wasn’t so much of a thrill because, even though it was August, it was really cold and there was no heating in the car, so we froze.

Our Elvis visitors to Britain

Over the years Elvisly Yours has invited many people from Elvis’ entourage to Britain as well as family members. In fact, Elvisly Yours
Charlie and Sid
Charlie Hodge and Sid
was one of the originators of inviting “Elvis people” to Europe when we invited Charlie Hodge in 1981 to unveil the Elvisly Yours Statue. Elvisly Yours invited to Britain in the 1980s Charlie Hodge (twice), George Klein, Jerry and Myrna Schilling (Smith), Joe Esposito (twice), Harold Loyd, Larry Geller (twice) Dee Presley, David Stanley and Richard Davis.

In the early years Elvis fans were really excited to see and hear stories from people who were close to Elvis. But, it then became harder and harder to attract fans to Elvis Conventions as the years went by so we stopped launching big shows in the late 1980’s and, of course, the costs started to escalate. There was cost of venues, sound and light equipment, projectors, film rental, musicians, tribute artists, advertising, leaflets, posters, transport and staff costs. In most cases Elvis guests came free, just the costs for transport and hotel.

Charlie Hodge wanted $2,000.00 to come for the unveiling of our statue, a lot of money in 1981. I told him we could not afford anything like that amount and managed to reduce the price. Instead, at his suggestion, Charlie earned money from fans having their photo professionally taken with him. Like all our Elvis guests, Charlie was treated royally and taken to fine restaurants and on sightseeing trips in and around London, throughout their stay. However, in Charlie’s case after one week of entertainment he said he liked London so much he wanted to stay. I told him he was welcome to stay but had to pay his own hotel and expenses and I jokingly said he could sleep on our couch, since we only had one bedroom. He said that would be fine, so Charlie stayed at our apartment for over two weeks sleeping on the couch.

The first major Elvisly Yours Trade Customer

In November 1979 there was a knock at the door of our apartment and when I opened the door there was a German man, named Gerd Schuster who had seen one of our small ads in the pop magazine, Melody Maker. He said he was looking to buy Elvis products for a promotion in a German pop publication to come out in January for Elvis’ birthday. He had asked to see our warehouse but all the stock was in our small garage. I told him I would go to the warehouse and bring samples, not wanting him to think we were a tiny business run just from a small garage at the back of our apartments. He spent £570.00 and that was a fortune to me in those days and said he would contact me after he had taken a holiday during Christmas. Suddenly, after Elvis’ birthday, I got a call from the Gerd ordering thousands of this and hundreds of that. The order came to £7,000.00 and it was the real beginning for Elvisly Yours. Gerd must have spent £40,000.00 on trade orders in 1980 and had a successful business in Germany.
His promotion had been very successful and we traded together for many years until Gerd sold the business. Sadly, the new owner ran the business down in a short period of time. We still keep in touch after 28 years and I have been to Germany to do promotions with Gerd and he has recently toured an Elvis Museum around Europe. He is now semi-retired, in fact his life has been in semi-retirement. Gerd would spend up to nine months on holiday and three months working for many of the years I have known him travelling to many of the world’s exotic places. He even stayed some weeks in the South Pacific on Schuster Island where everyone is called Schuster, Gerd’s family name. He had proposals of marriage from at least six women while staying on the island.

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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