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From: Berlin
Hallo!Ich bin schon seit 20 Jahren ein grosser Elvis Fan und freue mich immerwieder darüber, dass es Seiten wie Eure gibt!Elvis darf einfach nicht vergessen werden!Ich gehe fast täglich auf Eure Seite und hoffe, dass es Euch noch sehrlange gibt! Ich habe da eine Homepage gefunden, die sich eigentlich ausschließlich nurmit PC & Videospielen beschäftig: ***://***.cometgames-store.deIch war ganz erstaunt darüber, dass die auf ihrer Startseite auch eineneigenen Elvis-Presley-Gallery-Button haben. Sieht ganz nett aus! DieseElvis-Comet-Gallerien werden alle zwei Wochen aktualisiert! Ist doch auchklasse, dass man Elvis auch auf solchen Seiten liebevoll würdigt! In diesem Sinne: Elvis Forever!Gruß, Klaus!
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Marc Robertson
From: Cotulla, Texas, USA
Dear Mr. Shaw, You won't remember me as it's been over 20 years since we met. I am trying to find someone who used to work for you at your old shop in the 1980s and who may still be in touch with you today - Dave Hearnshaw. I have tried many different resources to find Dave but everything has come up empty. Whenever I have visited London, I have even asked staff members at your new shop on Baker Street to keep an ear out for any mention of him. Dave and I traveled to America in 1985/86 and went to Graceland, where we met up with Harold Lloyd, whom we knew from his earlier visit to the UK when he stopped at your shop in Shoreditch. He was working at Graceland when we visited the house and we spent some time with him there. In 1986, Dave went back to London and I stayed in the USA and settled in Texas. Please, if you have any information on Dave or if you have any contacts in London who might know him - he goes to Elvis parties and to classic car rallies - drop me a line at marcmousse@yahoo.com I know you're busy and this seems like a curious request, but I do believe you might find it in your heart to help out a couple of Elvis fans thousands of miles apart to get back in touch with each other after all these years. Thank you, sincerely. Marc Robertson.
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Heidi Poulsen
From: Denmark
Howdy.... Thanks for sticking to your guts.... EPE is merely a money machine and I do not like that one bit.... Thanks for sending goods and stuff to me - I may shop with you again! Keep up all your good work! Love, Peace & Presley. Heidi Poulsen, Denmark....
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Helen Patterson
From: Loughton, Essex
Hi. Over the new year weekend I went on a mini cruise to Spain where I met a fun Elvis fan called Jeff. He works for the London Fire Service and is off to the Elvis birthday party bash in Dartford on Sat 7th Jan. If anyone knows him please ask him to drop me a line as I would like to ask him out for a drink. He seemed a really fun and interesting guy. Thanks Helen
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From: Limerick, Ireland
Hi Just want to say loved the site loved the photos of the King Brilliant Stuff. Can't wait to actually go the Memphis and see everything up close. Happy New Year to All Elvis Fans around the world. Have a good one.
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From: Belfast
Hi This is my first visit to the website - first impressions - GREAT! What's the chance of opening up a venue in Northern Ireland eh? :-)
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Kay Drinkwater
From: Gloucestershire UK
What a brilliant website... Now my friends and family just come to thissite for all my presents.Keep up the good workMERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
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From: Berlin
hi all, yesterday my english teacher told me, that the title ´love me tender´ iswrong, as it has do be ´love me tenderly´. now, i don´t know what to thinkabout it! well, maybe you can help me.... bye
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leanne stiddard
From: Bristol-England
wow!! this is an amazing site!!! i love elvis and i want everything on thissite!!! yummy elvis....merry christmas everyone!!!
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From: london
Great shop and website for Elvis fans! I saw this on eBay and thought you might be interested... contact.ebay.co.uk/ws1/eBayISAPI.dll?ShowEmailAuctionToFriend&it em=4808935574
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