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August 29th 2003



with 'Rubberneckin' ?

Last year Elvisly Yours was instrumental in helping to get Elvis to no.1 in the UK. We started a campaign months before the song was even released persuading fan clubs all over the world to promote a self-fulfilling prophecy that "A Little Less Conversation" would get to no.1 in the UK and fan power did the rest. We used every PR trick in the book from having tribute artists singing the song outside our shop the day it was released, to harassing Betting Shops trying to place bets on Elvis getting to no.1, to email, faxing, phoning the media, radio and TV stations, the fans and fan clubs. With a vivid imagination, a lot of hard work and that little bit of luck almost anything is possible in life, even getting Elvis to no.1 in the UK after 25 years and then around the world. Of course, it helped to have that great NIKE 

commercial in constant support.  Plus, it was the 25th Anniversary year and at last the media all over the world was giving Elvis the credit and respect he has so much deserved for making our world a better place instead of  years of ridicule his memory has suffered. 

But, probably the greatest factor getting Elvis to No.1 was that the remix of "A Little Less Conversation" was a fantastic song. We play it many times each day at the Elvisly Yours Shop and each time you just want to get up and dance and do your Elvis thing ! It is just a brilliant song in its remixed version and Elvis would have been proud. It has inspired a whole new generation of Elvis fans who previously knew more about Elvis eating hamburgers than his changing music and life forever. If a formula works on its first attempt you simply try to repeat the formula. The remix by JXL was fantastic and any logical person would expect they would be working on the next remix to repeat the formula with another one of Elvis 700 songs. Instead we have "Rubberneckin" remixed by Paul Oakenfold and some may ask Paul Who? I went to his website www.pauloakenfold.org  and discovered he is a legend ? Elvis is a legend, James Dean a legend, Marilyn Monroe is a legend but Paul Oakenfold ? Give us a break. Sorry Paul, I just do not like your remix of "Rubberneckin" and I am not alone in the Elvis World.

I would love to meet the jokers at BMG who decided to follow up ALLC with a very poor remix of  "Rubberneckin". To be honest "Rubberneckin" would probably not make the top 200 of Elvis songs and the original is nothing special and the remix is worse and this is the follow-up to ALLC. There seems to be some misguided philosophy at BMG (now in bed with EPE) that Elvis fans are probably fools and they will buy anything. I am shocked that they have such a poor second remix and expect the fans to all run out and get Elvis to no.1 again. 

Elvis fans now have a dilemma should they buy "Rubberneckin" , such an inferior remix, in the vain hope of getting Elvis to no.1 or should they save their money for the album with a NEW record, a song that apparently has been forgotten over time and just(?) discovered, "I'm A Roustabout".

Since "Elvis #1" was so successful "2nd to None" seems such a wimp title for the next album. Again, if a formula works repeat the formula. "Elvis 2" would have been simple and follow on the impact achieved by "Elvis #1" just like you have "Terminator 2", "Die Hard 2"...just repeat the formula, but since Elvisly Yours is ex-communicated by BMG and EPE are from a different planet so such ideas circulate among the fans who read this Newsletter and the fans have no say in what happens with Elvis music or anything Elvis unless they do it themselves.

I am sure that the new album will do well just because it features a new song. Apparently, they have not even finalised the track listing and it is due out in October. BMG and EPE have done a great disservice to Elvis Presley over the years by not promoting his music and it was only pressure and money from NIKE and Disney that got them off their backsides to at least do something for the 25th Anniversary. Meanwhile, the fans have continued to line the pockets of these dinosaurs. I would just like to think if someone like Richard Branson and Virgin had owned the music rights of Elvis what might have happened these past 25 years. When, in 2004 BMG lose copyright in many countries to Elvis' early recordings on Sun and then from 2006 the first RCA recordings it should make for an interesting time in the Elvis World.


signed photos by JULIE PARRISH

Elvisly Yours was asked by Julie Parrish, Elvis' co-star in 'Paradise Hawaiian Style' to help her trace her British ancestry at the Public Record Office in Kew. She gave us a large number of signed photos of her and Elvis from the film. The winners of the competition to win these photos were : Sylvia Day from Beckenham, Kent, Su Armitage from Accrington, Lancs, Jean Collierwebb from St. Brelade, Jersey.

If you were not a winner but would like to order photos from Julie or even a country music CD of  hers then go to Julie's website : www.julieparrish.com and you can email Julie at : JParr18031@aol.com . 

Julie is one of the lucky women in this world to have had the honour to co-star in a movie with Elvis, kissing and hugging him and has lots of Elvis anecdotes, stories and memories. She has devoted much of her recent life to helping battered and abused women.

  The Humes Years

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and the

On the Elvisly Yours website you have been able to vote for your favourite Elvis song. This survey has now been continued until the end of the year. 


choose one song only

While we were asking Elvis fans to vote for their best song our friends down under in Australia www.elvis.com.au had fans chose their worst Elvis Record. For all Elvis News the Elvis Information Network is brilliant and we are grateful to them for quoting from their website about their results. Nigel Patterson was the author of the survey and just three of the top ten were in descending order:

10.  Smokey Mountain Boy 

  9.   Do The Clam 

  8.   Song of the Shrimp 

For the full survey just click on to :


messages from the spirit of Elvis Presley

Herrre's Elvis by Margo Blu is a fascinating little book that is full of anecdotes, thoughts, drawings and statements about life as told by the spirit of Elvis to Blu. It is a "must" for any serious collector and although quite old now there are just a few copies left. It is very different to any other book on Elvis and a possible insight into the real Elvis and his spiritual needs. 
Blu's wish is to find a publisher who will help her realise her dream to publish a complete book on her contact with Elvis and called "Elvis, God and Me".
Herrre's Elvis by Margo Blu  Price $10.00 
plus $5.00 mailing to Europe, $2.50 USA/Canada

For details about ordering contact :
TheKingandI@dc.rr.com  or write to : Margo Blu, 79813  Desert Willow, La Quinta, Ca. 92253 USA



Christmas is a great time for festive fun and the Elvis Express and the Hanover are bringing you an all Elvis show to celebrate the festive season.    

Our special "LIVE" performance will be from "THIS IS ELVIS" a great live show by a very talented young man. Plus all Elvis music, all night.
  WHY NOT organise your works Christmas party for this special night of fun that you will remember and talk about all year long. Or just come along with family and friends.  

It's all in support of the Chestnut Tree House Appeal
Tickets are 8.00 each and go on sale October 1st but you can pre book your tickets NOW!  

To Pre-order your tickets: Send us 3.00 per ticket plus a S.A.E. (medium sized) along with your name and address.  Pay the remaining 5.00 per ticket by November 1st and we will send you your tickets.  
(note: 3.00 deposit is non-refundable)

All cheques / postal orders are payable to: 
The Elvis Express
, 208 Queens Park Road, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 9ZB England    
TCE ALWAYS Lee Dawson (Editor)
For more details on how to subscribe: send a S.A.E. to The Elvis Express, 208 Queens Park Road, Brighton, Sussex BN2 9ZB, England
  Tel: 01273 386 312  - Overseas: +44 1273 386 312 
Fax: 01273 386 312
 Check us out: www.elvis-express.com


The new Musical "Jailhouse Rock" from the producers of the spectacular and highly successful "Buddy" will now release it in the West End of London in the Spring of 2004. This will give them much more time to plan this major production, find Vince Everett (their Elvis) and organise publicity. The show will eventually be shown in New Zealand and there are plans for Germany and other countries. When "Jailhouse Rock, the Musical" is finally launched you will find it will last for years. It has some brought together some highly talented producers, directors and contributors in this worldwide project. We will release more information as it becomes available but book immediately you know the theatre otherwise you might have to wait for years...you have been warned !


For August 16th an International Elvis Symposium was organised by John Walker of the "Center for Studies in Popular Culture". It attracted some excellent papers from all over the world analysing all aspects of the life of Elvis Presley...historically and today, tomorrow and for ever. You can read all the papers including my thesis "Disgraceland :


includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 


Sadly, there are many blind people in this world but I bet many are Elvis fans and recently Elvisly Yours has been introduced to three such fans on three different Continents. For some time I have been in correspondence with Paul Graham, a blind fan who lost his sight some years after he became an Elvis fan. He has written a book about his experiences being a blind Elvis fan and how Elvis' music has inspired him so much and kept him going so he has written a book to share his love for Elvis.

Maheen is an Elvis fan living in Canada and wrote a note on our Guestbook asking for help in finding some Elvis records and I wrote to fan clubs around the world asking fans to help a young, blind Elvis fan build his collection :

Maheen Wickramasinghe - Aug 20, 2003 - 9:55:53
Mississauga, Ontario [Canada]

Hello there!
I can't even begin to tell you how delighted I am to have found this site! I have been searching and searching for an Elvis guest book and at last I found one! I am 18 years old and I have been an Elvis fan all my life. I am a totally blind boy and I have always loved music. I hope that anyone of you can please help me with a few things. I have been trying so hard to obtain copies of some of these rare and hard to find Elvis CD's but they aren't available anywhere in stores. Some of these CD's are Night Rider 61, Cut Me And I Bleed, Kiss Me Quick/Little Sister and others. Does anyone out there have any rare Elvis items that you are willing to please share with me? I would appreciate that a whole lot as I just love Elvis fooling around in the studio and also on stage. Well, God bless you all and I will really look forward to your reply. You may Email me anytime! 

Sincerely, Maheen.

As a result of mailing Elvis fan clubs I heard from my friends Susan and Roy in New Zealand who had a friend who has been to Graceland several times and she is blind. One wonders how blind people react to a visit to Graceland and I was sent a most moving account written a few years ago by a blind Elvis fan and just has to be read. It is truly inspiring. Fans can read this special account on the Elvisly Yours website from August 31st 2003 in a special tribute to blind Elvis fans.


ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

The winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is 
Mr Andrew Barber from Fortuneswell, UK
He will receive a computer mousemat. 

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Sid Shaw


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