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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 46



February 2007



In this issue

For the Elvis Fan Who Has Everything   SEX and ELVIS in the NEWS   
Elvis never wrote his own songs  Memory Lane   WORLD CONCERT TOUR
Why can't EPE work with people who know the Elvis market?
  Who had more influence?
Support 'Images of the King Contest' in Memphis this August  
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For the Elvis Fan Who Has Everything

Spring Fair Stall

Zeon stand at Spring Fair
NEC Birmingham England.

Elvis Talking Clock
Hear Elvis tell the time, just click on the clock, for hours 1 to 6.
(you will need to disable any pop up blockers)
Presentation Tin
Presentation box for every clock

The world’s first “Elvis Talking Clock” was launched in the UK at the Spring Fair, Birmingham NEC. The Spring Fair is one of the largest Gift Shows for the Trade in Europe. Elvisly Yours has licensed Zeon Ltd to produce a range of classic and unique Elvis watches. Zeon is the largest clock and watch distributors in the UK selling, 2.5 million timepieces each year. It has taken one year of negotiations; correspondence and meetings to produce a fabulous range of superb Elvis watches that will be available from late May in the UK from Elvisly Yours and through major chain stores, TV Shopping Channels and mail order catalogues.

The designs are excellent and highly collectable. The STAR of the show was the “Elvis Talking Clock” where “Elvis” tells you the time every hour, preceded by a few bars of rock ‘n’ roll. Each hour has a different slogan, except “Elvis Has Left The Building…its 2 o’clock” was so popular it has been used for 2am and 2pm…making 23 time announcements. The reaction from the trade was fantastic and everyone loved our talking clock and large UK orders were placed with some of the biggest retailers in the country. For the Elvis fans who say they have everything…they haven’t…but now they can add the unique “Elvis Talking Clock” to their collection.

A wonderful presentation box comes with each watch and is highly collectable. There are ladies and gents watches available and to see the range offered by Elvisly Yours click on this link:  New Elvisly Yours clock and watches.

From mid-March 2007 Elvisly Yours will be taking advance orders from fans on our website for the range of Elvis watches so you can be the first to have them in the world. Except for fan clubs and dealers overseas that have pre-ordered the watches they will only be available from Elvisly Yours. Sadly, American Elvis fans cannot buy them because of the US Federal Injunction against Elvisly Yours. We can ship the watches and other memorabilia to any family or friend’s American fans have that live outside the USA.

The voice of ‘Elvis’ was provided by our dear friend Mark Leen The Emerald Elvis and fans living in Ireland will be able to buy them from Mark. When the clock arrives we hope to organise a big promotion with Mark launching the “Elvis Talking Clock” to the general public and fans can come along to Elvisly Yours and buy the clock at the launch and perhaps get it signed. We will keep you informed of the launch date.

SEX and ELVIS in the NEWS

Who's sexier, Elvis...?
Angelina Jolie
or...Angelina Jolie?
(photo from China Daily)
Ann Margaret
Ann Margaret was very sexy in Viva Las Vegas
Elvis and women
Elvis was always surrounded by sexy women

From trying to understand the intense debate going on in the Elvis World about sexy models being photographed in and around Graceland and Humes High we discover Elvis is the second sexiest person in the history of the world.

Channel 4 in the UK, a TV company that also features the UK version of Big Brother is back in the news because recently they had the countdown to the 100 sexiest people in history. I had never heard of the Contest otherwise I would have encouraged fans to vote for Elvis. He came second to Angelina Jolly, but how you can compare a sexy man to a sexy woman is beyond me and there should have been a contest for men, another for women. How Channel Four can proclaim their results showed Elvis was less sexy than Angelina Jolly is farcical. Certainly in the Lara Croft movies it is not Angelina’s real bust and she should be disqualified for faking it.

The top ten were as follows:

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Elvis Presley
3. Marilyn Monroe
4. Beyonce Knowles
5. Brad Pitt
6. Lara Croft
7. George Clooney
8. Kylie Minogue
9. Johnny Depp
10. Scarlett Johansson.

 To check the entire list on Channel 4 click this link:

100 Greatest Sex Symbols

It seems in Britain there is no prudery and we can even vote on who we consider sexy but reading the attacks on Graceland for allowing sexy models to be photographed in the house and grounds strikes me as going back to the Victorian days. I think there was no necessity for these sexy models to be photographed at Humes High School as it is a school and a place of learning, but Graceland?

Elvis was always surrounded by sexy women, in movies, at concerts, hanging around the gates at Graceland and at Hillcrest in LA.  I have often wondered where all those gorgeous women you saw as adoring fans in concert film disappeared to? I am sure Elvis would not have minded the photo shoot. In Britain we have had Page Three girls it seems forever. In Denmark they openly sell pornography at the airport. In recent surveys they have shown Denmark is the best place in the world to live: in terms of quality of life, with less crime, better social institutions, better health care, more stability and less stress than anywhere else on the planet yet they openly sell pornography. I really do not know what all the fuss is about. Far worse is the demeaning of Elvis by EPE for selling those awful Elvis boobleheads, Elvis rubber masks and Elvis duck faces.


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Who had more influence
Elvis or James Brown?

James Brown
James Brown the godfather of soul
Elvis simply the “King”

I am sure most Elvis fans have always admired James Brown. I have always loved James Brown’s music. He was a fabulous entertainer but I sadly never got to see him perform. He knocked them dead just like Elvis and particularly when he was first introduced to white audiences. But, a magazine called “Parade” in the USA has stated that James Brown had more influence than Elvis Presley…give us a break Walter Scott, the author of this strange notion!!!

If James Brown was still alive I am sure he would readily agree Elvis made it possible for everyone else to follow. Elvis really was the King and only King. He was the catalyst for an explosion in modern music. Black artists of that era were very appreciative of Elvis’ influence giving them the chance to reach a white audience and he paved the way for a crossover in styles of music, allowing rock ‘n’ roll to flourish and soul then eventually rap, funk and hip hop. Elvis was really the first punk rocker, he was so different and the parents of teenagers hated Elvis and religious zealots at the time thought Elvis was a sign of the devil.

Elvis not only revolutionised music he also changed 20th century fashion, almost overnight. Elvis had more influence in the world than practically anyone you could name in modern history. He is known all over the world by his first name…with James it would be “James Who” and even then billions of people have not heard of James Brown even though he was another great music icon but not is the same league as Elvis.

Postscript:It is sad to think James has not been buried as yet, even though he died in December as the families fight over his will. James had four marriages and the older children hate the latest wife. They claim she was not legally married to their father and the child of the marriage James Brown Jnr. is not an heir. The whole thing has been messed up by the lawyers who I am sure are making millions just like the lawyers for Elvis Presley milked the Elvis Estate after he died and for many years since. In 1982 even before Graceland was opened to the public Probate Court accounts showed legal fees were $812,000.00. God only knows what legal fees have been paid since August 16th 1977 protecting Elvis from me, you and everyone else in the Elvis World. Sadly, in America such accounts are not made public as they are in the UK for limited companies and corporations.


For the past six months Elvisly Yours has been working closely with one of the world’s leading Entertainments Agent to organise a fabulous World Tour of three of the best Elvis Tribute Artists in America. Al Dvorin had told me shortly before he died I had to book the best ‘young Elvis’ he had ever seen and his name is Donny Edwards. Not only does Donny look like Elvis, but also he moves like him and recreates the excitement of those early days in the 1950’s when Elvis rocked the world.

I already knew who would be perfect for the Vegas Elvis and that was Kraig Parker, from Texas. I had seen him perform several times in Britain and he was good. Also his main backing band would be perfect for our show and his manager Charles Stone would be great to have onboard as the producer plus MC and for assisting us in finding other stars for the World Tour.

We needed a third Elvis for the 60s era and the most highly recommended Elvis Tribute Artist was Dwight Icenhower (what a great name). He has a fabulous voice and according to Kraig and Charles was a hard act to follow on a recent Tribute Show where they both featured. Dwight’s recommendation from Charles and Kraig was very important and after viewing his website we were convinced we had our third Elvis.

This Elvis Tribute Show will be like no other. First, it will be a World Tour taking in Europe, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand and South America. There is also interest from Russia and who knows whether we could make “Bollywood” in India and Middle-Eastern countries. There are a lot of Elvis fans in Dubai. We have had a great response from all over the world and day-by-day we are arranging our World calendar. Each show will be very different to any other Tribute Shows you have seen and a lot more fun with the performers working interactively with the audience. There will be Ed Enoch and the Stamps, Myrna Smith and the original Flirtations as backing singers together the Memphis Horns and the Royal Tribute Band. The show will have Charles Stone as MC recounting favourite stories with Myrna and Ed as the warm-up show for each performance. There will be nineteen artists on stage recreating the magic of Elvis.

Check on our website www.elvisly-yours soon for more details of the Elvisly Yours World Concert Tour and look out for some great photos in our next Newsletter.

Ian Coulson in Concert
March 6th 2006 at 8pm
People’s Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne
Ian Coulson
Ian will have an Elvis shop stocked with Elvisly Yours goods on the night

Telephone: 01912 655020 for tickets

Why can't EPE work with people who understand the Elvis market?
Elvis DVD
The Definitive Elvis DVD Box Set
Jailhouse Rock Poster
Jailhouse Rock the Musicla was banned from using any of the songs from the film
Elvis Home Movies
Joe Esposito's "Home Movies of Elvis" were sold in Europe by Elvisly Yours after Joe was sued by EPE in the USA

It saddened me to read that the producers of the infamous DVD set the “Definitive Elvis” have had damages awarded against them of $2.8million. I hope they can appeal this outrageous sum.

Apparently, the United States District Court in Los Angeles has awarded plaintiffs Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE), SOFA Entertainment, Inc. and songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller $2.8 million in damages and attorneys fees to be paid by Passport International Productions, Inc. (a/k/a Passport Video, Inc.) and its owner, Dante Pugliese.  

I have never seen the 16 hour box set as I always keep away from anything possibly classed as bootleg ever since I have been in litigation with EPE for 22 years. However, by all accounts it is excellent and just what the fans want so why isn’t EPE and the other plaintiffs working with people like Dante Pugliese instead of suing them and getting obscene damages. There were over 200 interviews conducted by the producers and only a very limited part of the box set was supposed to infringe the rights of the plaintiffs that the producers had claimed was public domain. EPE does not care about the fans and their wishes and needs. They employ megalomaniacs like Gary Hovey and Jack Soden who Elvis would have kicked-out on their ass years ago if he was alive.

I would not be surprised if Dante approached EPE and got the same brush off as the producer of the beautiful Danish ballet “The King”. The producer of “Jailhouse Rock the Musical” could not use the songs from the film and this led to a ten year delay in the show being put in production. Then there was the farce of the BBC programme “Top of the Pops” being denied permission to use the clip of Elvis singing“One Night” when Elvis had the 1,000th no.1 hit single in the UK with “One Night” even though the ’68 Comeback DVD featuring the song was in all the stores.

Of course, Elvisly Yours released the “Home Movies of Elvis” by Joe Esposito in 1988 after he was sued by EPE in US Federal Court, only to buy him out a year later. Still the “Home Movies of Elvis” have not been re-released in their entirety...what madness and bad business? If people like Dante were used instead of abused by EPE they would make $millions more in profit and the fans would be much happier.

There are hundreds more horror stories around about how EPE treats producers and promoters…even on their own doorstep, with Dr Ed Franklin’s “Images of the King Contest”, the world’s real originator of the “Elvis Contest”. They would never work with Ed even though his Contest was the no.1 Show in town and was supported by thousands of fans year after year. If you have been treated badly by EPE please let me know and I will consider your story for future Newsletters.

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Support 'Images of the King
Contest' in Memphis this August
Dr ed
Dr Ed, Jackie and Curt Franklin
2006  Elvis Jr. Champion
2005  Mario Champion
2004  David Lee Champion
2003  Robert Washington Champion

In memory of Dr Ed Franklin it is the duty of Elvis fans visiting Memphis who appreciate Elvis Tribute Artists to support the 'Images of the King Contest' founded by Ed and Jackie Franklin in 1987. It really originated much earlier in a different format at Bad Bobs and Ed had the foresight and business acumen to make it the no.1 show in town for Elvis week. Ed and Jackie set the standard for others to copy and after years of denigrating and even suing Elvis Tribute Artists EPE are now trying to steal Ed's original idea and mount their own contest. This is an insult to Ed who was also Elvis' vet and after his death remained the Graceland vet. EPE have waited until Ed died to rip-off his idea, shame on them and fans who are always moaning about EPE can now make their opinion felt by boycotting EPE's bootleg contest and supporting the 'official' "Elvis Images of the King Contest".

2007 Images of the King Contest Dates

August 14th - 18th, 2007

Grand Ballroom, Airport Holiday Inn Select

2240 Democrat Road, Memphis, TN

Breakfast of Champions - 

August 19th, 2007

Make Your Plans Now!!!
2007 Theme 'King Creole' - get in a Mardi Gras party spirit!


Toll-Free in the United States - (877) 397-2660
Outside the United States - (540) 658-1935


I so appreciate your passion regarding the Tribute Artists.  It is good to know that someone remembers who came up with the brilliant idea that has suddenly occurred to EPE.  Ed was a visionary, as anyone who knew him will confirm.
Michael and Bobbie are working very hard to keep the Images show true to its "family reunion" roots, creating activities that involve the greatest number of fans and artists, all the while continuing to honor and respect Elvis and his memory.  No one ever got rich from being an ETA or running the contests, but we all agree that it is a piece of Americana, a phenomenon that should not be allowed to die. 
Again, thank you for your support.  The Hoovers and my family appreciate your friendship throughout the years.
Jackie Franklin 

A recent email from Jackie Franklin

Jackie is a lady and had written in a previous email "I would never tell anyone NOT to enter the Graceland show". You the fans and the Tribute Artists should do the right thing!

Elvis never wrote nor co-wrote
any of the songs he sang!!

It always annoys me when I read unscrupulous song-writers claim Elvis co-wrote songs with them and try to cheat the public offering the songs on eBay. I have been to Memphis 53 times from the UK and during those visits met many of Elvis’ family, friends and members of the entourage. They have all told me the same thing that Elvis just did not write his songs. Actually, I never asked why and often wondered why Elvis never made the effort to write his own words. He was credited on various songs as a co-writer but this was a ploy by Colonel Parker to make more money so that Elvis and the Colonel got extra revenue from the publishing rights. Let’s face it if you could persuade Elvis to sing your song who would not give up some royalty for not only the honour and privilege but it made good business sense for your future career.

The latest lie is that songwriter Paul Terry King wrote and recorded two songs in 1973 with Elvis. One of these, he claimed was called “If I’d Only Bought Her Roses,” and deviously claimed that Robert X. Sillerman, the current owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises, bought the rights for an undisclosed price. Sillerman bought “Elvis-a-Rama” but previously a deal was structured with its previous owner and King so presumably the song became a very small part of the Museum deal and not that Sillerman went out of his way to buy the rights.

But the other song, “Just Like Rolling Up the Hill,” was sold on eBay. What this means, according to eBay, is that the new owner can “produce, sing, or release it yourself.” It was later promoted on eBay as “Elvis’ Last Recorded Song.” No one other than King had knowledge of these recordings and songs.
Sadly, an unidentified and gullible buyer paid $31,101 on eBay for the song and all rights.

But, first, a few facts. Elvis stopped recording in studios in the early 1970s after Priscilla left him and he became very much a recluse and it was very hard to get to Elvis. After the divorce from Priscilla, October 1973, Elvis went even more into a shell.  It was just the constant touring that kept him going, to be close to his fans. You can imagine the turmoil in Elvis’ life in 1973. In 1972 Priscilla wanted to leave him and then he had the high of the Aloha Concert . This was followed by legal wrangling over the divorce, as Priscilla wanted a cash settlement and he mistakenly sold his music rights to RCA - probably the worst business deal in Entertainment history. Yet, we have this songwriter called Paul Terry King not only co-writing songs with Elvis but also recording the songs with him. None of his close entertainment friends could get through to Elvis but he found all that time for King…give me a break.


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Screaming Lord Sutch

Sutch and Elvis
Sutch(centre) & Elvis 1969
Vegas Press Conference
Sutch biography
Screaming Lord Sutch biography by Graham Sharpe
Sutch and Sid
Lord Sutch and Sid (Chesterfield by-election) March 1984
Screaming Lord
Sutch found dead
Lord Sutch
Screaming Lord Sutch: Britain's longest-serving party leader
Downing Street has led the tributes to Lord Sutch, the leader of the Official Moster Raving Loony Party, who has been found dead at his London home. He was 58.
Your tributes to Lord Sutch - BBC
Click on the link to read some wonderful tributes to Sutch from around the world.
Elvis Bust
Bust of Elvis 1978
Set of 6 badges
Elvis set of 6 badges
Click to Order
Patsy Presley and Sid
Photo of Patsy Presley and Sid in Memphis mid 1980s
David Sutch was one of Britain’s great eccentrics. To some he was just a rocker who had played with some of the great British rock ‘n’ rollers. Joe Meek had produced some of his records, Keith Moon was his drummer, he performed with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. His weird stage antics pre-dated Alice Cooper by several years and he would jump out of coffins as part of his act and thrown worms at his audience.

But, Lord David Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow was most famous in Britain as a politician. He formed the National Teenage Party in 1963 and in 1966 stood against Harold Wilson. Sutch was one of the greatest self publicists in British History. He was known and loved by millions and made what were very boring by-Elections and General Elections so much more fun. He changed his name by deed poll to Lord David Sutch and added “Screaming” after “Screaming Jay Hawkins” and he really did scream onstage with “Jack the Ripper” his most famous song.

In 1983 he formed the famous ‘Monster Raving Loony Party’ and became the longest serving leading of any political party in British History. I met Sutch in 1983 and he persuaded me to stand for the Elvis Presley Party in March 1984 at a special by-Election in a English town called Chesterfield. We brought Elvis and rock ‘n’ roll to Chesterfield for two weeks of campaigning. Sutch was a huge Elvis fan and was lucky enough to meet Elvis in Vegas at the 1969 Vegas Press Conference when he invited Elvis to perform in Britain but Colonel Parker vetoed any deal as he refused to allow film rights to the British promoters backing Sutch.

The public adored him and he paid for his campaigning over 30 years by performing gigs up and down the country. Many of his crazy campaigns eventually passed into law years later: votes for 18 year olds, commercial radio stations, passports for pets to name just a few. One of my favourite Lord Sutch campaigns was against nuclear weapons. He stated the world had enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth thousands of times and he thought once was enough. He never could understand why there is only one “Monopolies Commission” and campaigned for more. We held the World’s First Party Political Conference in a Chesterfield “Fish and Chips” shop.

Sadly, Sutch took his own life by hanging
on June 16th 1999. He never recovered from his mother’s death a year before. He was a dear friend and neither I nor other friends were aware of his deep depression. With David it was lights, action and he became the wittiest, sharpest, cleverest person you could ever meet who just like Elvis wanted to make people happy and entertain. He loved an audience but behind the smile was a sad, lonely man who desperately needed help. There are specific reasons why he committed suicide and I was at his home after he died with his ex-partner, the mother of his only son and read his diary that even showed morbid drawings of how he was going to kill himself and why.

I did many promotions with David but the two weeks I spent with campaigning with him in Chesterfield were one of the highlights of my life. A friend had seen him at a gig a couple of days before he died. David told him, “I am going to make front page news next week” and he did, in every national newspaper and on TV and Radio News. He was so sharp, so funny; he had such brilliant responses to any question and is a very sad loss to this country. When he died some of the greatest names in Politics and Entertainment gave moving tributes to him.

Factors etc, Inc

Elvis had not even been buried but it was business as usual for Col Parker. On a handshake Vernon Presley gave Parker the rights to carry on handling Elvis’ affairs as if nothing had happened on August 16th 1977. In turn the Colonel did a deal with a merchandising company out of Bear, Delaware and their name was Factors etc, Inc run by Harry Geisler. I was told by Beecher Smith that all Factors had to pay to renew their worldwide license each year for merchandise rights to  Elvis Presley was $15,000.00 per year. Why did Sillerman pay $100 million for similar rights that Factors paid only the measley sum of $15,000.00 per year. The two worst deals in Entertainment business history can be put down to Elvis, selling his song rights in 1973 for $5 million to RCA and then when he dies the Colonel selling merchandise rights for a $15,000.00 guarantee each year, until 1982.

When I conceived the idea of Elvisly Yours I wanted to make busts of Elvis to sell to raise money to commission an Elvis life size sculpture. I mistakenly thought I had to get a license and  permission from Colonel Parker to make the bust of Elvis so I went to meet the Colonel in America. After various letters and phone calls I discovered you had to see Factors in their Los Angeles office so I flew off to California, staying with my lifelong friend Alan in the Bay Area prior to my trip to LA. I only had a prototype of the bust and it was not very good but I showed it anyway. Factors was not interested in me as I was a small business so they gave me the brush-off and I thought what the hell…

I had already sold my house to start the business and moved in to Maureen’s apartment, I had left my job as a teacher and I had little money so I went ahead a
nyway without anyone’s permission after checking my legal rights to market Elvis busts in the UK.

Jon Douglas had sculptured the bust and I made plaster casts in our garage that I then hand-sprayed to either bronze that I antiqued or white. My first employee was Jay Griffiths, when she 14 and later to become a famous British actress who has starred in “The Bill”, “Bugs”, “Drop the Dead Donkey” and her voice appears on dozens of commercials. We had sold a few hundred busts of Elvis and fans were asking to join the Elvis fan Club so I sent all the addresses to the British Fan club and instead of a thank you, one week later I got a letter from Factor’s lawyers threatening to sue me if I did not stop making busts of Elvis in 7 days. I am sure I was set up by the Elvis fan club president, Todd Slaughter, who did not want any competition and was very friendly with Colonel Parker. I ignored the lawyers who wrote to me again and within weeks Factors had gone bankrupt in England and then Elvisly Yours just went from strength to strength.

The badges and magnets we sell are made from the original sheets printed for the tour that Elvis never made in August 1977. When Factors went bust they owed money to a badge maker and the company simply kept the printed sheets and we have produced the badges from the same sheets since 1979 then later magnets.

Patsy Presley

Over the years on my 53 visits to Memphis I have met many people associated with Elvis but the closest and one of the nicest people I ever met was Elvis’ double first cousin Patsy Gambill Presley. She was later remarried and became Patsy Presley Geranen. Elvis’ father Vernon and brother Vester married two sisters Gladys and Cletus. That made their children double first cousins and other than Lisa there is no one closer to Elvis in the bloodline than Patsy.

I only met Patsy in the mid-1980’s when she helped us raise $thousands in charity to pay for a British boy who was terminally ill to visit Graceland. It seems for a few days she was encouraged to come out of her cocoon, like a butterfly. She was happy and excited to be mixing with people and helping us raise money at an Elvis nightclub just opposite Graceland where the car museum is today. The club was excellent and run by Dennis Wise, an ETA and not the UK footballer. Patsy gave us some valuable mementoes to auction from Elvis Wedding. About $4,000.00 was raised. She was very shy and most fans have never met Patsy as she has kept her life very private.

What upset me after talking to Patsy for many hours was that she was so fearful of Priscilla even though she always looked after Lisa when Lisa was young and visited Graceland after Elvis died. I wish Patsy would have stood up to Priscilla as a family member and put Priscilla in her place since Priscilla has treated Elvis’ family on the Presley and Smith side disgracefully. Priscilla had manouvered herself into being a Trustee before Vernon died and then the
President of EPE. She was in trust of herself and she controlled the purse strings. The pittance some of the family received from EPE they did not want to lose so they were all fearful of Priscilla and still are today, even though she was an ex-wife and not the ‘widow’ as some media refer to her.

Patsy was Elvis’ secretary and worked in the office of Graceland for years. She was very close to Elvis and looks so much like him. Her father, Vester, of course, worked on the gates for years while Elvis was alive. He was on the payroll after Elvis died but was threatened daily with being fired since he was always critical of Graceland’s management.

I had invited Patsy to come to England many times but she was too shy and too fearful of Priscilla to take up my offer. She has so much to say being so close for so long but her memories and thoughts remain personal. I would love her to write a book or possibly two books, one when Elvis was alive and another since he died. I am sure she has some fascinating and excrutiating stories to recount about Graceland management since Elvis died.

Sadly, Patsy’s first husband Marvin Gambill died in February 2005, struck down by a car. He was a friend and worked for Elvis in the 1960’s. Then in December 2005 her husband Clayton Geranen died. Such sadness to affect such a sweet person. I hope she has managed to cope with her losses. Patsy was in the documentary called “Elvis by the Presleys”. It should have been called more aptly “Beaulieu by the Beaulieux” because it had much more about Priscilla’s family neglecting interviews with most of Elvis’ family and friends, historically deleted in a documentary that supposed to be about Elvis.

It’s been 20 years since I last saw Patsy and I wish her well. She is still welcome to be our guest and come to Britain or perhaps she can join us on our World Concert Tour. If any reader still sees Patsy please say “Sid sends his love from Elvisly Yours”.

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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