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Elvis' family, his friends, fan clubs, fans and small businesses have been terrorised by the antics of Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc who claim to be protecting "Elvis Presley" when they are just lining their own pockets. They are living proof that Elvis is dead. Could you imagine Elvis ever allowing EPE to treat his family, friends and fans as they have since lawyers and business managers took over the running of the Elvis Presley Estate.

The EPE FILES were started to encourage people affected by EPE to have a voice and share their horrible experiences with others in the Elvis World to bring about change at Graceland. Just one brave American has come forward to record his feelings about the megalomaniacs that are running (or should it be ruining?) Graceland. We want to thank Aaron Webster and hope that more Americans now start to complain through our website and have the guts to stand up for their convictions. Elvis Presley was all about love and giving but sadly EPE are all about greed and taking. Remember, as Elvis fans, together we stand but divided we fall. When I was sued by EPE in the USA not one Elvis fan came to my help giving evidence in my lawsuit. Because I lost every American Elvis fan that loves Elvis also lost. Elvis people power can work if you have faith and guts and hope !

Give EPE an idea and they will steal it; own some film of Elvis and its their film; or their photograph you waited hours to take of Elvis, or their artwork or  their poetry that came from your heart.

We look forward to receiving and publishing your stories...and when you have read Aaron's story read the fairy story of Sherry Daniels and TCB for Elvis.

From: Tom Barry puckeredpengin61@masn.com
Paw Paw, Michigan, USA
Friday, May 17, 2002 at 20:30:49

Elvis Music on the Net. Who Really Owns it, Record Companies or The Web sites?

I have been an Elvis Fan for Over 20 years. I saw a lot of bad things over the years in the Elvis World, it was about his Music Released in early 50's, now it's About his Music on the Net. I want to know, why now that RCA/BMG and EPE are nagging about audio files? Is it because of 25th Anniversary of his Death or because they are scared that no one will buy the 25th Anniversary CD set which is to be released in June or July? Many of  those web sites have had the music files on their pages for few years now. It's bad that EPE and BMG are getting so tough right now, fans should have a chance to hear Elvis on the Net too..

Who Really Owns those Music Files, BMG or People who have those Sites? I'm sure the people who have these sites own the files, but not BMG...We, The Fans, are getting short end of the deal again 25 years after Elvis' death.


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