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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 48



July 2007



In this issue

My Darling Maureen   The World's First Talking Clock   
Elvis Night at BFI   The Return of the Kings
Are EPE preventing the naming of "Elvis Presley Airport, Tupelo"?
Support 'Images of the King Contest' in Memphis this August  
The 3 Elvises   Memory Lane

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My darling Maureen died

Maureen in 1999

Maureen in 1999
before she got ill

Maureen Jay
Maureen & actress Jay Griffiths 1975. She taught at Halesden Primary for 28 years.
Maureen and Audley
Audley and Raychel
wedding Aug 05
Maureen and Sid in Jamaica
Jamaica Aug 05,
last time she was well
Maureen on a plane
Waiting to fly to
Memphis in the 1980's

I have been devastated by the loss of my darling Maureen. She was the love of my life and died at 1.20am on March 27th in the Peace Hospice, Watford, England. We were together 34 years and devoted to each other. At family gatherings we would still sit holding hands in our 60s and in everyday life.

Having defeated breast cancer in June 2005 after five years of operations, treatments and drugs we were planning for a great future. At last we could work together to rebuild 'Elvisly Yours' as I had to take more and more time off work to care for Maureen when she was fighting the dreaded disease. But, in March 2006 she had thrombosis for the second time.

She took the drug Warfarin and had to give blood every week to determine the dose of Warfarin needed to balance her blood. She had bad side effects from the drug and blamed her deteriorating health on Warfarin. Even though she was losing weight, found it difficult to swallow and had painful indigestion three different doctors at out local GP never bothered to examine her. Nurses at the GP or Hospital never questioned her weight loss or how ill she felt, they just took blood. In desperation I went with her February 27th to see doctor no.4 who immediately asked whether any doctor had examined Maureen's stomach, none had; then she found a large lump. The doctor arranged for tests and scans but the results were not given until March 21st. Her sister Pat came to our home to help me nurse Maureen until the end and was a great help and comfort.

They kept Maureen waiting at the Hospital for the results for three hours to tell her she had, in effect, a 'death sentence'. Cancer had spread to her liver, bones, oesophagus, lungs and stomach. She was in so much pain they had to give her a bed yet still kept her waiting another hour. Because of the pain she had they prescribed a powerful painkiller and she lost the power of speech by the next day. Maureen walked into our home on the afternoon of March 21st, had a cup of tea then went to bed to rest; by March 27th at 1.20am she was dead as I kissed and held her hand. Her death was so sudden, so dramatic from the diagnosis just a few days before.

Thankfully, we got her into a Hospice for her last few hours. But, she died in agony because a District Nurse who was supposed to come to our home on the Sunday to administer more powerful drugs to her as the pain intensified phoned instead. She refused to come saying "Maureen was okay". But, from about midnight Maureen would wake in agony. I would lift her to relive the pain then lay her down and caress her badly swollen legs and feet until she fell asleep and this happened every 30 minutes, all night until I could phone a Macmillan Nurse at 7am who arranged for our doctor to come at 9am to sedate Maureen.

I am describing all the details because I don't want others to suffer like Maureen suffered. If you are concerned about your health or that of a loved one make a fuss, demand the services you need, ask for tests and scans. We just did not think cancer had returned so soon and with such a vengeance. Maureen just thought it was the Warfarin and I went along with that idea, even though all the signs were there that cancer had returned, especially with weight loss.

I have been to see my Member of Parliament to discuss the NHS negligence that led to Maureen's death. My MP James Clappison lost both his parents to cancer and he was sympathetic and understanding. He has been helpful and written to the Health Authority for answers. It won't bring Maureen back but will hopefully stop gross negligence of others in Britain's Health Service. Britain has the worst survival rates for cancer victims in Europe and I can see why having experienced Maureen's poor treatment in the previous 12 months.

It is not until now I have felt capable of publishing a Newsletter and I can only apologise that no Newsletter has been produced for months. Maureen was half of Elvisly Yours, the better half. She always was behind the scenes, quiet, listening, advising and helping. For the first two years of the company's existence her teacher's salary kept the business going until it took off dramatically in 1979/80. I now want to do all the things we planned together, thinking and hoping she would get better. In fact, her very last Valentine card to me on February 14th 2007 she wrote, "I love you and I will get better".

Maureen was instrumental in planning and agreeing the designs of the wonderful, new "Elvis Talking Clock", other superb watches that have now been launched with Zeon Ltd, Britain's largest distributor of timepieces. She was going to go on our Worldwide Elvis Concert Tour from October 2007. We had planned "Elvis Karaoke Tours" of London from our shop on Baker Street.

We even talked of resurrecting the "Elvisly Yours" magazine that ceased publication in 1992. All these things need the help of you, the fans; without you supporting us we cannot expand and progress. Every "Elvis Talking Clock" sold or Elvis sunglasses, Elvis book or Elvis magic mug helps finance World Concert Tours, Karaoke Tours of London and keeps the memory of Elvis alive. We have been doing this ever since I made the first bust of Elvis in our garage in 1978 to help fund our tribute to Elvis, our life size bronze statue of the "King" that resides at 233 Baker Street, London.

 We had reached £1,471.00 but since I started this Newsletter an old Elvis friend from the early 1980's, Hazel Tomlin, held a "Maureen Night" at her local pub and raised £530.00. When you add together £1471.00 and £530.00 you get the magic total of £2001.00!!! Thanks go on the night to Tracey Bell of the Red Lion Pub, Enfield who donated £100.00 for an auctioned cardboard cut-out even though she only bid £70.00. Even more money has since been raised.

I would like to thank all the fans and friends who have written to me from all over the world sending condolences. Some of their tributes can be viewed at the end of this feature. Special thanks are due to Bill and Connie Burk who very kindly dedicated their latest issue of "Elvis World" to Maureen and also highlighted the Appeal for the cancer charity in Maureen's memory. Shortly after honouring Maureen, Bill suffered his own bereavement with the loss of his dear mother after a long illness. Our sympathies go to Bill and Connie and his family. Special thanks to three American "Elvis World" families who  have donated to the Cancer Appeal in Maureen's memory: Bill and Connie Burk, Paul & Joan Gansky, Howard and Shirley Dvorin. Other American Elvis fans who appreciate all Elvisly Yours has done over the many years are welcome to donate. You can donate online or send a cheque. LJMC even accepts US dollar checks to:

Elvisly Yours, Park House, 15-23 Greenhill Crescent, Watford WD18 8PH, England.

Make the cheque payable to the "Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre", and write on the back, "In memory of Maureen", thank you.

Maureen's Day 1
August 16th 2007
Elvisly Yours, 233 Baker St, London NW1
12 noon til 5pm
One of our dear friends, Eileen Weston has kindly offered to make a party in memory of Maureen on the 16th August at our Elvisly Yours Shop, 233 Baker Street, London NW1. Eileen will supply sandwiches and there will be refreshments with non-stop Elvis music on this special Elvis 30th anniversary. It's completely free and everyone is welcome to commemorate Elvis' and Maureen's life. I will bring along photos of Maureen during her life to show the many fans she touched for the 29 years Elvisly Yours has been in existence. After go along to the Elvis Film Show at the British Film Theatre on Southbank, just over the river between Westminster and Waterloo Bridges.
Maureen's Day 2
Friday September 14th
Harlequin Centre,
Watford 12 noon til 5pm
This is a much bigger Event and there will be lots of Elvis Tribute Artists, Marilyn Monroe and other celebrity lookalikes who will be entertaining the crowds, have your photograph taken with the Elvises and Celebrities, join in the singalong and just have fun. There will also be Elvis under 5, Elvis under 15 and Elvis under 50 contests to find the best Watford area Elvises with Elvis prizes. If you live in or near Watford and would like to enter just send me an email with your details sid@elvisly-yours.com. Of course, the whole Event is completely free and everyone is welcome. This special day, at the fabulous "Harlequin Shopping Mall" right in the centre of Watford, will be called "Maureen's Day with Elvis and Friends". Elvis Shmelvis and his wife Mama Shmelvis (Martyn and Sue Diaz) have very kindly offered to provide the sound equipment for the Event. It will be the biggest Elvis Event in Watford's history with lots of surprise Celebrity lookalikes, so bring your camera. Each "Maureen Day" will raise money for the "Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre" and if we raise several £thousand there will be a "Counselling Room" named after Maureen at the Cancer Centre. Bring along your family and friends, the best free Elvis entertainment in years. We are very grateful to the Harlequin Centre for allowing us to organise the Event at their wonderful Shopping Mall where Maureen used to shop each week.

The World's First Elvis Talking Clock

Elvis Talking Clock
Elvis Talking Clock
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Presentation Tin
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Diamante Watch
Maureen's blue suede diamante

In February 2006 I was at the biggest Trade Gift Show in Britain, the "Spring Fair" in Birmingham and I met the Managing Director of Zeon Ltd, Britain's largest distributor of timepieces. I suggested a range of Elvis watches that I would like to buy and possibly license to Zeon. It took four months of negotiations before we had an Agreement and then started the designing and planning of a fabulous range of Elvis watches. I presented Zeon with a wide selection of Elvis photos and their designers came up with some brilliant designs. There were many meetings with Zeon and Maureen was present at most meetings, mostly listening but offering good ideas as the planning continued. She thought a blue suede strap would be ideal for the ladies diamante watch. On the drawing board is her suggestion for an "Elvis Talking Pocket Watch" to come out next year.

Elvisly Yours and Zeon are proud to announce the best selection ever of Elvis watches, with the best designs and best packaging ever. Each watch comes with a superb gift box and we suggest fans buy two of each timepiece, one to keep and the other to use. In years to come the watches will appear on the "Antiques Road Show" and the presenters will ask whether the collector has the original packaging.

You can order the watches immediately from this Newsletter. Sadly, US Elvis fans are banned from buying our memorabilia unless you have a friend in the free world (i.e. outside the USA) and we can ship to them in Canada, Britain, Europe, etc.

Elvis Night at the British Film Institute,
Southbank, London - August 16th
The BFI Southbank in London has programmed an Elvis themed evening, featuring a screening of Jailhouse Rock, proceeded by an illustrated (and animated!) lecture by Adrian Wooton, CEO of Film London, Elvis afficionado, and the man responsible for bringing Sam Phillips to the UK for the first time.
August 16th
18:20 - The King on Screen: Elvis in the Movies
In this commemorative talk, liberally illustrated with clips from the King's best flicks, Adrian Wootton (Elvis aficionado and adviser to Turner Classic Movies on their current Elvis film season) will recount the history of Elvis' extensive career on the silver screen.

20:15 - Jailhouse Rock
Elvis is mean and moody in this rags-to-riches story of an ex-con turned pop star. Made at the height of his 50s fame, Jailhouse Rock was an attempt by MGM to assimilate Presley's rock'n'roll persona into the more conventional trappings of a Hollywood musical. A great soundtrack, featuring some classic Leiber & Stoller songs; the title track provides one of the most famous set pieces in rock 'n' roll film history.

Joint ticket available for £12.50, conc £9.25 (Members pay £1 less). For NFT tickets, book online: www.bfi.org.uk/nft or call the Box Office 020 7928 3232 (lines open 11.30am - 8.30pm).

BFI are poised to make this event as big as demand dictates, including DJs and fancy dress, and they are trying to gauge interest so please book immediately to guarantee tickets. There does not seem to be any major Concerts in London on August 16th and the British Film Institute is one place Elvis fans can get together and enjoy a lecture, film clips and see "Jailhouse Rock" on the big screen.


NEW ELVIS in the MOVIES t-shirt  

Elvis in Movies

Elvis in the movies T-Shirt
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Bill Burk's
Humes Years

The Sun Years

The Sun Years
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2008 Calendar

2008 Elvisly Yours calendar
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New T-Shirt
Love me Tender  
Love me tender

Love Me Tender T-Shirt
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Surprisingly, we have not received any information about major Elvis Shows this August for the 30th anniversary in Britain except this Show at the Palladium that combines “Elvis” with the “Taking Care of Business Band” and ‘Roy Orbison’ on the same bill. The Show is in support of the “Institute of Cancer”.
30 years on - Elvis is back
London Palladium
Sunday 12th August 7:30pm
This August marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death. To celebrate this phenomenal artist for one night only, a reproduction of the famous 'Aloha in Hawaii' concert will be performed at the London Palladium, in support of the ' Institute of Cancer Research'.
The Line Up
Roy Orbison, the man Elvis called 'the world's greatest singer' will open the show as his support act. This will be followed by an authentic reproduction of the 1973 'Aloha from Hawaii' concert, featuring Elvis' band 'Taking Care of Business'. This magnificent performance will transport you back to the 70's in every way - the music, the outfits, the performance and the experience!

To continue in the spirit of the anniversary, the producers would like to invite the audience to participate by attending the show in what they might have worn in 1973! The best dressed will meet the 'King' himself.

It's 1973 all over again: re-live it or experience it for the first time!

BBC searching the World for the best Elvis

The BBC are really going to town filming all over the world Elvis Tribute Artists and then inviting the best to London for a Grand Finale to chose 'Pop Idol' style the very best Elvis in the World. With so many Elvis Contests there is likely to be confusion. There is the BBC Contest that is truly worldwide. The original Contest in Memphis that was always regarded by ETAs as the World Concert and then the new bootleg Contest sponsored by EPE where the ETAs will have to sell their souls to EPE. There will probably be three different World Champions. ETAs still have not cottoned on to the idea if they get to the final of EPE's bootleg contest in Memphis they will have to be licensed by EPE and will lose all their independence probably for the rest of their careers.

They were filming at the Elvisly Yours Shop last month and have been to the home of Elvis Shmelvis, had auditions in London and Blackpool and were in the USA filming American Tribute Artists. I have suggested the BBC must find "Rafik", the Russian Elvis, who has the most powerful voice I have ever heard, the lead singer of the 'Leningrad Rock Opera'. We had "Presleystroika" Concerts in Leningrad in 1991 starring Rafik and took him to visit Graceland. But first he had to sing to a group of US Immigration Officials at Boston Airport before they would stamp his passport for entry into the USA. They all clapped and cheered him when he finished "Love Me Tender" in the Immigration Hall at the Airport.

The finals have been screened already but I wasn't invited. The Show will not go out until the time of the Anniversary. There will be two parts, a documentary featuring the search for "Elvis" around the world and then the Contest to choose the best Elvis.

ITV 50s documentary for August
Elvis Giclee
Our Giclee artwork $140
Elvis by Joan Harwood
Joan Harwood Art, $6

Not to be outdone by the BBC's extensive promotion of the 30th Anniversary of Elvis' death ITV in the UK are planning a documentary of Elvis in the 50s and have been in touch with me on several occasions. I don't know why but the UK media always want all your contacts and all your information for free.

However big the company, especially TV they never have any budget yet they make £millions and charge outrageous rates for advertising. After almost 30 years in the Elvis business you get cynical. I got badly stung for the 25th Anniversary helping the media and a promoter. One production company broke many terms of our agreement and my copyright photos appeared in many publications without credit or fees. It would have taken several years to sue the company and the owner of the company was the son of a very famous British TV star and I just turned the other cheek. I will be much more wary for the 30th Anniversary. I would not mind if you really were appreciated but you get forgotten immediately the project is finished and if you tried calling the person who was your "friend" for weeks they don't even come to the phone or return your calls.

In the words of the producer, "Using colour footage we will explore the impact of Elvis' unique talent when he burst onto the music scene. Whilst celebrating the talents and personality of Elvis, we also examine the period from a wider perspective, revealing it as a time of tremendous creative energy and cultural change." They claim to have some new colour footage and it sounds like an exciting project.

World's Best Elvis Playing Cards

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Order two packs of playing cards now and receive this special RCA 1979 calendar that was released in Tupelo. Elvisly Yours bought all the remaining stock in 1983 and has never offered it for sale to our customers.

Elvisly Yours Marches On

Elvisly Yours has been extending its range of licensed products and you will be seeing more and more Elvisly Yours memorabilia in major UK chain stores, mail order catalogues and on TV Shopping Channels. Our licensees will be selling Elvisly Yours memorabilia in Tesco, Clintons, Halfords, Debenhams, Express Gifts, Amazon and Bid-Up TV to name but a few major UK retailers. This license deals are as a result of contacts made last year at the Gift Show in Birmingham when Maureen was clear of cancer at the time and we believed getting better. It takes another year to produce product to offer to major retailers who buy six months ahead so the new range of Elvisly Yours licensed products will be appearing in major retailers from August, but most from September this year. There will be all the new watches, t-shirts, skinny ladies t-shirts, artworks, magnets, calendars regular and slim size, playing cards and, of course, all our Elvis memorabilia will also be available from us  by mail order or at our shop at 233 Baker Street, London NW1.

Are EPE preventing the naming of
"Elvis Presley Airport, Tupelo"?

For years fans have tried to get the Airport in Memphis named after Elvis Presley but there are other serious contenders, Martin Luther King and Danny Thomas. Since King was assassinated in Memphis and Thomas a major benefactor especially for the St Jude Hospital there would be a lot of opposition from many Memphians if Elvis' name were chosen for Memphis Airport. But Tupelo is the perfect second choice.

The Mayor of Tupelo loved the idea.in fact everyone thought it was a great idea except, apparently Jack Soden, CEO of EPE. Somehow, EPE believe they have the God given right to have any use of the name Elvis Presley in the US approved by them. Since Elvis was born in Tupelo there is no way any US Court would not allow the city of his birth to name their Airport after Elvis. It would be nice if the current Mayor would have the guts to stand up to Soden and EPE and simply name their airport "Elvis Presley Airport, Tupelo". Just like Liverpool named their airport "John Lennon Airport". If EPE dared sue the City the publicity alone would encourage thousands more fans and tourists to visit Tupelo and shame EPE into dropping the case. They have done nothing for Tupelo but give them grief for the past 25 years since they formed EPE and started to flex their muscles. There should be tour buses going hourly between Graceland and Tupelo but EPE are frightened of losing a dollar.

I received an email from a lady called Bett who has tried to get Tupelo Airport renamed after Elvis and this is what she wrote:

"Well, what I've been trying to do is not make money for myself at all but to increase people's consciousness about him by having key airports associated with his life named after him in some way.

So figured Tupelo would be a slamdunk, and it would be if not for Soden. Apparently you need EPE's approval, and changing Tupelo Airport to Elvis Presley Airport would give Memphis competition...

First I called the Tupelo mayor Ed Neeley and he loved the idea, so I wrote a letter petitioning for Elvis Presley Airport, the most logical airport to be named after him. Did a follow up phone call after than and he said his staff was working on it but couldn't get approval. That was in March.

At that time I also tried Memphis, petitioning the airport commission for Memphis-Elvis International Airport, but no good since there is competition there with Martin Luther King and Danny Thomas. The main terminal there, however, is named after Danny Thomas, did you know that?! So I asked for some area at the airport to be named after Elvis, and again Soden is not for it.

While I was at it, I figured I'd put in a petition to the Hawaii Governor to name the airport there Honolulu-Elvis International Airport since Elvis loved it there so much and continues to bring in tourists checking out his movie locations. No response, although the mayor of Honolulu is all for it. They are unveiling a huge statue of him in front of the arena in July where he did the Aloha concert...

Do you have any Sillerman contacts? Maybe I could try him. Too late for this August, but it would be good to get at least one airport named after him before it's too late.

You know about John Wayne Airport and Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and others....why not Elvis !?! Any suggestions about any of this?

Thanks for TCB 'n with TLC,"


The Musical
My Boy Elvis
George Twamley is Ireland's no.1 Elvis fan. He is also probably the most prolific fundraising Elvis fan in the world. In memory of Elvis, George has raised over 400,000 Euros for charity in Ireland. It is no exaggeration to say that George has been the driving force behind keeping the name and music of Elvis Presley in the public eye in Ireland.

Now, George, a man of many talents, he even has his own Elvis Radio Show on Dublin's Country 106.8Fm, wants to immortalize Elvis by producing and writing his own Musical. George has chosen the unique relationship between Elvis and his manager Colonel Tom Parker for the theme and calls the Musical "My Boy Elvis" with the help of Declan Kennedy.

The Musical is a true labour of love and after its launch in Dublin George wants to tour Ireland and Europe. George and Declan have been working on the Show for two years. They have written their own original music and songs. There also will be a selection of Elvis songs in the Musical.
For more information contact George: (353) 01 - 6211314 email: gt@elvis.ie
Premiere: Dublin's Olympia Theatre
October 18th - 19th 2007
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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

The winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Steven Jenkins of Swansea.
She receives a pack of the NEW Elvis playing cards.

Remember, each month a member of the Elvisly Yours Cyber Club will be drawn at random to win an Elvis prize. Get your family and friends to join our FREE Elvis Presley Club. 

They can simply join ONLINE at www.elvisly-yours.com 

Thoughts on "Elvis Week" Memphis 2007
I stopped going to Memphis in January 1993. Elvisly Yours had a warehouse in Memphis from July 1992 but after losing the ridiculous lawsuit against EPE finally in 1991 there did not seem much point maintaining an office there and I decided to stop organizing Fan Club tours after 52 visits to Memphis from England. We shipped all our stock back to England and finally closed our warehouse. The fun had gone out of the "Elvis World" in Memphis as EPE took more and more a hold on "Elvis Week" and destroyed much of the love and spontaneous fun that was shared by so many devoted fans. Each year there were less and less regular Elvis friends that attended Elvis Week as they too became disillusioned. For fans that did not have those early experiences of "Elvis Week" in the 1980's it is hard to explain but here was a feeling of sheer joy, friendship, love with so many events, all unlicensed, many free and you could buy all sorts of memorabilia from hundreds of fan clubs and dealers. The Graceland area was one giant "Elvis flea market".

So what will "Elvis Week" 2007 be like.in three words.a rip off !!! Who would have thought in 1987 for the 10th Anniversary, the first big anniversary since Elvis died that it would cost $250.00 to see an Elvis Concert for so-called VIP seats? There will be no variety of Elvis souvenirs to buy as EPE controls the entire market. There is only ONE independent store in the Graceland area "Boulevard Souvenirs" and that is being forced out of business by EPE after a directive from their stupid management that Elvis licensees cannot supply any store within five miles of Graceland. That ridiculous Soden-inspired directive is against all competition laws in the USA. EPE are being sued for $13 million and $26 million punitive damages. I wonder what Bob Sillerman now thinks about keeping the same EPE Management on the payroll after landing him in a massive lawsuit that they will lose because of the very powerful Anti-Trust Laws in the USA. Boulevard Souvenirs do not rip off the fans;  their prices for exactly the same Elvis memorabilia are a lot cheaper than that of Graceland.

Everything costs for "Elvis Week" and not at cheap prices. It is just the love of Elvis that will make Elvis Week 2007 the biggest ever. Many fans from the 1950s are now too old or dying off and this is their last time to visit Graceland and Elvis Week. Everyone who even touched Elvis' hand once is bringing out a book. There will be so many book signings that you could fill the whole "Elvis Week" by just attending book signings. But, will the fans have any money left for buying books after paying inflated prices for hotels, shows and everything else? People have asked me whether I will be going to Memphis this year for "Elvis Week" and to be honest it is the last place I want to be because having experienced eleven years of wonderful Elvis weeks in the 1980s and early 1990s it will be such a let down with the over-commercialism, the crassness, the fan exploitation of what used to be a beautiful Event. Instead I will be at my shop on August 16th and everyone is welcome to come along and remember MAUREEN. There will be free refreshments, non-stop Elvis music all day and lots and lots of love shared by fans that either cannot afford Memphis or would rather not line the pockets of the EPE Management.

“The 3 Elvises”
The 3 Elvises
Donny Dwight Kraig
For the past three months Elvisly Yours & Global Talent Organisation have been in contact with major promoters around the world to launch a major Elvis Concert Tour called "The 3 Elvises". It will feature three of the world's best Elvis Tribute Artists and the original backing singers for Elvis, a great backing band and superb horn section. The chosen artists are Kraig Parker (70s), Dwight Icenhower (60s) & Donny Edwards (50s). They will all perform together songs from Elvis career and do solos of their chosen era with a grand finale and medley of Elvis' greatest hits. It will be a spectacular show and tour Europe, the Far East, Australia and NZ, the Middle East and hopefully South America from October 2007. By the next Newsletter I should have some of the venues and dates for the World Tour.

Yet again EPE rip-off fans
Uh1 print
Uh1 print $1850 or $4500
Joan Harwood painting
Joan Harwood print less than $6
Another Harwood painting
Another Harwood print less than $6
Elvis 70s Giclee
Elvis 70s Giclee art 36'x24' $140
Elvisly Yours gets information on all sorts of Elvis products. Companies licensed by EPE are continually trying to get us to distribute their products. I tell these companies that we are just not interested as we have been in litigation with EPE, it seems like since the beginning of time. Some of the products offered are an insult to the intelligence of Elvis fans and prices asked something from "cloud cuckoo land". The latest offering is a painting of Elvis by an artist I have never heard of, supposedly famous because he paints "Harleys". His name is David Uhl.

I would like you to compare prices of a Uhl print licensed by EPE and Harley-Davidson and what artwork Elvisly Yours offers. If you have lots of money and no sense you can buy a Uhl framed print for $1,850.00. It measures 24ins x 30 ins and is not the original painting. This is not a limited edition of, say, 10 prints but amazingly 350 prints. If you are even richer and seriously senseless you can buy an over-sized framed print for $4,500.00 (36'x46'). The print is a limited edition of 50 and is signed with a letter of authenticity.wow. Now compare the quality of the art. Maybe it's me but isn't Elvis hair a little too long for 1957 when he moved into Graceland? Did he wear that type of shoe? Isn't there something not quite right about the smile, more a smirk? Did Elvis' left arm look withered in 1957 and was it half the width of his right arm? Did Elvis suffer from jaundice or did he look yellowy-green back then? Sorry, but Uhl does not have a touch on our artwork and we sell at prices fans can afford.yet another rip-off of the fans by EPE.

For a sensible Elvis fan that lives in the States you don't have to waste your money on licensed EPE artworks. Instead you can probably fly to London for about $600.00 on a 'special' airline deal. Visit our Elvisly Yours Store where you can buy our 4 different Elvis giclee artworks at $545.00. That will leave you with enough cash to purchase 122 Elvisly Yours prints by the famous New Zealand artist Joan Harwood. Sadly, we can't ship the artwork to you because of a Federal Injunction against Elvisly Yours by EPE but there is nothing to stop you flying to London and buying our artwork. Why not take in one of the five Elvis theme restaurants in London?.the greatest city on earth!

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Elvisly Yours.the beginning

Elvis Bust
Bust of Elvis our first Elvis producct
First leaflet
First Elvisly mail order leaflet
Elvis plaque
Other sculpture products made
Poster Magazine
Cover of Elvisly Yours poster magazine
Statue in clay
Elvisly Yours statue in clay
Statue after accident 
Elvisly Yours statue damaged
Completed statue
Statue at shop, Sid and Marilyn Monroe
Staue outside shop
Statue outside Elvisly Yours Shop
I met Maureen in 1973 after a teacher's demonstration against Margaret Thatcher who had just abolished milk for school children in the UK. Thatcher was the Minister for Education at the time and the only decent thing she ever did was bringing Maureen and I together. After the demo where all the teachers shouted "Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher!" we went to the local workingmen's club to have refreshments and talk about rotten ol' Maggie. A very pretty girl was serving the rolls and I chatted her up until she gave me her telephone number. Her name was Maureen Bird and she taught at Harlesden Primary School, just a short distance from my school Willesden High. I phoned her and we met for dinner and that was the start of a 34-year love affair and over 30 of those years were to be dominated by our mutual love for Elvis.

I loved teaching but hated the education system and especially my head teacher, Mrs Brown who was just like Mrs Thatcher. When Elvis died I wanted to build a statue in his memory so I started Elvisly Yours. I had bought a house with a friend in Wembley. I sold the house just before the inflation in house prices and moved into Maureen's apartment in 1978. I started Elvisly Yours by making busts of Elvis in our garage. My first employee was Janet Griffiths age 14 (UK actress Jay Griffiths) and she helped me make, paint and antique the plaster busts and plaques. We had many complaints from the downstairs neighbours as the garage was alongside the garden and chalk footsteps were left on the grass. The neighbours moved out thankfully but had reported us to the landlords. Maureen supported me financially during the first two years of Elvisly Yours as it took time to build the business.

August 16th 1978

This was going to be the big day when, with my nephew Erol, we would go down the West End and sell all my busts and plaques of Elvis and to bring in some money to help Maureen pay the bills. Teachers in Britain do not get much money and she had been supporting me for months.

We did not have any permit to sell but just set up our display of Elvis busts and plaques in Leicester Square on a wall expecting to sell out quickly because it was the first anniversary since Elvis died. Alas, no sooner had we set up the display then a person came up to us and said we had taken his 'pitch' and to move. So we packed all the busts in our boxes and found a new location nearby. Every time we found a new location we were told to move on until finally after two hours of moving we thought we had the perfect spot.

A man speaking very quietly and very deliberately explained to me that if I did not pack up and move away completely he would make sure he re-arranged my kneecaps. But he was such a gentleman in his quiet, purposeful manner of speaking that I took his advice and packed up with and went home to tell Maureen the good news. Any setback in those early days was always greeted by Maureen with advice, love and understanding, giving me hope for the next day, next week, month or year. She was my rock, my best friend and was always there for me and me for her through the bad days, the good days and some great days. Even though Jack Soden (EPE) has tried everything to destroy me and my business for all these years Maureen was always supporting me through thick and thin. She hated very few people but one of those was Soden because of the continual pressure he put on me, pressure I could bear but not Maureen. One day he will get his just desserts.

October 1980.lift-off for Elvisly Yours

Elvisly Yours had a very slow start with just a little business coming from small ads in the Melody Maker, NME and Exchange and Mart. From one ad in 1978 we picked up an important German customer whose first order was for £580.00, a lot of money then but in early 1979 he placed an order for almost £7,000.00. This and later orders gave me the cash flow to start publishing magazines. The first Elvisly Yours magazine was a poster magazine in August 1980 but we hit the jackpot with our first 32-page magazine in October 1980, which was the Xmas Edition. It really was a catalogue of Elvisly Yours products with lots of photos of Elvis and some editorial pages. The fans loved it. The buyer for Britain's major magazine distributor W H Smith said it would never sell but that same day he went home to find his son had bought a copy of our un-saleable Elvisly Yours magazine. We printed 30,000 copies and even to this day took more money mail order for Xmas 1980 than any year since. We got thousands of orders. We had enough money to start to finance the cost of the Elvisly Yours life size statue. At last I could treat Maureen to a better life style and bought her a brand new car, a bright yellow Ford Fiesta that I hid in our garage and left clues throughout the apartment until she finally had to go to the garage and find the new car. I was a little disappointed because she was not thrilled at getting a new car; she complained it was not an automatic. You can never please some women, eh? We exchanged it for an automatic Austin Metro. Now she was happy!

The Elvisly Yours Statue.and all the disasters!

A friend of mine had a wonderful sculpture of a chimpanzee holding a human skull while sitting on a pile of books, sort of Darwin in reverse and I always wanted a copy of the sculpture but did not know how to go about making a copy. We searched lists of sculptors in the Yellow Pages and found a sculptor in Newton Road, Cricklewood in Brent. I lived in Newton Road, Wembley also in Brent and thought that was a good omen so we went to his studio. It was like Aladdin's cave with amazing sculptures everywhere.Kennedy, Churchill, the Pope, Bobbie Charlton and many more. The sculptor's name was Jon Douglas and I commissioned him to do the first bust of Elvis. Jon was the sculptor who made our life size Elvis statue. He was 76 when he completed the statue and never got the recognition he deserved. He was one of Britain's best sculptors but was a bit eccentric and did not adhere to the rules and regulations of his peers. He did not 'toe the line' so was shunned and his independent ways lost him recognition in sculptural circles. His statue of Elvis is still the best in the world.

I commissioned Jon Douglas to produce the statue in February 1981 and he wanted three months to complete it giving us enough time to unveil the statue on August 16th 1981. The statue was to be an action pose depicting Elvis in the Aloha Concert standing on songbooks. We had RCA permission to use song titles sculptured on the songbooks. However, I knew Jon was very slow so I had a clause in our contract that is he were late he would have to make a copy of his wonderful "Guy the Gorilla" of London Zoo fame for me. To make the statue Jon built a metal skeleton frame of Elvis and then put clay on the frame. After about ten weeks Jon decided he did not like the stance of the statue and decided to move the legs. But, he forgot there was so much weight in the clay. I got an urgent phone call to rush to his studio and when I arrived Jon was pinned to a table by "Elvis". We tried desperately to move Elvis but the weight of the clay caused the skeleton to snap at the knees and John had to start all over again.

Jon's woes and my worries about having the statue ready in time for the unveiling in September 1981 continued until the very end. Jon had completed the statue in clay and it was magnificent and then he had to make moulds of the different parts of the body. The statue was put together in eight parts. Jon was brilliant in his design. The back and front of the legs were joined by the seam in the trousers and the position of the songbooks for the statue base. The back and front of the torso were joined by the seam in the top of his jumpsuit. He solved the problem of the arms by putting a can of Campbell's soup in each arm to marry the arms to the torso. The head was in two parts and the join was disguised by the hairline.

Then disaster struck. The pressure of taking so long to make the statue meant that Jon became paralysed in his arms. He could not work to complete the statue with two days to go and we had almost 2,000 fans coming to be present at the unveiling and Charlie Hodge had flown in from Los Angeles. Jon's sons and my staff, particularly David Griffiths completed the statue. They were up all night under Jon's instructions putting the statue together. Fans had come in to help with cleaning and polishing, mostly women and. you can guess what part of Elvis' anatomy had the brightest shine.

The trauma still did not end until the very last moment. On the way transporting the statue to the Baronial Suite in the City of London the truck carrying the statue was in an accident. Someone jumped the lights and the truck pulled up sharply. Instead of tying Elvis down fans sat in the back of the truck on and around Elvis. The statue went flying and fans were hurt, one off work for two months. The only damage to the statue was the microphone was bent right back and looked very rude. Jon managed to straighten the microphone before the fans arrived and Charlie finally unveiled "Elvis" on time. We had to run two shows, as the beautiful Baronial Suite was too small for just one show. Some years later I recounted the story of the broken microphone to Elvis' stepbrother Billy Stanley. He told me that Elvis always had problems with microphones at concerts and a cold chill went down my spine. This was our first big Elvis Show and for the following years Maureen was always there to help with the running of the shop and all the preparation that is needed to collate and pack the Elvis memorabilia as we traveled up and down the country. Her assistance was invaluable and took a lot of pressure off me to make sure all the shows ran smoothly. The unveiling of the statue after all the traumas was probably the greatest show we ever promoted. The atmosphere as the curtain rose and revealed the statue was electric and so emotional with all the fans cheering, clapping and crying at the same time. It really was a wonderful experience that I remember until this day. One sad note, the brass plaque I had to commemorate the unveiling was stolen from the Baronial Suite as we had the statue on display there for a few days. If anyone ever shows you a brass plaque of the unveiling of the Elvisly Yours Statue let me know immediately. The person who stole the original miniature of the Elvisly Yours statue on display in  our shop died the following week in a motorbike accident.

I offered a free life size statue to Graceland but Soden said he did not want any Elvis statue at Graceland, he just wanted money.

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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