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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 49



August 2007



In this issue

Elvisly Yours 30th Anniversary   Maureen's Day 2    Elvis Week Reflection  
 Marion Keisker's Great Niece    Elvis v  Beatles    The Presley Prophecy   Memory Lane

Sorry we are a little late, yet again, but it was the 30th Anniversary...enjoy!

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The 30th Anniversary at Elvisly Yours

During Elvis week I gave 50 interviews to the media about our FREE Elvis Street Party outside our shop on Baker Street and the lawsuit I am fighting "Elvis v Beatles".more on the lawsuit later.

In terms of publicity we hit the jackpot, worldwide. We were filmed by CNN, ITN (live), Channel 4 News (live), SKY News (live for 3 hours), BBC World News 24 and Telegraph Internet News. There were photographers from the Press Association, Associated Press, French Press Agency, European Press Agency, Times, Express, Standard, Metro, Telegraph and many other international news and press agencies, other national newspapers and local papers.

At our free Elvis Street Party we had five Elvises singing live. We would like to thank Ian Coulson, the "Geordie Elvis" who supplied the sound and sang his heart out from 11.30am-3.30 pm. He gave his time for free as did Elvis Shmelvis (Martyn Dias), the Sicilian Elvis (Vince), Gary King and his ETA brother Barry with the interesting stage name "Barry Tone" (get it?). We made the New York Times and the London Times. In fact, we made World Television, World Radio and the World's Press.

London Times
New York Times
London Times: Gary King, Geordie Elvis ,
Barry Tone, Elvis Shmelvis
New York Times outside Elvisly Yours:
Sicilian & Geordie Elvises

Since we held a FREE Elvis Street Party with free refreshments all day, in all the interviews I gave I said wouldn't it be nice if Graceland could allow the fans in for FREE on the Anniversary of Elvis' death? For all the years the loyal fans have supported Elvis such a gesture would be appreciated and achieve worldwide publicity. I qualified the statement by saying, "I don't think it will happen in my lifetime". The Party was not just in memory of Elvis but also my wife Maureen who died from cancer on March 27th 2007. The purpose of the Party was to raise money for the "Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre" who were so kind to Maureen during her seven year battle with cancer.

We had dancing in the street and everyone joined in, while we handed out refreshments to the crowds. Instead of a traffic warden giving tickets to the illegally parked television outside broadcast vans she was taking photos of the Elvises while standing alongside the Sky News Van on a 'red route'. Building workers stopped work to watch the party from scaffolding above where there is building works for new apartments. Geordie Elvis threw up a collection box for LJMC and the builders passed it around the floors of the building works. The party lasted from 11.30am until 3.30pm when sadly the rain came down and we had to take in Ian's sound equipment. Thankfully, the rain held out for several hours, considering it has been the wettest summer in British history.

The only disappointment for the day was we only raised 225.39 for LJMC. Some people were very generous and gave 10.00 and one photographer 20.00 but most gave small coins. Considering they got a free party for many hours and many took photos to cherish forever most people were mean. A lot of fans stayed in and watched all the Elvis stuff on TV.it was wall-to-wall Elvis on TV, August 16th. They could have videoed everything and joined us instead but business has been booming ever since at the Elvisly Yours Shop. Lots of new fans have found us after all the publicity we generated for Elvis, even though Elvisly Yours has been in existence 29 years there are still Elvis fans just discovering us.

Maureen's Day 2 changes venue

In our last Newsletter I announced that Maureen's Day 2 would be at the Harlequin Centre in Watford. This was after a meeting with their marketing department who confirmed that we could have the space for our Event on September 14th. However, the meeting took six weeks to set up and I was confronted with the most stringent rules I have ever experienced in all my years of doing promotions all over the world. But, I agreed in writing to all the crazy rules because it was all for Maureen. She always enjoyed shopping at the Harlequin, met her friends there for coffee or lunch and Maureen died just a few hundreds yards from the Harlequin at the Peace Hospice in Watford.

The rules governing Events at the Harlequin Centre are more like those of a Prison Camp or Gulag. Without even phoning me to discuss my proposal a lady called Vikki Sweet, who missed our meeting, wrote to me in a very patronising way stating how wonderful it was to support such a charity but turned down our Event. I think she should change her name to Vikki Sourpuss. She should be a prison guard, not in Marketing. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining and the Trocadero loved the idea of our Event and will totally support us for September 14th.

Maureen's Day 2

My darling Maureen in 1999 before she became ill
Some of the celebrities to be invited, at a previous Elvisly Yours promotion

Our previous Trocadero Event in Piccadilly Circus July 5th 2004

More Elvisly Yours photos - August 16th

Trocadero Centre - Piccadilly Circus

September 14th 2007 - 12pm-4pm

The London Trocadero has kindly agreed to support us September 14th for Maureen's Day 2. The Trocadero is the perfect location for our free party when Elvises and celebrity look-a-likes will entertain the crowds and help us raise money for the "Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre." It is a wonderful shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex in the heart of London. 

Again we have a FREE party with Elvis and Friends. So far look-alikes coming are Ricky Gervais , Sven Goran Eriksson, Diana Ross, Joan Collins and Marilyn Monroe but there will be lots more. We also hope to get lots of Elvises to perform live. They will also be supported by many celebrity look-a-likes giving their time for free to help us raise as much money as possible for a wonderful charity that counsels people suffering from cancer, their family and friends. We need to raise 5,000.00 then LJMC will name a Counseling Room in memory of Maureen at the Cancer Centre, Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood. We are over half way there. All your donations will be gratefully received, especially from fans that knew Maureen or those fans around the world that appreciate the efforts Elvisly Yours have made to keep alive the memory of Elvis.

Marilyn Monroe (Suzie Kennedy) and Diana Ross (Deanne Keane) will be contacting all their celebrity look-a-like friends to encourage as many look-a-likes to attend our party at the Trocadero, right in the heart of London at Piccadilly Circus and  lots of Elvises as well. We are grateful to Jo Wiskin who runs www.lookalikes-unite.com for all her help.

Come on you American fans and friends of Elvis, only three American families have contributed to our Appeal so far:

Donate to LJMC in Maureen's Memory

See y'all at our FREE party, London Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus at 12 noon until 4pm and join in all the fun. It is the only free Elvis & Friends party in town and all in aid of a wonderful cancer charity.


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Reflections on Elvis Week in Memphis

August 2007 will be the last meaningful Elvis week in Memphis with mass crowds of loyal fans. EPE have destroyed all the love, goodwill, spontaneity, fun, comradeship and pure happiness that used to be so much part of Elvis Week in Memphis. Now it is only the almighty DOLLAR $$$$$$$$$$$ that matters.

Jack Soden and his cronies have destroyed the "Elvis Week" we knew and loved and there were thousands like us that have kept away from Memphis. I have been to Memphis from England 53 times; half the time running trips from England and the rest fighting a lawsuit with EPE. But, Maureen and I stopped going to "Elvis Week" in Memphis in 1992. Elvis Week just wasn't fun anymore.it was all controlled by EPE who don't give a damn about Elvis and only care how much money they can make.

I had great hopes when Bob Sillerman took over things would change but they have got worse. He has kept the same megalomaniacs in the same jobs at Graceland even though when he bought the rights to EPE they were $25 million in debt. I know of no other company in the world when there has been a takeover that the CEO has been allowed to keep his job after being so much in debt. Perhaps Bob Sillerman can explain his logic. Perhaps he should look at the bookkeeping since 1982 when the new EPE was formed.

Apart from one of the hottest 'Elvis Weeks' in history with daily temperatures over 100F all the diehard Elvis fans complained about the excessive commercialism of Elvis Week. Some fans had not been to Elvis Week in many years and they will probably never return.

I was often asked by the media why I wasn't in Memphis. Honestly, it was the last place I wanted to be while the same EPE 'jokers' are ruining the Elvis World I loved. I know of no other business that goes out of its way to alienate and aggravate its best customers. By all accounts most loyal Elvis fans boycotted the "official" Graceland stores and instead only bought from the independent 'Boulevard Souvenirs' who have sued EPE for $39 million. I wrote to the owner but, sadly, he never even acknowledged my email and I was willing to offer him and his lawyer any help they needed for free. Having fought EPE for the past 22 years in the US and UK Courts I thought they would want to make contact with me.

Apparently, everything was expensive for every official event. But Bill Burk's lunches just cost $13.00 and you got lots of goodies in the price of a ticket and lunch. Read below my feature why I think Bill Burk should get an Elvis "Medal of Honour". The top price for the Elvis Concert was $250.00. God, Elvis must be turning in his grave. EPE even charged $42.00 to watch Elvis movies and you had to sit on the grass. In Memphis you have horrible little mites that can burrow into your skin when you sit on the grass. I wonder how many lawsuits EPE will face by bitten fans. Elvis would have never agreed to such extortionate pricing, he loved his fans but EPE just want to gouge them.

EPE are killing the goose that lays the golden egg. I guarantee "Elvis Week" 2008 will be a disaster with one of the lowest attendances ever for the commemorations for August 16th with true fans staying away in their thousands. They have had enough and just can't take it anymore. There will be lookers but they do not spend the big bucks like fans. When will Bob Sillerman, normally a genius in business, wake up and realise the Elvis World is special? It needs nurturing, caring for and schmoozing not alienating, aggravating and gouging.

An Elvis Medal of Honour should be awarded to Bill Burk

For thousands of Elvis fans that did not make it to Memphis there was constant news being relayed around the world by Bill Burk's Newsletter, day after day. Many were often sent in the middle of the night, Memphis time. It was the hottest Elvis Week in history with temperatures over 100F every day. Bill had commitments every day up to his ears. He ran two of his special Elvis Week lunches still at the ridiculously low price of $13.00. Perhaps Bill could explain why $13.00, not $12.00 or $15.00? I never had bothered to ask him and 13 has often been unlucky for me. I know the pressure that Bill was under having organised many Events myself. But, somehow, even though he is 59 (I think?), he still got the News out to the Elvis world while giving interviews to TV, radio and press. Bill must have been exhausted with all the Events he attended in stifling heat and I am sure under constant pressure from fans, fan club presidents and the media. All his Newsletters were interesting and painted a vivid picture of Elvis Week in Memphis for the 30th Anniversary.

Such devotion to the Elvis World deserves an "Elvis Medal of Honour". However, I can't see EPE bestowing such a medal on Bill Burk. So we will, instead, make a special Trophy for Bill in recognition of his devotion to Elvis and providing Elvis News to the Elvis World. Details in our next Newsletter. For fans who don't subscribe to Bill Burk's Newsletter apply TODAY:

You can also subscribe to Bill's excellent "Elvis World" magazine now in its 21st year with issue no.86 the next to be published. In issue no.84 Bill very kindly dedicated "Elvis World 84" to my darling Maureen. If you want "Elvis World" magazine email Bill at: beb007@worldnet.att.net Or write: Burk Enterprises, Box 11225, Memphis, TN 38111-0225, USA

During Elvis Week Bill wore one of our Elvisly Yours t-shirts called, "Elvis Lives in Our Hearts" with the Union Jack flag behind a great 50s image of Elvis. He sold lots of his books and magazines to British fans and thinks it must have been the t-shirt.

Behind every great man there is usually a great woman and that woman is Connie Burk who equally deserves praise and credit.

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Uri Gellar Audubon Lawsuit
Uri and Sid
Uri & Sid outside Elvisly Yours

It has been wrongly reported on some Elvis websites that Uri Geller has dropped his case against Hazen and Freeman to get back Elvis' home on Audubon Drive that Uri successfully bid for on eBay. Even though Uri bid the highest, the vendors disgracefully sold the house soon after for apparently $1 million to Mike Curb, a music industry mogul.

When I read these reports I immediately emailed Uri and he came back with a simple reply:

NOT TRUE!! You may tell them so. Much energy Uri.

Uri was heartbroken when he lost the house and will do everything in his power to get it back. He will pursue US lawsuits until he gets justice!!


Marion Keisker's great niece

I get over 10,000 emails a year, mostly asking questions about Elvis from fans, collectors, media, retail and wholesale enquiries, general mail and some are very interesting. Recently, I received an email from the great niece of Marion Keisker, Kristina Dumlao. She thanked me for a feature I had written about Marion when Sam Phillips died. She had "Googled" her aunt's name and found we were no.2 for Marion Keisker. We have such a high Google rating because "Elvisly Yours" is so popular as an Elvis website. She thanked me for the feature that finally gave recognition to her great aunt. I asked permission to feature our correspondence and had wanted her recollections of Marion to share with Elvis fans. To read the original feature click: Elvisly Yours Cyberclub Newsletter 8

Below is our correspondence:

Marion Keisker was my great aunt. I just ran in the Elvis 5k. That and all the past weeks other festivities got me thinking about her. So I Googled her. I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your article ( Aug 1st 2003). She was a wonderful person and lives on in the hearts of those who loved her.

Kristina R. Dumlao
Domestic Engineer
The Dumlao Company

Dear Kristina,
Thank you for your email and it is a pleasure to hear from you as a blood relative of Marion Keisker. The fact that Elvisly Yours is listed 2nd on the Google ratings for Marion Keisker is testament to the popularity of my website, much to the annoyance of EPE who have tried for 25 years to put me out of business, but gloriously failed. I gave them legally a bloody nose in the UK and Elvis is public domain.

I only met Marion once in 1989 and sadly she died the same year. She was a very sweat lady, a real Southern lady but had bitterness towards Sam Phillips who, to me, was a weirdo. I wish I could have spent more time with her, she was a fascinating woman and as an Elvis fan hearing her recount her first meeting with Elvis was one of my highlights in the Elvis World.

I am compiling my next Cyber Newsletter that goes to many thousands of fans worldwide and hundreds of Elvis fan clubs around the world. I would be honoured if you could write a small feature on your recollections of Marion Keisker, your great aunt. Elvis fans never know the truth about Elvis' life and perhaps Marion recounted stories about Elvis that you can share with Elvis fans. If you want to keep your memories private I understand, but if you are willing to share them I and thousands of fans will be delighted. Marion deserves so much more than a footnote in history and perhaps we can start to correct history to give a TRUE account of who discovered Elvis Presley,
Elvisly Yours,


Dear Kristina,
My apologies...your great aunt was sweet...not "sweat"...perhaps she worked out at the gym???

If you can write something for my Newsletter do you have any photos of Marion or you and Marion? I also forgot to say I appreciated the fact that you liked my article. I try to be objective and truthful in my Newsletters. I will send you a copy of my latest Newsletter from July 2007 by seperate email,
Elvisly Yours,


Her at a gym creates a funny picture for me!

I am only 36 so I was 6 when Elvis died. By the time I was old enough to remember she had many other things going on in her life that she shared with me. Her love of fine restaurants and theatre are what my memories consist of. Maybe she was bitter and chose not to dwell on it - or share that neg part of her life with me. She did pride herself in being a "southern lady" and all that that implies. She taught me to use the right fork and to put my napkin on the chair when I excused myself from the table intending to return. I feel as though I had so much more to learn from her when she died - I was a wild teenager and spent time with friends and not family. I didn't realize how much more she could have taught me until I was older and she was gone. I cherish all the childhood memories but that's all I have. Sorry to disappoint you but she did not share that part of her life with me. Sorry for your recent loss. It seems it was quit a big one I would love to get your newsletter - please add me.

Dear Kristina,
I am intrigued by your title..."Domestic Engineer" a term I have not heard before in the Britain. I have tried looking it up on Google and Ask and the best definition I can find is a "housewife":

1. Domestic Engineer

a term for a housewife or stay at home mom.

Since you have a company that definition can't be right unless you have a very dry humour, so please explain your vocation,

Elvisly Yours,


P.S. Hope you find a photograph with your aunt...if not, I will use this image below I found on the Internet:

Elvis old pic

It is currently 100+ degrees here and my attic feels about 500 degrees! I have been up twice and have not found the correct box. I will go up one more time tonight. Otherwise use this one I like it!

I am a stay-at-home mom, with a dry sense of humor, that got tired of people thinking I sat on the sofa all day eating bon-bons! I wanted a title so here it is! My company is my last name - just for added fun.

Kristina R. Dumlao
Domestic Engineer
The Dumlao Company

Elvis v Beatles

Sadly, I will be back in Court for a Trial that is completely unnecessary but one that I have to fight to get my next-door 'neighbour from hell', the London Beatles Store, out of the basement of the Elvisly Yours Shop.

Because Maureen was so ill last year and I had to neglect business to care for her I allowed my next door neighbour, Howard Cohen, owner of the Beatles Store to rent the basement of our shop on a temporary basis. Before the rental agreement we had been friends, although Maureen never wanted him there and she was always right about people, but it helped pay the bills. The Agreement clearly stated it was temporary and any renewal would be subject to him complying with all the terms. But, he broke many of the terms and we wrote in October 2006 asking him to get out of the basement by the end of the year. He never responded and he would hide whenever we saw him. Again in January we wrote demanding he leave our basement and set up a meeting, coincidentally on Valentine's Day, with his lawyer. Even though Maureen was very ill she came to the meeting asking him to leave our basement.

Again he never responded and I was too upset over Maureen's illness and caring for her day and night until she died to pursue the matter. After Maureen died I had a meeting with Cohen in April asking him to leave. I had negotiated all leases, all legal matters and handled all problems for the joint lease we share for both shops. We pay one-third the market rate for rent because of my negotiation skills and that of my solicitors,  yet, rather than being grateful Cohen has acted disgracefully by refusing to move. So I tried to get an Injunction to get him out before August 16th. I failed to get the Injunction but there will be a full Trial October 23rd in the Central London County Court.

We had great plans for our Elvis shop but the week we signed the lease in March 2000 Maureen was diagnosed with cancer. All our plans I want to now fulfil in memory of Maureen,  including Elvis Karaoke tours of London with fans waiting in the basement for the buses having coffee, watching DVDs and chatting.

Cohen supposed to pay rent and rates to me. He deceitfully went behind my back and paid the landlord direct without giving me copies of the joint rent invoices. Neither would the landlord give me copies of the invoices for 11 months and none since September 2006. The only joint invoice I received from Cohen in 20 months was sent to me just 12 hours before Maureen died, even though he knew Maureen was dying. All will be revealed at Trial.

In a witness statement Cohen stated he had nowhere to keep his Museum artefacts if was evicted. But, he just opened a new rock 'n' roll shop on Baker Street opposite me and he is selling Elvis souvenirs. Click the links for some of the publicity:

Jailhouse Ruck   ELVIS SUES THE BEATLES   Elvis fan fails in Beatles ban    Battle royale (even in Malaysia)


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The Presley Prophecy
Elvis Prophecy
The Presley Prophecy cover
Allan Morrison

Allan Morrison traced the roots of Elvis' ancestry to a village called Lonmay in Aberdeenshire in Scotland and has now written a book about his research. It is based on fact but essentially it is a book of fiction. You can't judge a book by its cover, but this cover is great and it looks like one of Elvis' ancestors really was a true Scot with his tartan and kilt. Allan discovered the Presley line of the family originated in Scotland and were forced to flee the country because of religious persecution and sailed to South Carolina.

Allan only sent me a copy of the book last week and I have not had the time to read it yet, but I will hopefully provide a review in my next Newsletter. You can order the book online from the Internet publishers LULU.

The MP for the Aberdeen area is Alex Salmond and I met him at Parliament to discuss setting up an Elvis based tourist industry in the Lonmay area. There could be an Elvis Museum of the Presley ancestry, local Elvis themed hotels, Elvis themed pubs and Elvis souvenir shops. He loved the idea and spoke to local businessmen and the Scottish Tourist Office. I said I would be happy to meet the Tourist Office at no cost to them if they could pay my train fare and hotel. They refused to pay my expenses and expected me to go all the way to North Scotland at my own expense when I was already giving my time for free. There is high unemployment in the region and with a small investment a whole new Elvis industry could have been established giving a boost to employment and the tourist industry.

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Reaching the 50th Newsletter

The next Newsletter will be no.50. Sadly, somehow Newsletters 1-3 have gone to Cyber Heaven and have been lost from my computer systems. I am useless with computers and have often deleted important files and emails and it seems our first three Newsletters. I have always tried to be as honest and truthful about events in the Elvis World and regularly criticised the antics of EPE. I wish more fans and fan clubs would be more open about their criticism of EPE. The vast majority just moan and groan to each other instead of openly attacking EPE and so encourage change and a more positive approach to the wishes and desires of fans in the Elvis World. I thought it would be interesting for this feature I have called "Going Down Memory Lane" to highlight my favourite features over the past four and a half years. But there are so many that I will have to run them over the next few Newsletters.

Celebrating Elvis' 68th birthday on January 8th 2003
at the Elvisly Yours shop in London!

Outside Shop

It was January 8th 2003 and we were promoting our online service to apply for the Elvisly Yours Credit Card. There was Elvis, Ali G, Diana Ross, Joan Collins, Frankie Howard, our Elvis statue with a scarf, Sherlock Holmes and Marilyn Monroe.all freezing to death. What a great photo!!

UK citizens only can apply online for the Elvisly Yours credit card by clicking: Apply online NOW!

My favourite photo of Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie

This photo appeared in Beth Pease's Graceland News in 1983 with Lisa as Orphan Annie. I expect Beth got the photo from Jimmy Velvet who has,iIt seems, hundreds of Elvis family photographs from Graceland.

King and Queen Magazine

King and Queen Cover

June 2nd 2003 was the 50th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Celebrate this wonderful achievement with our most infamous magazine issue of the King and Queen.

The "King and Queen" magazine was banned in Britain in 1981. No newsagent would stock the magazine and no newspaper would even allow us to even advertise the magazine. We sent a copy to the Queen and she did not complain and probably gave a small chuckle but the news trade were very upset. They thought it was in bad taste to depict the Queen of England 'cheek to cheek' with Elvis Presley. We had to change the cover of the magazine using a photo of Elvis from 'Kid Gallahad' . There is a limited stock of this unique magazine!

Serious collectors item 15.00 + p&p Buy Now


This story has been told before, but it never ceases to intrigue, so for those who have not heard it, it is well worth telling again. It comes from our good friend Sid Shaw, Elvisly Yours in London, who is a champion of Elvis and has fought many battles on his behalf.

To cut a long story short, way back in about 1980, Sid commissioned an Elvis statue to be made, and after it was unveiled by Charlie Hodge in 1981, found that he had no home for it as no museums wanted to take it for FREE. So the Elvis statue had several temporary homes, including the big pop radio station in London called "Capital Radio, and later the "Mall Galleries" near Buckingham Palace. They were a little early to deliver the statue, so while waiting for the galleries to open, Sid thought it would be nice to take a few pictures of the KING at the PALACE!!

Sid telephoned one of the big newspapers, the "Daily Mirror" and they took pictures of our Elvis at Buckingham Palace.

Sid had driven up in his van with his staff, and the sculptor, and unloaded the KING for some snaps. The Police went mad!! (It was shortly after a man called Michael Fagan had broken into the Palace and sat on the Queen's bed chatting to her).

So the Police were very nervous about security, and there was Sid and friends, with a life size Elvis statue outside the gates. As it turned out, Sid wasn't quite arrested but certainly manhandled and dragged by a Policeman (6ft. 6ins tall), to the statue and was screamed at impolitely ...... "geddit outta here!".
As Sid later quipped, the Police marked the Elvis statue: "Return to Sender!"
Don't you just love this gem of a story! We can't help wondering whether her Majesty was looking out of her window that day, and if so, why she did not rush down to the gate to invite Sid and "the King" in for tea, it would have been the polite thing to do!

We would like to know more about the sculptor and who he was, how long it took to complete, and what the statue is made of. We understand the statue is now enjoying celebrity status in the Elvisly Yours shop, 233 Baker Street, London. On the other side of the road is the famous Madame Tussauds waxworks, the country's biggest tourist attraction, and on the other side is number 221B, the residence of Sherlock Holmes, probably the world's most famous detective.

Susan Brennan-Hodgson,

Outside the palace

Special thanks to Susan and Roy of New Zealand for permission to reproduce this article.

Probably one of my favourite stories of all in my Newsletters is my exposure of Gary Hovey who has destroyed hundreds of Elvis Projects. He did not allow "Top of the Pops" to use the clip of Elvis singing the 1,000th no.1 UK Single "One Night". I believe Hovey is still on the payroll even though he has cost EPE $millions in lost royalties.

Gary Hovey Wanted Poster

Probably very few people have ever heard of Gary Hovey but I hope every Elvis fan in the world will now know about him. He is married to Priscilla Presley's sister Michelle and is Lisa Marie's uncle. He would have been Elvis' brother-in-law. For some unknown reason he was given the job of handling Elvis' music. All I had previously heard about him is apparently he was a used car salesman. But now he has destroyed probably hundreds of Elvis Shows. Hovey has cost his niece, Lisa Marie and other music copyright holders, $millions in lost revenue because of his arrogance, stupidity and rejection of so many Elvis Events and Shows. He is living proof Elvis is dead. Could you imagine what Elvis would have done to him after stopping so many productions bringing Elvis' music to his fans?

Hovey threatens, intimidates and harasses so many fan clubs, promoters and impersonators that Elvis Show after Show has been cancelled. We are not just talking about small Elvis fan club conventions; he has stopped and seriously affected major productions. The greatest honour for Elvis would have known his music was turned into a ballet, "The King".

The man who is killing Elvis' Music
around the world

The ballet's producer is Peter Schaufuss and he was knighted in Denmark. His ballet is the greatest Elvis Presley Show I have ever seen but I have only managed to see the entire production on video because of Hovey. Peter had to cancel a production in Edinburgh and to rewrite the Sadler's Wells ballet in London because Hovey refused him rights to use key Elvis songs that were fundamental to the beautiful story portrayed in the ballet. Peter went to Los Angeles to meet this megalomaniac, apparently offered him 15% of the box office for song rights but was completely rejected. When asked whether he could leave a video of the ballet Hovey told him not to bother. Sadly, only a few thousand people have seen the original and complete ballet in Denmark. The WORLD is denied seeing such a moving, dramatic and wonderful theatrical and musical experience, all because of one stupid man, given such an important job because he is brother-in-law of Priscilla Presley.

Now there is even worse news. Hovey has denied "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" the right to use the theme song from the film and other Lieber and Stoller hits. It seems Lieber and Stoller, such great songwriters, do not have the balls to stand up to Hovey. Again, Lisa Marie will lose huge income and the World will be a poorer place because the producers of the Musical have to substitute other Elvis songs that have no relevance to rock 'n' roll. The Show will still be GREAT but the World will be denied seeing "Jailhouse Rock" performed live on stage in "Jailhouse Rock the Musical".

To me great music is one of the wonderful attributes of humanity. Music and particularly Elvis' music brings a joy to life, hope, enlightenment and spiritual awareness. Just imagine what life would be without music. Try to imagine what your life, dear reader, would be like without Elvis. To deny brilliant producers, directors, choreographers, designers and singers the right to use Elvis' Music is a "crime against humanity". All Elvis wanted to do was to entertain, to make people forget about their problems and be moved by his beautiful voice, a gift from God, to a greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Hovey is destroying Elvis' music legacy and is a disgrace. By banning Elvis' music he is denying the World a quality of humanity which relieves stress and encourages feelings of goodwill, tenderness, kindness and love. I just hope that Lisa Marie reads this article and fires her uncle, Lieber and Stoller get some balls or the media expose this arrogant twerp!

Definition of 'twerp': silly, stupid or contemptible person.

*Definition of 'humanity' from "Webster's English Dictionary": 1. The quality of being human; the peculiar nature of man, by which he is distinguished from other beings. 2. Mankind collectively; the human race. 3. The quality of being humane; the kind feelings, dispositions, and sympathies of man; especially, a disposition to relieve persons or animals in distress & to treat all creatures with kindness and tenderness. 4. Mental cultivation; liberal education.

The pleasure provided by music is a very important characteristic of humanity (my words).This article has been written without informing the producers of "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" and its purpose is to expose Hovey to the Elvis World and international media so that hopefully he does not try to ruin any more exciting Elvis Presley productions.

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