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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 51



December 2007



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Elvisly Yours Worldwide Licensing Deal   WHY ARE ELVIS FANS MEAN?  
 Zeon sells out of most Elvis watches    Elvis and Led Zeppelin    Memory Lane

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Elvisly Yours
Worldwide Licensing Deal

Elvisly Yours has signed a Worldwide Licensing Agreement with Licensing Management International Ltd, excluding North America. Elvisly Yours is under US Federal Injunction not to sell Elvis memorabilia in the USA.

LMI have been in international licensing 25 years and its MD, Andrew Maconie represented 'Star Wars' when the first three films were launched as well as 'Indiana Jones'. Andrew is well known in the Licensing Industry and currently represents 'Pepsi', 'Royal Mail', 'Milton Green Archives' (including Milton Greene's photography of Marilyn Monroe), 'Underground Ernie', the Premier League's official kids' cartoon 'The Likeaballs', and many other Properties. 'Underground Ernie' is one of the top-rated BBC children's TV Shows voiced by famous British footballer and ex-England football captain Gary Lineker. I gave a DVD of the show to my next-door neighbour's 2-year-old son Alex and when his mother asked him who it was he immediately said, "Ernie".

Andrew has worked for J. Walter Thompson, Mark McCormack's International Management Group, Lucas Film and was head of Licensing for the FIFA World Cups in Argentina and Spain and the Moscow Olympics. His company LMI handled the NFL Licensing in the UK & Eire. He was highly recommended by Zeon Ltd that has done so well with Elvisly Yours watches; many have now sold out. This is an exciting partnership that will bring more and more Elvisly Yours products and services to the world. Andrew knows many worldwide, blue chip companies with whom he has arranged numerous license deals over the years. With my trademarks, photo and artwork archives, Elvis contacts and knowledge of the Elvis World and Andrew's company's expertise and worldwide business contacts it should be a unique partnership.

Through my own licensing efforts Elvisly Yours products are now appearing in major UK chain stores including ASDA, Tesco, Clintons, Halfords, Debenhams, Virgin, to name just a few, also on Bid-Up TV, on amazon.co.uk, play.com and in leading mail order catalogues, such as Express Gifts. The Licensing Agreement with LMI will generate licenses for hundreds more Elvisly Yours products not just in the UK but also around the world, outside North America. Even the main paper in Dubai has written a feature on us: Memorabilia: Buy A Piece Of Elvis. We will keep you updated on developments through our Newsletter and website as we sign licensing deals with famous companies worldwide.

The Licensing Agreement was signed on Andrew's two-acre Estate in the famous "New Forest" area of Britain. The New Forest is beautiful with wild ponies and wild horses everywhere. You have to drive around them as they tend to populate the busier as well as the side roads and many have reflective collars around their necks to stop cars crashing into them at night. Andrew has been successful in the licensing business and that success will continue with Elvisly Yours. Both Andrew and his son Cameron are huge Elvis fans and are very excited about representing our Elvisly Yours trademarks worldwide.

Condolences to Bill Burk and his family
Michael Eugene Burk
Michael Eugene Burk
17/4/61 - 22/11/07
Michael as baby
Michael on the day he was born
Photos courtesy of the Burk family

When families throughout America were celebrating "Thanksgiving" sadly, Bill Burk and his family were grieving the tragic loss of Bill's son Michael who apparently died from a massive heart attack. When he did not turn up for Thanksgiving dinner with the family at Marlowe's Restaurant his brother searched in the forest and found his truck unattended. Some hours later they found Michael dead in the forest. Bill has had a very bad year with the loss of his aunt, then his mother and now his son. For parents to lose their children is always so traumatic and our hearts go out to Bill and Connie, Bill's ex-wife, family and friends. Thanksgiving will never be the same again for the Burk family after this tragic loss. Michael was only 46 years old.

They say it is "God's will" when people die before their time and I repeat the same question I wrote to Bill.why? Why Michael? Why Maureen? Why are so many good people taken before their time?

Click on: www.mem.com and then click on Michael Eugene Burk to view tributes to Michael and a wonderful photo gallery.

Then, for a donation (if you so feel), click on:
www.stjude.org/waystohelp click on Memorial Gift

All part of the Elvisly Yours Service

!0th Anniversary Plate
  10th Anniversary Plate
Geordie Elvis
Geordie Elvis
Ian Coulson and Emma
Ian Coulson with Emma Bunton

Elvisly Yours is now coming up to its 30th year and during all the years we have tried to give an excellent service to fans all over the world. Last week our mail order service excelled itself. A fan had asked for a delivery to be made after 6pm and normally that costs a lot of money and only a specialist courier company could arrange such a delivery time and would probably charge 40.00 for the service. Ian Coulson, the "Geordie Elvis", just happens to live around the corner to the customer and offered to drop the parcel off on his way home. For no extra charge the customer had a 10th Anniversary plate delivered to her door in the Shepherd's Bush area of West London.

Ian rang the doorbell and a half-dressed Irish lady answered the door. She wanted to know what he wanted and after a brief conversation asked Ian if he was a carol singer.God knows why? He tried to explain he was just delivering a package to someone in the house. The Irish lady called up to the lady who ordered and she came down, also undressed, and once again Ian had to explain he was trying to deliver a plate. The cheeky lady asked to see the plate first (would you ask the postman to wait while you checked a parcel?) and Ian obliged and then sang "Love Me Tender" before he left.all part of the Elvisly Yours service. No we won't be offering this service again. It was just one of those things, Ian lived near the customer who wanted a parcel delivered at a time that other companies would never deliver without charging extortionate fees.

The "Geordie Elvis" is now working occasional Fridays at the Elvisly Yours Shop at 233 Baker Street, London NW1 (020-7486-2005). If you put at least 3.00 into the collection box for "Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre" at the shop Ian will sing an Elvis song to you. We still have another 1,200.00 to raise to have a "Counselling Room" named after Maureen at the Cancer Centre. You can simply donate online by credit card, click on the link:

If you do not have a credit card you can send a cheque or money order made payable to LJMC and marked on the back "In memory of Maureen". Elvis fans living in America can even send a $check and address it to:

Elvisly Yours, Park House, 15 Greenhill Cres, Watford WD18 8PH, England


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Bill Burk's
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The Sun Years

The Sun Years
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Barbara Lee
Barbara Lee decorating her Presley store in Gettysburg, PA (photo Evening Sun)
General John Bell Hood
Confederate General John Bell Hood was a relative of Elvis. Are they the Presley eyes and forehead?
Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee dressed in authentic Civil War clothing for an historical rally.


View Barbara Lee's 1st newsletter just lick on this link:

In our last Newsletter I made an Appeal for Elvis fans around the world, but particularly in America, to come to the aid of one of Elvis' cousins who is desperately trying to keep alive the history of the Presley Family. Her name is Barbara Lee Rowe and she has a Shop/Museum in Gettysburg called uniquely, "The Kin of Rock and Roll". Some fans and fans clubs did contact Barbara Lee and have tried to help but 99% of the Elvis fans in America who read this Newsletter have not bothered. She has received almost zero orders from fans, just a fan in Europe and one or two more. Y'all will be buying Christmas gifts for family and friends so why not give EPE a miss and order some great items from her shop and in a small way you will be keeping alive a piece of American heritage. You will be helping to keep alive the memory of Elvis, isn't that worth a few minutes of your time to check out Barbara Lee's website and order or send her an email or call. Don't be so mean to a member of the Presley family.

They say, "Actions speak louder than words". Ever since EPE took over control of the Elvis World in 1982 fans in America and around the world have just moaned and groaned and put up with everything EPE has thrown at you. Now you make a difference with your checkbook or credit card and keep alive Elvis' legacy by ordering from Barbara Lee.

Charmaine and David in Canada have been very helpful. Also, a fan club in Memphis has invited Barbara Lee to talk about her work and the Presley family history on January 5th at Marlowe's. All fans clubs in America should invite Barbare Lee to their Events or conventions because she is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the history of the Presleys.

It will be shameful if Barbara Lee is forced to close through lack of interest and support from Elvis fans and Elvis fan clubs in America and around the world. Please pass on this feature or the Newsletter to Elvis websites, fan clubs and fans around the world and support "The Kin of Rock and Roll".

Check out her fabulous website: www.elvisandhistory.com or better still visit

The Kin of Rock and Roll
777 Baltimore St, Suite 103
Gettysburg, Pa 17325

Write to Barbara Lee elviscousin@comcast.net and tell your fan club members, friends and family to write offering their support. What Barbara Lee is doing is something EPE should have done years ago but EPE don't care and Barbara Lee does care as a Presley and as a huge Elvis fan. Email or call Barbara Lee before visiting the store in the winter months. It is open long weekends until 6pm but closed during some weekdays, except by appointment. Telephone: 1-240-344-5950
Just before this Newsletter was due to be published I received a sad email from Barbara Lee stating that her Presley Family History Store has been forced to close. I am very disappointed Elvis fans in America and around the world have not supported this noble effort to keep alive the memory of Elvis. Barbara is a fighter and has not given up and is looking for funding from the State, Government or private benefactor to restore her dream. She will keep her website alive and you can buy memorabilia from her online store. There is still time to order Elvis memorabilia from Barbara Lee to help her re-open her store. Fan clubs around America should invite Barbara to their meetings and conventions to give talks on the fascinating history of the Presleys.

Classic photos of Elvis Tribute Artists

I was so impressed with the superb photograph below of Elvis Shmelvis (Martyn Dias) performing live in London at Trafalgar Square that I thought I would add a new feature to the Elvisly Yours Cyber Club Newsletter.
If you are an ETA and have a photo that can match the photo of Elvis Shmelvis email sid@elvisly-yours.com with a condensed jpeg and we will publish the best. The photo has to be dramatic and capture the Artist ideally with the audience. The same photo appeared as a double page spread in London's Evening Standard newspaper but neglected to name Martyn.

Martyn, his wife Sue and dad came to my house for lunch last week but they had to leave at 3.15pm as Martyn had to put on the Christmas lights with the MP Boris Johnston at a small town called "Thame". Boris Johnston is standing for Election as the Mayor of London. It is ironic that a Jewish ETA is putting on Christmas lights.

Elvis Shmelvis in Concert
Photo of Elvis Shmelvis in Trafalgar Square

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Zeon produced a fabulous range of Elvis watches with packaging of the highest and most exquisite standard. There has never been such quality in design of Elvis timepieces. The company policy of Zeon is to only produce to order and they are amazed that the Elvisly Yours watches have done so well. The first to sell out was the Neon Guitar Clock and sadly Elvisly Yours will be without stock until next spring. To make sure we had stocks for Christmas and the New Year of other Elvisly Yours watches we bought up most of Zeon's remaining stock. I am sure you will soon see some of the range appearing on eBay because there will be a scarcity of these unique watches.

We have added two new watches to our range and we strongly recommend you order TODAY if you want any of our watches for Christmas. We are the only company in the world still with stock of the now world famous 'Elvis Talking Clock'. Sorry we cannot sell to American residents. But, we can ship an order to a relative or friend living outside the USA. Fans wanting to order from our range of Elvisly Yours watches before they all sell out click on: Clocks & Watches


Elvis and Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin
Two weeks ago an American was in my shop who had won the equivalent of the Lottery, he had two tickets for the Led Zeppelin concert in London. There was a ballot of millions of people and he was a lucky one. Alas, he had booked his whole family to come to London and he and his son would see the concert only for the show to be postponed by a broken finger. He had to book his trip to England again. People had come from all over the world only to have to book again. I wonder if insurance covered them for such a setback. This anecdote leads me to reprint from www.elvisinfonet.com a feature originally published in the Daily Telegraph:

It's hard to believe that they were ever in the same room, but in 1972 the two diametrically opposed corners of the music world came together. Led Zeppelin met Elvis Presley. The matchmaker was their mutual promoter, Jerry Weintraub (later to produce the Ocean's 11 with George Clooney), who took Jimmy Page and Robert Plant up to Presley's Las Vegas hotel suite. Zeppelin's music then permeated the airwaves. They were enormously popular, an enigmatic force of hard rock. Presley had already reinvented himself as the jump-suited King of Vegas, and an "honorary drug-enforcement" pal of Richard Nixon's. For the first few minutes of the summit meeting, Elvis ignored Led Zeppelin. The room was filled with an awkward silence. Bodyguards monitored the temperature.. . . .
Jimmy Page, who had first picked up a guitar after hearing Elvis singing 'Baby Let's Play House', began to fidget. What was going on? Did Elvis really want to meet them? Was this a big misunderstanding?
Finally Elvis turned to his guests. His first question had nothing to do with Zeppelin's music. It was their roguish reputation that interested him. "Tell me," asked Elvis, "is it true, these stories about you boys on the road?" For a surreal moment, they found themselves staring at the three-dimensional embodiment of their own youthful rebellion. Plant spoke first, without cracking a smile. "Of course not," he said. "We're family men. In fact, I get the most pleasure out of walking the hotel corridors, singing your songs." Plant leaned forward, and offered his own best Elvis Presley impersonation. "Treat me like a foooool, treat me mean and cruuuel, but loooooove me..."
Presley eyed Plant very carefully. Presley's "Memphis Mafia" studied the moment with growing intensity. And then Presley burst out laughing. The bodyguards burst out laughing. Suddenly, the atmosphere was dorm-room friendly. For the next two hours, Presley entertained them with his own road stories, and tales from his movie-making days. He confessed that he had never heard Led Zeppelin's music, except for the one song his stepbrother played him - Stairway to Heaven. "I liked it," said Presley. Later, walking down the hallway from the hotel room, Page and Plant congratulated themselves on their meeting with the King. Had it really gone as well as it seemed? The answer arrived a moment later. "Hey," came a voice from down the hall. Elvis had poked his head out the door. They would never meet again, but this last image was one for the memoirs. It was Presley, serenading his new hard-rock friends with a perfect imitation of Robert Plant doing him. "Treat me like foooool..."
(News, Source: www.telegraph.co.uk)

Jerry Weintraub owns Carlin Music who sells publishing rights for Elvis Presley music. Jerry's company wanted 10% of the retail price of the "Elvis Talking Clock" to use 12 seconds of Elvis music, not Elvis singing, just his music. This is total madness. Over 10,000 Elvis Talking Clocks have sold so far and this will probably rise eventually to 30,000 units and that means 12 seconds music would cost over $125,000.00. You may have wondered why Elvis is not heard on airplane headsets. It is probably because Carlin is so ridiculously expensive. Elvis theatrical productions have also been limited around the world. Does Jerry realise how many millions he has lost in revenue, ironically through his company's greed?


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Honoured by the City and State sued by EPE

Sid receiving keys
Sid receiving keys of Shelby County from Mayor Morris in his office
Sid receiving keys
Sid with handicapped boys, teachers receiving key to City of Memphis from Mayor Hackett. My staff member on right I had to fire.

I am probably the only person who has been houred by the City of Memphis, Shelby County and the State of Tennessee but sued by Elvis Presley Enterprises. However, I do have a Graceland book signed by Ken Brixey, the original Marketing Manager thanking me for all I had done to promote Elvis and describing me as Elvis' best friend in England.

Over an eleven-year period from 1982 until 1992 I organised Elvis Tours to Memphis and Tupelo and took over 1000 people on these tours. I had encouraged thousands more Elvis fans to visit Graceland from all over the world. All my efforts were rewarded by political leaders but because of Jack Soden I was sued by EPE. Originally, in 1982, Soden was "friendly" with me and came to our fan club parties at the Quality Inn on Brooks Road, Memphis where we stayed. I had offered a free life-size replica of the Elvisly Yours bronze statue but said he did not want statues of Elvis he only wanted money.

Elvisly Yours was the exclusive supplier of Elvis memorabilia to Graceland when it opened in 1982. But, after successfully selling out of all my memorabilia I was told by Soden and his legal cronies I had to get a license from EPE. After my visit in October 1982 Soden completely avoided me. If he saw me he would duck into stores or walk the other way. It was farcical until October 1984 when suddenly I bumped into Soden in the Graceland Mall car park. Instead of hiding he came up to me, gave me a great hug and acted as if the previous two years had been a "Bobby Ewing" dream. Immediately, I thought something is not right.why is Soden hugging me? He had avoided me like the plague for two years. I didn't think he had turned gay so I was intrigued. He knew something that I did not.

The truth was to be revealed in February 1985 when I was invited to meet the lawyers for EPE in Memphis supposedly to discuss a mutual deal. Instead, I was set up and sued. Incidentally, after Elvis Week in August 1984 all my files were stolen from my warehouse, all invoices, orders, shipping documents, everything relating to my business except my checkbook from my Memphis bank. In the lawsuit EPE stated I was not trading in Elvis products in America and without documentation it made it difficult to substantiate my trading record in the USA. Additionally, not one fan, trade customer, Elvis friend or family member would give evidence on my behalf in the US Federal lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bill Morris of Shelby County, Mayor Richard Hackett of the City of Memphis and the State of Tennessee had honoured me with keys to the County, City and State. Mayor Morris was a close friend of Elvis and had even visited my shop in Shoreditch, London. You'd have thought EPE would have honoured me instead of suing me except for one joker, Jack Soden. It is a great pity that I did not elect to have Trial by Jury and instead only Judges made the ruling in my case that was dragged on for over six years by EPE trying to wear me down, but they failed. I am sure I would have won with a Jury Trial. Having Soden cross-examined on the witness stand would have been very damaging for EPE. In his deposition, Soden was very economical with the truth. He said he did not know I was NOT licensed by EPE when Graceland bought my Elvisly Yours memorabilia to sell at their gift shops during Elvis Week 1982.

Elvis and Myrna
Elvis and Myrna Smith
Sid, Myrna and Jerry
Sid, Myrna & Jerry open Elvisly Yours in Shoreditch Jan 8th 1983
Beach Boys
The fabulous Beach Boys. I wonder whether Elvis ever met them?
Maureen outside our memphis apartment
Maureen at home

Jerry and Myrna Schilling with the Beach Boys

One of the all-time highlights of my and Maureen's life in the Elvis World was when we were invited by Jerry Schilling and his then wife Myrna (Smith) to see the Beach Boys in Lake Tahoe. We loved the Beach Boys who were enormous in the mid-60s when I was at University. To actually see them performing live was a wonderful experience. Jerry was a co-manager of the Beach Boys and got us the best seats in the house at a Tahoe Casino Showroom. In the Casinos you have a dining table and we were in centre a few raised rows back and you could not get a better seat. It was late 1982 and we had invited Jerry and Myrna to London to officially open the "Elvisly Yours" store in Shoreditch and appear in a Convention celebrating Elvis birthday January 8th 1983.

Hearing and seeing the Beach Boys on stage was an unforgettable experience. They played all your favourite hits and each famous song grew louder and louder cheers. They had the audience in a frenzy of excitement, so much so that people were standing on their chairs clapping and singing along to each new song and then we had a special surprise arranged by Jerry. We were to meet the Beach Boys backstage as they came off the stage. You could not believe the noise of the crowd and the whistling and screaming that echoed around the showroom as the Beach Boys played their last number after numerous encores. It was a real high for all the audience but then it was unexpected and completely surreal.when the Beach Boys came off stage with their backs to the audiences all the stage smiles turned to sneers.

They were just doing a job and that job was over and it seemed they had returned to a Beach Boys reality. Neither Maureen nor I knew or had been told that the Beach Boys hated each other, after years of wrangling. They each had their own lawyer and manager. It was so sad, after seeing so many people experience the time of their lives, you could feel the electricity, almost taste the excitement, that providers of that joy were as miserable as hell. It is hard to explain the euphoria we both felt and then, the sudden numbness after realising there was so much hurt and sadness in their hearts having made us so happy for so many years. When we were introduced to each of them but it was very brief and none of them had time to talk and just went their separate ways.

If you get the chance see the biography of the Beach Boys that tells you their story and why they had fallen out after the Wilson's father who had power of attorney sold their music rights and there was nothing they could do. I still love the Beach Boys and whenever a Beach Boys song comes on it, just like Elvis' music, it lifts me up and I sing-a-long. I could play "Good Vibrations" a thousand times and still feel the same thrill when I first heard it.

Our Apartment in Memphis

For over two years from late 1990 to January 1993 Maureen and I had an apartment in Memphis in Germantown backing on to a nature reserve. I was going to Memphis sometimes 5-6 times a year and the cost of apartments was so cheap in Memphis compared to London it made sense to rent an apartment. Even today, I have kept some of the furniture from that apartment; dining table, chairs, side tables and lampshades as again prices are a fraction of that in England. It was a lovely apartment in one of the best neighbourhoods in Memphis and not too far to drive to Graceland and our favourite Shopping Malls.

I had asked my member of staff working in Memphis to check out the apartment from time to time to see everything was okay. Of course, when I or we were away I turned off all the utilities or had them on minimum heat in the winter just so that pipes would not freeze in a cold spell. On return trips to Memphis I could not understand why utility bills were so high. Then I got a phone bill that included "collect calls" to my apartment telephone. How could that be? Maureen, by chance, had talked to the neighbour who was immediately below our 1st floor apartment, on the ground floor. Apparently, it seemed my member of staff had been living for MONTHS at a time in our apartment and even had the further cheek to accept 'collect calls' from her daughter to our telephone in the apartment.

When I confronted her and her husband about living in our apartment running up huge utility bills she did not see anything wrong in this so I had to fire her. Her husband was a semi-retired reporter and after I fired her sent me a bill for PR services for $7,000.00. He happened to have a business card from "USA Today" as he had done some freelance work for them. He flashed his card everywhere and on a daily basis persuaded restaurants to give him and his wife free meals. He never did any PR for me; he was a 100% prime BS. I had some bad experiences with various staff that worked for me in Memphis and all will be revealed in my eventual autobiography. I will also write another book that I will simply call "Elvis S - - T" about nasty people in the Elvis World and the back-stabbing, cheating and lying that sadly goes on continuously by fans, some so-called friends and family of Elvis, fan clubs, dealers and promoters.

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World   
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