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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 50



October 2007



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Welcome to the 50th Elvisly Yours Cyber Newsletter. It is probably the most read of any Elvis Newsletter in the Elvis World, as it hold no punches.Enjoy!

In this issue

Elvis v Beatles   Maureen's Day 2    Welcome Ian Coulson  
 Elvis is back at no.1    A Presley has left the building?    Memory Lane

Sorry I had to miss last month's Newsletter. With the 30th Anniversary being so busy, organising 'Maureen's Day 2' and my lawsuit Elvis v Beatles I have only just managed to recover physically and emotionally and start to rebuild "Elvisly Yours".

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Elvis v Beatles

Sid and Ian
Sid & Ian outside the court
Worldwide media coverage

A legal battle between an Elvis Presley fan and a Beatles fan has ...
BBC News, UK

'We can work it out,' decide Elvis and Beatles shop owners in London .
The Canadian Press

Elvis devotee takes care of business

Elvis impersonator tells Beatles imitator 'Get Back to Where You ...
Daily Mail all 107 news articles

August 16th 2007 was the biggest event in Elvis history since Elvis died. For months there had been a gradual build up in the media to the big day. It should have been the busiest time ever for Elvisly Yours. I had arranged to have five Elvises giving a free street party outside Elvisly Yours. I should have been doing deals with papers and TV Channels to have Elvis "Readers Offers". I should have been selling to chain stores and fan clubs around the world. Instead I was forced to be in Court four times trying to evict my next-door neighbour, the Beatles Shop, from my basement.

I had allowed the Beatles Shop to use the basement when Maureen was ill, as I had to take so much time off work. We had a signed Agreement but the owner, Howard Cohen, broke most terms of the Agreement and we asked him to leave December 31st 2006. He refused and kept on refusing, even after Maureen died. So I took him to Court, but I failed to get an Injunction to have him vacate my basement before August 16th. Not only was it very damaging to business, but also I named August 16th "Maureen's Day 1". I wanted to honour Maureen with a Tribute to her in the basement featuring displays of photographs, certificates and awards, cards we exchanged. We were also fund-raising for the "Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre" in Maureen's memory. The Judge ordered a speedy Trial and I was back in Court October 23rd with two witnesses, Ian Coulson the Geordie Elvis and Eileen Weston, an old friend who until recently worked for Elvisly Yours. I had dispensed with a solicitor and only used a barrister.

It was an amazing scenario in the Court with the Judge something akin to a rottweiler. He said he would refuse my damages for loss of profits not being able to run "Elvis Karaoke Tours" of London. He said the two sides must sort it out and save having to go through a tedious Trial. In Britain it is very difficult to get damages for loss of profits. The two barristers got into a huddle and about an hour later I was happy with the settlement reached. Cohen had already moved out on September 11th but I pursued him for legal costs and other damages, to stock and equipment.

I can now get on with the rest of my life and start to rebuild Elvisly Yours and we are in negotiations with Bus Companies to start "Elvis Karoake Tours" of London with Geordie Elvis helping to launch the unique Elvis Karaoke Tours. We will announce details on our website and the next Newsletter.no more boring tours of London, you can take an Elvis Tour!

Maureen's Day 2

I hope to raise 5,000.00 for the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre to have a "Counselling Room" named in memory of Maureen who was probably one of Britain's best ever counsellors. I always found it amazing that especially women would meet Maureen for the first time and within minutes tell her all their problems and their life story. Maureen had this unique gift.she could listen.

On September 14th 2007 with the support of lookalikes-unite there were ten Celebrity Lookalikes and six Elvises outside the London Trocadero, in memory of Maureen, helping to raise money for the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre. It was a great day and at 12 noon we released 34 balloons to heaven, one for each year Maureen and I were together. The Party then started with Elvises and look-alikes taking it in turns to sing and collect money from the gathering crowds. I had a one day contract with the Trocadero to put on the Event, had got 5 million public liability insurance, but unfortunately the Trocadero Security had not informed the local police about our Event. Westminster Council officials and local community police kept on stopping the Party and this affected our fund-raising. I wrote to the Chief of Police, Sir Ian Blair, to work with the Police to help us raise more money for LJMC. It has been passed on to Inspector Rob Nanasi of the Central London Police Station. His wife died of cancer in January, also because of NHS neglect. His first blind date was at my old Youth Club, Brady and there were many other coincidences. He said he would help us to work with the police for another fund-raising event.

David Brent and Debbie Harry
Elvis Tributes

I would like to thank all the Elvises for their support: Ian Coulson, Gary King, Sicilian Elvis, German Elvis, Jasper Roberts and Lee Jackson.
Special thanks go to Jo Wiskin the CEO of lookalikes-unite and Deanne Keanne Diana Ross, Barbara Kealey Joan Collins, Michelle Hendricks Blondie, Terri Pace Kylie Minogue, Suzie Kennedy Marilyn Monroe, Derek Williams Sven Goran Eriksson, Tim Oliver Ricky Gervais, Shad Ellis Will Smith, Nigel Wright Joe Pasquale, and Bob Lucas Billy Connolly. The Elvises and Celebrity lookalikes gave their services for free and paid their own expenses to be at the Trocadero. Gary King and his wife Sue provided the sound equipment. I must also thank the Trocadero for providing their venue and staff for free.

See the Elvisly Yours website for many more photos: Maureen's Day 2 at the Trocadero and please donate to LJMC in Maureen's memory, simply click Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre online or by UK cheque or dollar check.

Elvisly Yours welcomes Ian Coulson (Geordie Elvis)

Ian Coulson
Ian Coulson and Emma 

I am pleased to announce that Ian Coulson (Geordie Elvis) has joined Elvisly Yours to help organise "Elvis Karaoke Tours" of London and act as my general assistant. For our overseas subscribers a "Geordie" is a person from the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area of NE England with a very distinctive accent.

Ian has resigned his job as a Care Worker at Camden Council in London after ten years. He will work with Elvisly Yours during the week and perform Elvis gigs on the weekends. He has been an ETA for five years and got much more involved as a tribute singer after the Elvisly Yours promotion for the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll on July 5th 2004. We had 50 Elvises on two double-decker buses singing Elvis songs in London and a Contest to find the best Elvis and Ian made the finals. He regularly would visit me and Maureen in our Elvis Shop. Since Maureen died Ian has been extremely kind giving his time and use of his sound equipment for "Maureen's Day 1" and sang on "Maureen's Day 2". Maureen always liked Ian and so so did I and thought he would be perfect for the 'Elvis Karaoke Tours'. Prior to the 30th Anniversary I asked Ian to join me and after discussing it with his partner Marilyn he agreed. He has been helping part-time, working off his notice with Camden. We have already contacted bus companies and there is a lot of interest and we hope to have the first "Elvis Karaoke Tour" running in the build-up to Christmas. We will keep you informed on our website and Newsletters.

Ian was magnificent on August 16th entertaining the crowds all day outside the Elvisly Yours Shop with four other Elvises until the rain came down. He was filmed and interviewed by five TV crews and had his photo taken by the world's press, making the London Times as well as New York Times. He has a powerful voice and a great personality and his audiences love him.


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The BBC Best ELVIS ???

The pre-production auditioning of the Elvis contestents was by all accounts extremely amateur. A production company organised the show and some of the best Elvis Tribute Artists in Britain did not stand a chance. The sound system was terrible according to many reports. The changing room for dozens of Elvises was tiny. It wasn't even a changing room, just a back office with a partition. God knows how some of the finalists were chosen? Many of these great British Elvises were asked by their regular customers why they did not make the finals. It seemed the producers wanted to make it more international so rejected the best Britain had to offer and I know a lot of very upset ETAs in Britain. Having supported ETAs for 30 years and done more to promote Elvis in the UK than anyone I was not even invited to see the final.

Sure, the production company wanted me to give them my contacts all over the world, be at their beck and call whenever they needed help, but all for nothing. They made me an offer I could refuse. The actual shows were much better than the pre-production but the choice of judges was bizarre. I invited Joe Esposito to Britain twice and on each occasion he said he did not want to be near any Elvis Tribute Artists. Having worked with Elvis for so many years he did not want his photo taken with an ETA. He gave me the impression he hated them and here he was on BBC raving over some of the Elvises.what hypocrisy. Why was Suzie Quattro chosen and that choreographer guy? Why not Tim Rice, Jonathan Ross, Cat Deeley, Rachel Weisz, all big Elvis fans?

Where were Doug Church, Dwight Icenhower, Donnie Edwards, Ryan Pelton, Kraig Parker, Elvis Shelvis, Ian Coulson, Gary King? All were worthy finalists. Shawn Klush was by far the best finalist but he is not the best Elvis in the World and you cannot compare 50s, 60s and 70s Elvises. There should have been three categories. It is amazing how many people who are not Elvis fans that watched the final. Family and friends are still talking about the Contest. To have the general public talking about Elvis must be good for Elvis and to me, ETAs do a good job keeping alive the memory of Elvis. As Ian Coluson said after one of his recent gigs, he was told a lady was so enthused by his performance she got up and danced for the first time in 20 years and that is great and what Elvis was all about.

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Elvisly Yours products are doing so well in the shops that our licensees want to produce more Elvis products. There are some great, new designs for magnets, boxed coasters sets and a fabulous boxed Elvis mug. In the UK you will find Elvisly Yours memorabilia in Tesco, ASDA, Clintons, Debenhams, Halfords, Virgin Stores, Calendar Club, on Bid-Up TV, in mail order catalogues such as Express Gifts. In the period July-September, before major Christmas trade, the "Elvis Talking Clock" has sold nearly 10,000 units in just the UK alone. Tens of thousands of Elvisly Yours calendars have been sold as well. The new products will be available from January 2008 and will be sold through our shop and website and in major chain stores.

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Next year I hope to license many more companies to produce Elvisly Yours products. EPE brag they turn down 98% of all approaches for licenses for Elvis products. Providing the products are tasteful, well-designed and interesting Elvisly Yours can license many of those companies wanting to market Elvis memorabilia, outside the USA.

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Coutesy of Forbes Magazine

Even in death, there can only be one King. Reclaiming his top spot on the list is Elvis Presley, whose Estate generated $49 million in the past year. CKX Entertainment, the publicly traded firm which presides over the bulk of the Elvis empire (daughter Lisa Marie Presley retains a 15 percent stake) announced a massive overhaul of Graceland this summer, marking the 30th anniversary of the The King's death. Among the changes are a new hotel convention center, a state-of-the-art multimedia museum and a new, spiffier visitor's center.

The plans are already paying off: Revenues from Graceland were up 15 percent this year, to $35 million. And that doesn't include royalties generated from Elvis music, DVDs and licensing deals like the one struck with Cirque du Soleil for an Elvis-themed revue in Las Vegas.

John Lennon jumps from the No. 4 spot last year to second place this year, with earnings estimated at $44 million. In February, the Beatles settled a 15-year battle with Apple Inc. over the company's decision to get into the music business. (The Beatles' commercial interests are overseen by a firm called Apple Corps.) Two months later, the band settled another long-standing dispute with its record label EMI over alleged unpaid royalties. The settlements, which are believed to have exceeded $100 million, also buoyed the income of the other deceased Beatle, George Harrison, who placed No. 4 on this year's list, with earnings estimated at $22 million.

Earnings for top dead celebrities were evaluated for the period between October 2006 and October 2007. That ruled out recently departed superstars like Luciano Pavoratti, who passed away in September. The bulk of his earnings during our time frame, we determined, were made while he was living.

Newcomers to the Dead Celebrities list include "King of Cool" Steve McQueen ($6 million) and the "Godfather of Soul" James Brown ($5 million). Rapper Tupac Shakur rejoins the list with $9 million - he debuted back in 2002, before falling off - following the sale of catalog rights in May for upward of $5 million. Over a decade after his unsolved 1996 murder in a drive-by shooting, Tupac remains a hot commercial property. Said to be in development are a Tupac biopic, videogame and - gasp! - Broadway show.

While royalties have long been a staple source of income for the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities, who collects them has now become a hotly debated issue in the entertainment community.

Anna Strasberg, widow of famed acting coach Lee Strasberg, inherited the bulk of the Marilyn Monroe Estate from her late husband. Two years ago, she sued two photo agencies run by heirs of Monroe photographers for licensing images without her permission. (One, Sam Shaw, shot the iconic picture of Monroe over a subway grate for The Seven Year Itch.) Strasberg claimed that the images were part of Monroe's intellectual property and therefore only her heirs should profit.

But in May, both a California and New York court ruled against her, claiming that the concept of a post-mortem right of publicity did not exist until legislation to that effect passed in 1984, so Monroe could not have bequeathed them at the time of her death. (That law, dubbed The Dead Celebrities Act, grants posthumous rights for 70 years.) Those decisions pave the way for other firms to license Monroe images without cooperation from her estate.

That has made celebrities who died before 1984 fair game for licensing deals without the permission of their heirs. In early October, California passed a bill that effectively overrides the recent court decisions and grants posthumous publicity rights to celebrities who died pre-1984 to their heirs. It's still unclear what the net effect of the legislation will be on the disputed Monroe images.

Of course, in the UK, because of my landmark victory in the High Court and Court of Appeals in 1997 and 1999 Elvis Presley is public domain and other famous dead celebrities. The Appeal Court Judges ruling means even living stars do not own their own name and likeness.


Barbara Lee Rowe is a cousin of Elvis on the Presley and Hood sides of the family. She is fascinated with the history of the Presleys and has devoted many years to its study. She is now probably one of the world's leading experts on Presley genealogy.

To share her love of Elvis and the family history of the Presleys she opened a store in Gettysburg, PA in 2006. It's called the "Kin of Rock and Roll" but sadly it may be forced to close because she has had little support from Elvis fans in America or from around the world. Elvis fans have visited the store but few have bought her Elvis and historical memorabilia. The only way Barbara Lee can keep such a wonderful store open is if fans visit either visit her store and buy memorabilia or purchase memorabilia by mail order. Click on her online store to order today: Online Store .

Many diehard Elvis fans hate EPE and have stopped buying from them so why not buy your memorabilia from the "Kin of Rock and Roll" and you will be helping to preserve the history of the Presleys in the USA. Please pass this Newsletter on to fan clubs in the States and around the world. Why don't US fan clubs try something different and organise bus tours to Gettysburg for an Elvis Day or Elvis Weekend. Barbara Lee will organise Elvis Events in Gettysburg, invite guest speakers and she can pass on her wealth of knowledge about the Presleys. Check out her fabulous website:


Better still visit
The Kin of Rock and Roll
777 Baltimore St, Suite 103
Gettysburg, Pa 17325

This wonderful store deserves the support of Elvis fans and fan clubs in America and around the world. It is the most unique Elvis Store in the world and it would be scandalous if Barbara Lee had to post notices announcing "A Presley Store Has Left The Building". The Elvis World can be wonderfully supportive and now is the time to support Barbara Lee Rowe, a true Presley, who wants to preserve American history, a bit of Presleyana. Write to Barbara Lee elviscousin@comcast.net and tell your fan club members, friends and family to write offering their support. What Barbara Lee is doing is something EPE should have done years ago but EPE don't care and Barbara Lee does care as a Presley and as a huge Elvis fan. You should email or call Barbara Lee before visiting the store in the winter months. It is open long weekends until 6pm but closed during the week, except by appointment. Telephone: 1-240-344-5950

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In the last Newsletter to celebrate the 50th Elvisly Yours Cyber Newsletter I started the "best of Elvisly Yours Memory Lane" and here are some more gems from the Elvis World I have cherished for 30 years.

Screaming Lord Sutch

Lord Sutch
Screaming Lord Sutch: Britain's longest-serving party leader
Sutch and Sid
Lord Sutch and Sid (Chesterfield by-election) March 1984
Jon Douglas with clay model of Elvis
Charlie & Elvis' Statue before
unveiling, note bent mic
Statue Unveiling in 1982
could not resist this photo with Elvis' wonderful Aunt Lorraine, Beth Pease and me at a Halloween party in Memphis after one or two Long Island Teas.
Another Memphis Party presenting Soden with a replica of the Elvisly Yours Statue. Soden was strictly into whiskies. Joni (Soden), George Klein, Alan Fortas (deceased), Bill Burk, Beth Pease, Jim Kingsley (deceased), Memphis, October 1982
Aunt Loraine, Memphis Airport where she greeted our fan club.

We had the pleasure of being friends with David Sutch who legally changed his name to "Lord David Sutch". He added "Screaming" because that is what he did as a singer.he mostly screamed but his bands he produced great rock 'n' roll. I met David at the 'Butlins Festival of the Sixties" at Barry Island, South Wales in October 1983 where I had a pop shop. He was the consummate rocker from the 60's and was always on the bill for any 60's Show in Britain and Europe.

I shook his hand and thanked him for all the pleasure he brought me and millions in the UK and around the world for his political antics. Screaming Lord Sutch was the founder and leader of the "The Official Monster Raving Loony Party" from the 1960s and stood in many by-elections and General Elections in the UK where he would stand against whoever was Prime Minister at the time of the Election. David was the quickest witted person I had ever met and immediately said "the next time there is a by-election why don't you stand for the Elvis Presley Party"? I took his advice on March 1st 1984 when a parliamentary seat became vacant in Chesterfield, a small mining town in the north of England. Chesterfield's main claim to fame is it has a church in the centre of town with a crooked spire, caused by a fire in the 19th century. You think your eyes are deceiving you, but it is bent and crooked.

It was the first test of Thatcher's new Government after the Falklands War. She had wanted to put the deposit to stand for an Election from 150.00 to 1,000.00. The famous politician Tony Benn was contesting the seat after he lost in the General Election when the Tories changed boundaries for electoral seats. Britain is a nation of eccentrics and sure enough with all the publicity the by-election was causing there were 17 candidates. There was the "Official Acne Party" but Sutch said he hadn't spotted him. Then, the "4-Wheel Drive Party", the "Peace Party" whose leader was very belligerent etc. Maureen wasn't very happy with me standing in Chesterfield but I tried to explain it was for a lot of fun and politicians should be brought down to earth. Sid and Sutch hoped to liven up the people of Chesterfield and so we did.

Our first Press Conference was different. We invited the Press and charged them just 1p a pint for beer. We were told we could not make the beer free as it is a criminal offence to ply votes with liquor. The media could not asked any questions but we asked them questions about Elvis and if they got a question right they won an Elvis gift. The next Press Conference was even more unique. It was the world's first Party Political Press Conference in a "fish and chips shop". We held up codpieces for Thatcher's emasculated Cabinet, said we would ban all fish except for "rock" and maybe some "sole" and so it went on.laugh after laugh. We were on TV news every night although I have never seen the film footage from the fish and chips shop. The Tories invited us to tea, the Liberals to coffee and the Labour Party for a pint. Everyone wanted our stickers, badges and manifestos.

On Election night Sutch told me to stand one side of Benn and he would stand the other and sure enough our photos were beamed around the world when Benn was announced the winning candidate. A friend was in Copenhagen in a bar and glanced over to the TV to see me grinning from ear to ear wearing my VOTE ELVIS t-shirt. It was a great experience and one even Maureen eventually cherished although she did not go to Chesterfiled. Years later she made two photo magnets of me and Sutch that have been on the fridge for years.

Sadly, David took his own life. He was a manic depressive unbeknown to nearly all his friends. One day I will recount the reasons for his death in my autobiography. Sutch did not know how much he was loved. He was one of Britain's great comics and brought fun into British politics for 35 years, a true eccentric. Many of Sutch's manifesto ideas over the years were brought into law, eg lowering the voting age, commercial radio stations, passports for pets.

Spooky Elvis Happenings

Over the years I have experienced some strange Elvis happenings with Elvis Shows I have promoted using our life size bronze statue of Elvis. It started with the making of our life size statue when Jon Douglas, the sculptor, tried to change the stance of Elvis. It ended up with the weight of the clay (used in the sculpting) force the metal skeleton to snap at the knees. Jon had called me in a panic and I went to his studio to help him, only for Elvis, in clay, to collapse in our arms so he had to start all over again sculpting the statue.

Jon became paralysed in his hands and could not complete the statue. It was in eight pieces the night before the unveiling. My staff and Jon's sons put Elvis together under Jon's instruction. Then, the truck carrying the statue to the unveiling ceremony was in an accident and people sitting in the back of the truck were injured but the only damage to the statue was the microphone was bent back.

Elvis always had problems at concerts with his microphones. At the second ceremony for the unveiling the sound broke down and the song, American Trilogy (played for the unveiling) could not be finished. The next show, when we took the statue for the first time out of London to Leicester, the truck carrying it broke down. Then, the sound system broke down as Charlie made his grand entry at De Montford Hall, Leicester. To add to the trauma, there was a snowstorm that day and many fans got stuck in snowdrifts trying to get to the show. For the next show ,when we again took the statue, the sound engineer had a breakdown and got to the show very late, so we had no sound for over an hour.

There followed another breakdown in our company van when we took the statue to Birmingham for the Gift Show. This really was self-inflicted because I put diesel in the van instead of petrol and it took four hours to clear the tank. When I drove my car outside my old shop in Shoreditch and the car was in line with the position of the statue inside you heard a loud buzzing sound on the radio. If you drove a foot either side of the position of the statue the buzzing immediately stopped.

I discovered this when I was driving up to my shop listening to an interview of Larry Geller on the Gloria Hunniford Show. As I parked outside my shop and was in line with the statue the buzzing started and only stopped when I moved the car and this continued forever. Again this happens at my shop in Baker Street.

One matter that wasn't spooky but very upsetting was the theft of the official brass plaque made for the unveiling ceremony. I had specially commissioned a brass plaque to be permanently by the statue giving the time, place and date of the unveiling by Charlie Hodge in London. Because it was so hectic for days after the unveiling I did not have time to have the plaque screwed to the floor or wall and just left it alongside the statue. It was stolen from my shop just a couple of days after the unveiling. A fan stole the brass plaque and has kept it in his/her collection. If you know of anyone who has such a brass plaque commemorating the unveiling of the "Elvisly Yours Statue", September 27th 1981 please let me know.

Set-ups and Long Island Tea

If you go to a bar or club in Memphis be prepared for an extortionate charge for ice and soft drinks. Elvisly Yours used to run two trips a year to Memphis for our fan club and on each trip I would give a talk to the fans the first morning after arrival to explain do's and don'ts about their stay in Memphis. For many fans it was their first time in America and like most American cities Memphis is not safe. You don't walk alone, only in groups, you don't stop if a car pulls up asking the way, you don't carry a lot of money with you etc, etc.

Then I explained certain strange anomalies like 'set-ups'. Many clubs in Memphis and some bars do not sell hard liquor, only beer. A liquor license is very expensive and hard to get so a system called 'set-ups' exists. You bring your own liquor, always in a brown paper bag. Apparently, it is against the law to show the label of a liquor bottle on the street. The clubs don't want you to sit all night just drinking your own drink so they charge extortionate prices for ice and soft drinks.

I also told fans about "Long Island Tea". This is my favourite cocktail in America and it tastes really nice but can 'knock you dead', it's so potent. I always suggested to fans to try ONE of these unique 'teas'. After one you are pretty happy, two drinks prostrate and five means you could soon meet Elvis in "Blue Suede Heaven.

Each evening during the Tours I would arrange for our bus driver to take us downtown to Beale Street or to restaurants or night clubs. One night as we were about to get off the bus at the hotel one of the fans said his wife had been in the bus' restroom for 20 minutes. The driver banged on the door but nothing. He got a special key to unlock the door but she was jammed against the door. Fans may remember Adolphe, the best bus driver in Memphis, a great guy.

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