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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 45



January 2007



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They love us... they love us not   Never been to Spain   Elvisly Yours World Concert Tour   
King of Stamps!
  Memory Lane   Yet another Elvis movie

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They love us…they love us not…they love us?

Tony Roi

Elvis Trapeze artist

Nick Cage
Real flying Elvii! Did Nick Cage marry Lisa after a premonition about Sillerman buying EPE & wanting flying Elvii?

Rumours were sweeping Las Vegas that the marriage between EPE and Cirque Du Soleil had NOT been consummated. It was going to be a case of ‘Return to Sender’…they love us not. Elvis Presley fans around the world no doubt started holding candlelight vigils hoping and praying that their favourite ETA would be allowed to don tights, climb 500 feet into the air and swing on a trapeze all the while singing ‘A Fool Such As I’ or more appropriately ‘I gotta get out of this place’. No, sorry, that was “The Animals” but mixing the Circus with Elvis who knows what we will get?

The deal to bring Flying Elvii, Elvis jugglers, Elvis clowns etc to Vegas and around the world from 2008/2009 could be at an end and church bells rang out up and down the country. Elvis fans started to organise street parties, but sadly they acted in haste. Although neither Bob Sillerman, the owner of EPE nor Guy Laliberté, the CEO of Cirque du Soleil has contacted me I am reliably informed the marriage is back on and it’s all go for the flying, juggling, clowning Elvises in Vegas and around the world….it was “they love us” for EPE and CDS.

How and why did this rumour get started? Where there is smoke there is fire and I am sure there must have been some truth to this rumour. If one was cynical it could be that EPE needed the publicity. By all accounts, Elvis’ birthday Jan 8th was the quietest ever in Memphis with no more than 400 Elvis fans in town. A little bit of controversy gets media attention and the fans over excited in happiness or regret, all writing about it in their Newsletters and on the web. I think it is more likely that staff from CDS had to start dealing with arrogant and rude old guard EPE staff still working in Memphis and Los Angeles and found like thousands of others who have had dealings with EPE they are impossible to deal with.

Elvisly Yours

Elvisly Yours has partnered a leading International Concert Agent to Tour the World from July 2007 for the 30th anniversary with a Spectacular Elvis Tribute Show featuring three of the world’s best Elvis Tribute Artists and supported by Elvis’ original backing singers. They will be backed by one of America’s top tribute bands plus some of the world’s best horn session musicians. The Show will be produced by Elvis’ original 1970s Tour Producer and will feature nineteen singers and musicians.

There will be NOT one, not two, but Three Elvises performing live onstage together ALL of Elvis’ hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s…rock ’n’ roll, movies, gospel, country, ballads and Vegas ...good rockin’ tonight and every night!!

Look out for more details in our next Newsletter and on our website www.elvisly-yours.com.


Fabulous new range of Elvis Watches and Clocks
Elvis Watch Presentation Tin
Elvis watch presentation box
Elvis Talking Clock
Elvis talking clock
Elvis Neon Clock
Elvis neon style clock

Elvisly Yours is proud to announce a new range of Elvis Watches and clocks that will be launched at the UK Gift Show February 2007 for the 30th Anniversary. All the watches and clocks will be available from major chain stores throughout the UK and a selection will be available from Elvisly Yours. They will be in the stores from May 2007 and will appear in Mail Order Catalogues and on TV Shopping Channels from the summer 2007.

The designs are superb and the presentation box for each watch sold is a collector’s item in itself, a metal box in the shape of a guitar featuring a fabulous photo of Elvis in leather.
The world’s first ‘Elvis Talking Clock’ will be a winner with an announcement by Elvis each hour. There are twenty three Elvis announcements instead of twenty four as the sales director liked one slogan so much, ‘Elvis has left the building’ he ran it for two hours. The Elvis voiceover has been recorded by my dear friend Mark Leen, the ‘Emerald Elvis’.

Another winner will be the neon style guitar shaped clock. All the new Elvisly Yours watches and clocks will be reasonably priced but remember they will not be on sale until May 2007. Start saving your pennies now and why not buy the complete
range. Fans will be able to chose their favourite strap in leather or bracelet style, each with the inscription ‘Elvis’ or ‘Elvis Presley’ on the strap. It is hoped overseas fans will be able to buy the watches and clocks in their countries’ retail stores later in the year, except the USA where Elvisly Yours memorabilia is banned. Of course, overseas fans outside the States may order from Elvisly Yours or buy through their fan clubs that are our trade customers.

Later this year, for the Christmas trade, there will be further additions to the Elvisly Yours clock and watch range with the world’s first ‘Elvis Talking Pocket Watch’ and an Elvis clock with the swinging legs as the pendulum. Recommended retail prices for the new watches and clocks will be listed in our next Cyber Newsletter and on our website when we have stock.

Never Been to Spain

Elvis in Concert
Parcel destined for Spain
travels via Osaka, Japan
(full address not shown for privacy)  

One of my favourite Elvis songs that rarely gets played on the radio or appears on compilations is “Never Been to Spain”. I must have been singing this song when I dropped the parcel off at the Post Office for one of our Spanish customers, Francisco of Malaga, on December 5th 2006. He wrote earlier this month to say he never received the parcel that included a 2007 calendar. In good faith I sent another calendar, both delivered the same day but one travelled via Osaka, Japan that arrived there on December 11th 2006. God knows, or perhaps Elvis, how a parcel addressed to Spain arrives via Japan?? Total delivery time was 50 days!

World's Best Elvis Playing Cards

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Elvis card pack

Elvis playing cards £9.95 for 2 packs, £5.95 for 1 pack
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RCA Calendar card

Order two packs of playing cards now and receive this special RCA 1979 calendar that was released in Tupelo. Elvisly Yours bought all the remaining stock in 1983 and has never offered it for sale to our customers.

Ian Coulson in Concert
March 6th 2006 at 8pm
People’s Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne
Ian Coulson
Ian will have an Elvis shop stocked with Elvisly Yours goods on the night

Telephone: 01912 655020 for tickets

Walking the world for breast cancer
This woman is walking the World for Breast Cancer. Please pass her on so that she can reach her destination. Say a prayer for all those who are affected by this terrible disease. She's walking around the world - via e-mail!! Pass it on so she can get there! Please copy this as an email and hit your forward button, so the woman   stays animated.
A favour to ask... It only takes a minute.....

Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman.. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "fund free mammograms" for free (pink window in the middle).

This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.


Thousands of Elvis fans will read this Elvisly Yours Newsletter as well as Elvis fan clubs and websites...Please take a few minutes to pass on this email to your family and friends and promote on your websites. This campaign is very personal as Maureen was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2000. She was given the all clear in June 2006. As is often the case with victims of cancer she has now developed thrombosis. For the last nine months she has had to take the powerful drug called Warfarin that has nasty side effects and is only now starting to beat that battle. 


I think the internet will eventually grind to a halt because of all the unwanted SPAM and the general consensus among experts in the computer world it is the fault of Bill Gates who in his rush for profit did not protect email systems. Having made tens of $billions little is being done it seems to stop the SPAM. I had forgot to check my spam filter system for a couple of weeks in the New Year. When I checked the Elvisly Yours email addresses there were 9,600 SPAM emails that were on top of the SPAM getting through as the cyber crooks find ways to overcome the elaborate filter systems, mostly of a financial nature recommending shares. I get 500 of those a week that somehow by-pass the filtering although some exact same emails are blocked. Surely Governments and billionaires like Gates can come up with something that stops SPAM before it destroys the internet.

Because of over-protective systems, especially AOL, I know our Newsletter is not getting through to some fans. If you have any family or friends that are members of the Elvisly Yours Cyber Club but do not get our Newsletter regularly it is because they have either changed their email address or have a SPAM filter system that is blocking our Newsletter. There is a simple procedure to get Elvisly Yours emails unblocked with your ISP.


 2007 Calendar

Elvis 2007 Calendar

Elvis calendar 2007
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The Sun Years

The Sun Years
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    Elvis 2007     calendar

Calendar Front

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2007 Elvisly Yours calendar £7.95
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The Tupelo Years

The Tupelo Years
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For stamp collectors
Elvis is still the king

US Elvis stamp 1993
US Elvis Stamp 1993
UK First Day Cover 1985
UK/US/US First Day Cover
Stamped UK 1985 - US 1985 - US 1983
German FDC
German FDC plays 'Return to Sender' 1988

Fourteen years after being issued, the U.S. Postal Service's Elvis stamp is still No. 1 among collectors. The number sold and saved so far is 124.1 million. In total, over 517 million US Elvis stamps were sold in sheets or individually. Elvis is well behind in the most-sold category. That belongs to the postal service's Breast Cancer Research stamp. So far, more than 695 million have been sold…raising more than $50 million for breast cancer research.

In 1985 I persuaded the UK Post Office to have an Elvis First Day Cover. I could not get Elvis on a stamp but the next best thing was a special hand stamp relating to Elvis for the 50th birthday on January 8th 1985. Our store became a Post Office for one day and anyone could come into the store and have a special hand cancellation on their envelope. Because of Elvisly Yours the UK was the first major country to officially recognise Elvis Presley in philately.  There have been lots of small islands and countries with Elvis stamps but most have little value, except the 1978 Grenada Elvis Presley stamp that is associated with stories of murder and Mafia. I have six such Grenada stamps in my collection.

We sold 10,000 special Elvisly Yours envelopes in two days and were allowed to print 25,000 more. We kept 3,000 to be stamped in the USA in various styles for the eventual release of an Elvis stamp. But we had to wait eight more years. I advertised our first day covers in the New York Times on January 8th 1985 and that was the excuse EPE used to sue me in US Federal Court. Their main argument however was I was selling Elvis ladies underwear and they were waving these in Court during the hearing suggesting I was some sort of pervert. Unbeknown to me at the time Colonel Parker licensed Elvis panties in 1956, with Elvis’ approval. Of course, now EPE sell ladies panties on their official website... what hypocrites!!

The US Elvis stamp was deliberately delayed by EPE who would not allow the US Postal Service to release an Elvis stamp until the outcome of my lawsuit was decided in the US Federal Courts. Normally the Elvis stamp would have been released ten years after his death (1987) following US philatelic precedence but I was in litigation with EPE in the US until 1991, within one week of me deciding not to take the lawsuit to the US Supreme Court the stamp was announced in the USA. Of course EPE made $millions in licensing fees and it kick-started their licensing department and I have never got any thanks from EPE, just years of aggravation.Elvisly Yours and Gerd Schuster of the W. German Elvis fan club of Luneburg arranged another Elvis stamp coup. They persuaded the German Post Office in 1988 to release a First Day Cover that played ‘Return to Sender’. Germany was first major country to release an Elvis stamp. Gerd had the brilliant idea of turning the stamp into a product, a recorded card (33.3rpm) that plays the most appropriate Elvis song, ‘Return to Sender’. Just 10,000 were produced and we have just a handful left in our catalogue. Bright American Elvis fans sent out thousands of envelopes with the Elvis stamp but wrongly addressed but featuring their return address. Those lucky fans have a unique collector’s item, an envelope with an Elvis stamp but cancelled ‘Return to Sender’ …should be worth something on eBay. The US stamps alone do not have any value but the special variations do such as the 1,000 stamped at Elvis’ Last Concert Venue in Indianapolis available on our website and our Elvisly Yours First day Covers stamped in the US and UK.

Just recently in the UK the Beatles were honoured with a set of stamps featuring their record covers but they have not sold in hundreds of millions like the US Elvis stamp.

Elvis Tribute Artists Beware
Mario of the UK winning 'Images of Elvis' Contest - Memphis 2005
Dr Ed Franklin
Dr Ed Franklin, founder of the world's most famous contest - 'Images of the King' with his wife Jackie and son Curt

In the last Newsletter I wrote ETAs should beware of EPE now muscling in on Elvis Tribute Contests after years of suing and threatening to sue hundreds of ETAs. It seems more and more contests in America are jumping on the “official” band wagon and even the contest from Blackpool England. EPE is not doing this because they are such good guys; it is just an underhand way to license all ETAs in the world. Today, ETAs can just pay a small fee for performing rights but if you are licensed by EPE you will have to pay a percentage of each fee you receive just to perform an Elvis Tribute…why? EPE are control freaks and want to control every aspect of business associated with the name and likeness of Elvis Presley.

I believe for the past 30 years ETAs have kept the memory of Elvis alive more than anyone. There are some Elvis fans that hate ETAs but ETAs would not exist unless there was a steady demand and I have seen some excellent Tribute Shows. Elvis would be proud that 30 years after his death there are thousands of ETAs all over the world reliving and recreating the magic he brought to the world. He would not be proud of the control and harassment EPE are trying to exert on ETAs. I do not know whether ETAs realise they must be licensed in order to get into the finals in Memphis in August 2007.

Give the ‘official’ contests a miss and support all the other great Tribute Contests that have been going for years often under constant pressure from EPE. If you are an ETA going to Memphis this August Elvisly Yours strongly recommends you support the most famous of all Memphis Contests originated by the late, great Dr Ed Franklin, called “Images of the King”

This contest is now run by Mike Hoover and has packed in the fans year after year after year in Memphis. Why doesn’t EPE work with Mike in Tribute to Dr Ed Franklin who sadly died last year. Ed, for years, had tried to get EPE involved with his Contest but they always turned him down. Now Ed has died EPE are trying to compete with the world’s most famous Elvis Tribute Contest in Memphis. I consider this an insult to the memory of Dr. Ed Franklin and another reason to give EPE’s ‘official’ contest a miss. Remember only one person can win but all the other ETAs will have to become licensed and would have sold their soul to EPE.

Yet another Elvis Movie
Elvis in the Army
Elvis in the Army
Elvis meets Priscilla
Elvis meets Priscilla in Germany

“Cinema League”, a new production company, has just bought the film and TV rights to a book entitled, Sergeant Presley: The Untold Story of Elvis' Missing Years, co-written by Rex Mansfield, a soldier who served alongside Elvis during his much-publicised tour of duty in the Army, from 1958 to 1960.

No doubt Priscilla has alerted her lawyers because that period of Elvis’ life included references to how Priscilla, a 14 year old girl, met Elvis recounted in the book by Suzanne Finstad, “Child Bride: The Untold Story of Priscilla Beaulieu Presley” and the consequent legal battles that ensued. Since EPE claim the rights to Elvis Presley’s’ name, image and likeness it will be interesting to see whether the film is ever shown in the US. Of course, in Europe because of my successful legal battle with EPE the name of Elvis Presley is public domain.

I hope they have someone decent playing Elvis and no doubt there will be hundreds auditioning for the part. Priscilla will have no quality control over the person who plays her in the film and it will be very interesting to see how she is portrayed. Rumour has it that the budget is $15-$20 million for the film so hopefully something quite decent will come out. But, we have the possibility that EPE will refuse to license Elvis’ music for the film as happened with ‘Jailhouse Rock the Musical’. I think they will encounter so many legal problems that the film may never come to light. If EPE acted like a proper business instead of control freaks it would work with such a worthy venture instead of causing all sorts of obstacles and legal problems.

I never heard again what happened to ‘Jailhouse Rock the Musical’. There was a legal battle over finances in the UK, even though the show was very successful and the last I heard it was supposed to open in the States by the Spring of 2006. The new show was going to include the songs from the film ‘Jailhouse Rock’ after the producer had negotiated a deal with Sillerman.

Elvis the King' t-shirt
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''Elvis Lives in our Hearts' t-shirt
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Pillow Case

D20. Elvis pillowcase £7.95
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Elvis sunglasses GOLD

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Elvis handbag

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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

The winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Mrs S Donnelly of Portsmouth, England.
She receives a pack of the NEW Elvis playing cards.


Leyton Sommors Fools Spanish Star

Leyton and Larry
Leyton Sommors & Larry Geller
Leyton Sommors was the world’s best Elvis look-a-like. He was a dear friend who died suddenly from a heart attack not long after he came to the Court of Appeals Hearing in London when I defeated Elvis Presley Enterprises in a landmark trade mark Judgement at the UK Court of Appeals. He worked with Elvisly Yours on many promotions but nothing gave him greater fame than when he stood beside me on the steps of the High Court in London after winning with ten TV News crews and 25 press photographers. Leyton did not need to dress up, he just looked like Elvis and always regarded it as a blessing and a curse at the same time. He loved Elvis but looking so much like him meant he didn’t have an easy life. Everywhere he went people would approach him to take a photo, get an autograph, chat, sometimes mock. But Leyton was always very ameniable.

His fame had spread to Spain and he was wanted by a Spanish spoof TV Show that set-up celebrities for a “sting”. It was probably the Spanish equivalent to Candid Camera but using celebrities instead of the general public. The planning for these shows was pure perfection making the sting appear as realistic as possible. A top Spanish Star was told a famous celebrity was making a comeback that would attract world publicity and they wanted the Star to appear onstage doing a duet with the celebrity. The TV company booked the Concert Hall and hundreds of fans turned up for the rehearsals, famous TV, Radio and Pressmen were in on the sting and were waiting outside the concert hall with their cameras and film crews.

Sadly, I have forgotten the name of the show and the Spanish Star but Leyton pulled off a huge coup, in fact two coups. The star arrived early and started rehearsing with the band when from the back of the stalls there was pandemonium as Leyton Sommors arrived dressed in a jumpsuit surrounded by his entourage and pretty PA’s fussy over him while he (Elvis) let out expletives, gradually making his way to the stage. The make-up people did a superb job and Leyton looked more like Elvis than ever.
Sid and Leyton
Leyton with Sid ouside the High Court

Leyton arrived onstage and the Spanish Star was gobsmacked…he could not believe he was going to do an duet with Elvis and was
taken in by the whole thing. Eventually, the Star realised he had been set up and walked offstage angry and fuming. He refused under any conditions for the TV company to use the film footage and this led to Leyton second coup. He had to persuade the Star to let the film be used for the TV Show. Essentially, Leyton was an actor and the role he played to perfection was Elvis and now he, Leyton, had to persuade this Spanish Star with a massive ego to let the show go on. It was Leyton’s greatest ever role and he got down on his knees to beg the star to allow the film to be used for the show. I never got to see the TV Show and I don’t think Leyton did either because soon after he was dead. Perhaps one of our Spanish readers saw the show and even better took a video or DVD copy and could let me know as that was the crowning glory of Leyton’s career.

‘Elvis A King Forever’ ripped off

A few weeks ago a woman came into Elvisly Yours and she was from Hungary. I talked to her about my trip to Hungary in the 1980s and how I discovered last year that my book “Elvis A King Forever” had been published in Hungarian without ,y permission. It had also been illegally published in French. I have been told the French publishers went bankrupt so there is nothing I can do but perhaps I can track down the crooks that copied my book. She helped me check through the Government records because each book published in Hungary should be listed on the internet on a special website. We could find nothing and since it was illegal and cheated me, as I gave no permission, I could not se it be listed on a Government website.
Elvis - A King Forever
Elvis a King Forever
Soden and Sid
In better times with Soden
in 1982, Elvisly Yours Tour

I was invited to Hungary by a DJ there called Endre Barcs and he introduced me to leading members of the Elvis Fan Club in Budapest and I went to one of their conventions. He also help find me an interpreter and we were planning to trade Elvis memorabilia for Hungarian canned foodstuff. I went there twice and everything was progressing nicely for barter trade when the Government changed the rules and excluded my products from their international quotas and that was that. I gave out several copies of my book to members of the fan club. I presume that is how it was ripped off. If anyone knows the name of the publisher of my book in Hungary please let me know.

Fighting For Your Rights

After I was set up and sued by lawyers for Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis I became a fighter. In good faith I had helped EPE when they got started. I introduced them to friends and family of Elvis Presley to help them open Graceland. They had no idea where Elvis’ army uniform was stored or where anything important was kept in the house. Other than Jack ‘snow job’ Soden all the management staff at EPE appreciated me. They liked my memorabilia and bought $11,000.00 worth of stock to sell for Elvis Week from one tiny kiosk. At today’s prices that would be more like $65,000.00 wholesale and $200,000.00 retail for one week’s trade just when Graceland in 1982 first opened to the public. Rather than nurture our business relationship Soden instead persuaded the Trustees of the Elvis Estate to sue me. He then set up his own deals to supply Graceland with Elvis memorabilia.

Since that day in February 1985 I fight every injustice aimed at me, Maureen or Elvisly Yours. During the 6.5 years of litigation in the US I had to have a document “notarised”. Apparently, you can’t just get any solicitor to sign and stamp your document. You need what is called a “notary public”. In the USA the cost then was $1-$2 and I found a notary public near my office in London. I was told to just turn up with my document and joined a line of people needing documents notarised. There is no skill for this job. You just sit there, watch the person sign the document and put your notary seal and sign. I asked to pay the bill and was told don’t worry we will bill you. I tried to insist but they refused and a week later I got a bill for £44.00 ($85) plus VAT (17.5% tax). I was shocked and refused to pay so the notary public sued me demanding £350.00 expenses. I went to court knowing for such small debts lawyers cannot get expenses and the judge threw out the case and I agreed to pay £20.00, still too much.
Elvis in Kid Galahad
Always fight for your rights,
just like Elvis in Kid Galahad

For my sister’s 60th birthday it was a surprise and 18 members of my family were due to meet outside a restaurant called the “Cockney Tavern” with musical hall entertainment. The only thing is when the table was booked no one told us they had moved after 25 years in the same location. My family started arriving at the previous venue and there was no sign to say they had moved fortunately a paper seller told us the new location. My family had to start running conveys to the new location and the surprise dinner was ruined. I wrote a very heavy letter to the owners and they gave 18 members of my family a free meal with drinks and as we arrived at another of their venues the “Talk of the Town” and as we were seated the compere announce the arrival of the Shaw family and we were treated like ‘Kings’.

I didn’t get adequate service and assistance at a Piccadilly Hotel for the arrival of one of Elvis’ cousins so I wrote to the Chairmen of the Forte hotel chain… always go to the top! I got a call immediately from the hotel manager and Elvis’ cousin was given two suites, just one room was booked, for a whole week including breakfast, champagne, bowls of fruit and beautiful floral displays… The only good thing to come out of my litigation with EPE over the past 22 years is it has made me a fighter…IT PAYS TO COMPLAIN

Promotions at Elvisly Yours 233 Baker Street
Elvis and friends
Promotion January 8th 2003 during a snowstorm with Ali G, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Joan Collins, Diana Ross, Frankie Howard and Sherlock Holmes
Liberty with french girls
Liberty Mounten with pretty French tourists promoting Lisa Marie's single in the UK
Suspicious Minds promo
ETAs at Elvisly Yours promoting re-release of Suspicious Minds
July 5th '04
ETAs at Elvisly Yours July 5th '04

It is so expensive to advertise in the UK instead, over the years, I get publicity for Elvisly Yours through fun promotions. It does not cost anything but requires a lot of hard work. I first think of a gimmick for a promotion that I believe will have appeal to the media. I then send out hundreds of emails and faxes to TV, Radio and Press inviting them to a photo call. Having mass mailed the media every contact is followed up by a phone call, hundreds of phone calls. You always organise photo calls in the morning so TV has enough time to edit their film and the press file their stories for the following morning’s paper.

Even though the Elvisly Yours Shop at 233 Baker Street, London NW1 is quite small we have attracted worldwide publicity for some of our promotions. There is always an element of luck with PR that there are not too many major stories in the news at the time that kills the cute stories I generate for Elvis. Usually I manage to persuade at least one TV News crew to cover our promotions. Getting into the national newspapers is very difficult and often we have had better international publicity than in the UK.

I have always used Elvis Tribute Artists for my promotions because they create a photo opportunity but on January 8th 2003 to launch the online system to apply for the Elvisly Yours credit card I had lots of look-alikes. We had Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Joan Collins, Sherlock Holmes, Ali G and Frankie Howard. Just our luck there was a snowstorm that morning and the poor girls froze during the photo shoot and we did not get much PR coverage but it was a great photo and one that I cherish in my collection. Liberty Mounten was the Elvis for the photo call and he helped us again when we promoted Lisa Marie’s record in the UK with William Hill, the Bookmakers. He was shot by an international photo agency with two pretty French tourists. 

When Suspicious Minds was re-released I arranged for a team of Elvis Tribute Artists to be at Elvisly Yours and TV News ran the story all over the world. We had CNN, London Tonight and Sky News film the photo call. Sadly, Elvis did not make it to no.1 and had to wait a few more years until ‘A Little Less Conversation’. The media often prefer ETAs rather than friends or family of Elvis to interview, film and photograph for their news stories.

But the biggest promotion by far was on July 5th 2004 when we had 50 Elvis Tribute Artists at Elvisly Yours then they drove through Central London on two open top double-decker buses singing Elvis songs. They drove down Baker Street, across Oxford Street and through Mayfair to Regent Street. We then stopped at Piccadilly Circus for an impromptu Elvis Concert…all completely illegal I might add. This was followed by a ETA Contest at the Trocadero, won by Mark Leen and Paul Lillie before heading back to Baker Street. We drove around Trafalgar Square, by the Houses of Parliament then around Parliament Square down to Victoria and then up Park Lane before returning to Baker Street in time for an Elvis moment in time when radio stations around the world at 5pm GMT all played Elvis’ first record “That’s All Right” to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll, a term I had coined six months earlier and fed stories to the media about this special day. The buses were kindly provided by the Corona Beer company and all the Tribute Artists gave their time for free. The day was filmed by four TV crews and we made TV News in 150 countries and Associated Press syndicated photos all over the world.

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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