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Cyber Club  

  Newsletter 40



June 2006



In this issue

  Elvis' Birthplace?     Verona, Mississippi,  where Vernon and Gladys Presley were married  
  New Special Offer from Elvisly Yours     Graceland given a miss    Uri Geller fights for Justice 

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Elvis's birthplace in Tupelo


Doubts are emerging that the shack in Tupelo, described as the birthplace, was never set foot in by Elvis Presley. Over the years I took the "Elvisly Yours Fan Club" tours to Tupelo and heard all sorts of rumours about the authenticity of the birthplace. 

I was always impressed with the dignity of Tupelo and the tranquility of the Park they created in Elvis' memory that I just let the matter rest, especially compared to the crass commercialism of Graceland. 

However, there are members of Elvis' family now openly stating the shack is not genuine and it is just a replica of the real birthplace, including an aunt who was present at the birth and she is still alive. 

Local folklore suggests the shack was moved from the original street in Tupelo and rebuilt at the Park thus making it a tourist attraction and now money-spinner. Apparently, the land on which the Park was built is owned by a wealthy landowner in Tupelo, so it has been very convenient and lucrative for him for the shack to be called the birthplace. It is believed the original house still exists, yet somehow the shack you see in Tupelo has been allowed to keep the mythology of the birthplace.  

There is even a historical marker and I wonder what research was conducted by the Agency that issues such markers? I will be writing to them for an explanation and with our contacts in Tupelo will disclose further information to be published in future Cyber Newsletters. It seems the "Presleys" have not been treated well in that part of the South and there are still many, many of them. In fact, a genealogist in Verona Mississippi claims to have found 1,500 Presleys in the family database. 

Verona, Mississippi where Vernon and Gladys Presley were married

On June 17th 1933 Vernon Presley married Gladys Smith in the small town hall in Verona, Ms a small town just south of Tupelo with just a population of 3,700 people today. They were married by the Verona Justice of the Peace, Robert Emmett Kelly. They probably spent their honeymoon in the town staying at a friend's house who was their marriage witness, Marshall Brown.

Elvis fans travelling down to Tupelo should travel just a little further and discover the joys of tiny Verona and see the old Town Hall packed with rare memorabilia and old photographs. The curator Julian Riley is trying to raise finance to restore the town to its former glory. It is the oldest town in Lee County (also includes Tupelo) and had the first hotel and first bank in the county. It is only 6 miles south of Tupelo, just off Highway 45. Julian Riley has wonderful stories of Elvis, his father and those early days in Lee County.

Marriage certificate of Vernon & Gladys

Commemorative t-shirt

You can order the marriage certificate of Vernon & Gladys and/or the commemorative t-shirt from Julian.

Contact details: aaart@dixie-net.com  or call: (1) 662-566-2778/401-0896 or write:
Old Town Hall P.O. Box 175 202 Main St Verona, Ms 38879, USA

New Elvisly Yours Clothing 


The first samples of the shirts, skirt, curtain, tie and cushion cover have been produced and everyone loves the fantastic design so we have decided to make a special treat for fans who want to be the first to own a fabulous shirt. The first 500 will be numbered and sold with a certificate and can be pre-ordered now. It will take about six weeks to have the first 500 shirts made but they are so good we think it would be neat to actually number each shirt with a special label for fans, with a certificate of authenticity. We don't believe there has ever been a shirt that has been numbered. It will make sense to frame the shirt rather than wear it and believe me it is so good it should be framed.

The price of the numbered shirts will be the same as the recommended retail price £19.95 (plus £1.55 p&p UK). You can order as many shirts as you wish while we still have stock of the first 500. They will become important collector’s items. Of the 3,000 or more products Elvisly Yours has sold over the past 28 years the Elvis shirts are the best design and the most exciting product we have ever sold…everyone will want a shirt, even your family and friends who aren’t fans, a real kitsch product of the King. The shirt will be available in small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large and is suitable for men and women.

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Look out for more new designs coming soon, with a Hawaiian theme and also designer Elvis shirts in black with long sleeves. Eventually, there will also be different colours for the shirts and all the other products in blue as well as sepia (reddish-brown). The new products will be available first from Elvisly Yours but also in chain stores in Britain and then around the free world, i.e. outside the USA.


An architect friend has just returned from America and had his first trip to Memphis and had planned to visit Graceland. He had very little time in town and went to buy tickets for the house tour. He designs theme parks and entertainment venues all over the world. As usual, on a hot summer's day, temperatures were high at 93F and he could not believe the archaic entrance system to Graceland that he described as a throwback to the 1970's. He would have to line up to buy a ticket then wait in a long line to catch a bus across the road and there was no relief from the heat and humidity. For fans that have not been to Graceland you are not protected from the elements. If it is hot you bake, if it is wet and windy, you get soaked and if it is cold you freeze. With a turnover of $52 million dollars last year you would think EPE could build a proper bus shelter so that the old, infirm and children as well as us mere mortals do not have to suffer from the elements and should wait in air-conditioned surroundings and protected surroundings.

Nothing has changed since the 1980's. There is a cover over the waiting area but if is hot and sticky by the time you get up to Graceland you become uncomfortable and probably irritable so your experience of Graceland suffers. It is just a minor change that would not be that expensive and is further indication to me that EPE do not care about their customers. My friend was not going to wait in the heat and humidity and I wonder how many tens of thousands of people also decide to give Graceland a miss facing such an archaic entrance system? Instead, he and two friends had a snack in a café at Graceland Crossing that he was told was going to lose it license in the next few days. It appears not just Carol and Lisa lost their independent store leases at Graceland Crossing but also this independent café.

Another famous Elvis landmark destroyed ???

For ten years Elvisly Yours took Elvis fans to Tupelo as part of the pilgrimage to Graceland to add to the total experience of the history of Elvis Presley. One of the highlights of the trip to Tupelo was the drive around town escorted by Police motor cyclists and our visit to the Fairgrounds where all those years ago Elvis performed "Old Shep" and came 5th (according to Bill Burk) in the singing contest. Although the Fairgrounds had not been well maintained they were authentic and you could sit in the white  bleachers (stands) and just imagine what it must have been like when Elvis had his first public performance, probably shaking like a leaf and not the latter type shaking while singing rock 'n' roll. You could stand on the spot where Elvis gave his performance and just wallow in all the history of this sacred place, never changed since 1945 until now....I am sure thousands of fans have had their photo taken at the Tupelo Fairgrounds, sitting in the stands, by the ticketing office, handcuffed to Tupelo Policemen (for photographic purposes hopefully), by the animal pens...great memories.

You can see the bleachers (stands) in the background, now torn down!

In their wisdom the City Councilors have now torn down the Tupelo Fairgrounds and almost nothing remains. What is wrong with America to so destroy its heritage, particularly that associated with Elvis Presley? It has broken my heart to see "American Sound Studio" bulldozed to the ground, the Nashville studio where Elvis recorded "Heartbreak Hotel" destroyed earlier this year, the Concert Hall in Indianapolis where Elvis performed his last concert was blown up some years ago and now the Tupelo Fairgrounds ... is nothing sacred in America? I am shocked at this vandalism, this self-destruction of American history and heritage that also belongs to non-Americans who appreciate American culture and want to see it preserved for future generations. In Britain, and certainly in most of East and West Europe as well as Asia, old buildings are protected by law not only from being destroyed but also being changed in any way. 

Our shop on Baker Street is a "Listed Building" and that means we cannot add any advertising hoarding, flashing lights or bright colours to the original facade and would be subject to massive fines as well as having to restore the building to its original design and facade. 

When I first went to Memphis I was shocked to find Sun Studios was derelict and had been closed for years and Graceland did not care. Eventually, Grayline Tours took over for some years and tried to restore the building to its former glory. Then , I believe it closed again but eventually was open on a permanent basis and now is a must for any visitors to Memphis.

The Audubon House

Uri's mansion in England


Uri Geller fights for Justice
in America

Uri Geller is a huge Elvis fan and he has been, what we call in Britain, gazzumped! He legally had the highest bid for Elvis'house on Audubon $905,100.00 only to see it stolen from him by the sellers who sold to a Mike Curb, a famous American song writer and publisher.

Elvis met Uri in Vegas in the mid -1970's and gave him a Cadillac after he bent a spoon for him, he was so amazed. Uri decorated the car with 5,000 bent spoons and forks. The car is in his garage at his mansion in Berkshire, England.

When the Audubon house came up for sale on eBay Uri was over the moon and hoped to make the highest bid so he could use the home for inviting children from around the world for free in the pursuit of world peace and harmony. 

By alerting the media to his plans sadly Uri unleashed world publicity that worked against him and encouraged many bidders who may have never heard about the little known Audubon Drive house in Memphis. Elvis hardly stayed in the house during his thirteen months ownership. He was too busy promoting his career in 1956 and early 1957. His mother, father and grandmother became virtual prisoners in the house besieged daily by screaming girls so Elvis had to seek privacy and eventually bought Graceland.

The purpose of Auctions is to attract the highest bid and sell to the winning bidder. Once the final bid is made it is a legal contract that MUST be binding otherwise all Auctions would become irrelevant as people wait for the final bid and go behind the back of the winner and offer more money. 

Uri is a fighter and he will fight for what should be rightly his and his partners. He will probably sue eBay who actually listed on the web page advertising the Auction of the house that it was 'legally binding'. He can sue the sellers, who have cheated Uri through their greed, for breach of contract. He can sue Mike Curb for enticing the owners to break a legally binding contract and he can even sue the lawyer who handled the sale for the sellers Cindy Hazen and Mike Freeman and Uri as the buyer. The sellers have put out false stories and all will be revealed in Court. They should remember perjury is an imprisonment offence. For the benefit of the fans that think Uri did not have the money, one of the many lies, just take a look at Uri's house in England. It is bigger than Graceland and worth at least £10 million.

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Elvis Charity Show

The Pavilion, Bath

8th July 2006   (7.30pm-1.30am)

Phone: 01225 - 444444 today

All proceeds from the Show will be used to raise funds for a scanner for the Cancer Unit at the Royal United Hospital. The Elvis Tribute Artist, Tim Bassett and his backing musicians & singers, the Sweet Perspirations will donate their services for free and they put on a great show. Promoted by Andy Brown, Securelec Systems.

Tickets only £10.00 each

ELVIS SHOP to buy Elvis memorabilia at the show

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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

The winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Richard Smyth Dorset, England of 
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The Worst Photo of Elvis

Elvis was probably the best looking guy in history. Perhaps Rudolph Valentino fans would disagree, but I don’t think many are around to dispute the fact so in Elvisly Yours’ opinion Elvis wins hands down until you see the worst photo of Elvis ever. As I search my archives, not really archives, more like boxes and bundles of photos I have collected over the years, I come across some interesting photos. I have photos not only of Elvis but also from my 52 trips to Memphis, 40 trips to Russia and visits to many other countries on behalf of Elvisly Yours.

Of my entire collection I think this is the worst ever photo taken of Elvis Presley. He was pulling a funny face on stage in the 1970’s and it always cracks me up when I see it and thought I would share it with you. Perhaps some fans who were lucky enough to see or meet Elvis have an even uglier photo of Elvis. Please send me a jpeg of your worst Elvis photo and the best (rather worst) will be published in the next Newsletter.

Elvisly Yours Shops

Our lease at the Trocadero was precarious and they could give us short notice to vacate. The owners always wanted to make one large unit out of the various small units at the back entrance to the Trocadero so we knew our tenure was limited. But the nature of our leaving was dramatic and gave us no time to plan for a new store. 

The Trocadero Management at the end of 1999 decided to charge us an extra £17,700.00 per year in service charges. On investigation this was four times the rate per sq.ft of large stores in the complex. We still had to pay rent and rates and now a massive new charge. Rates alone were £16,500.00 per year so I objected and offered the same rate as large stores. We were evicted and they gave us SEVEN days to vacate the premises. Of course, we had no new shop to move to. Our store unit at the Trocadero remained empty for 11 months, time during which they would have received rent and we would have enough time to find a new location. Not only were we forced to move but notes we left at the shop for customers to contact us were immediately removed but if staff at the Trocadero asked what happened to us they said we were out of business.

At the same time Elvisly Yours was forced out to find a new store the London Beatles Store was also looking for a new location so we looked together. We wanted to move to Covent garden but rents were far too high and several premises we could afford did not want to have memorabilia shops. Eventually we found two shops next door each other that had been empty for five years on Baker Street. For two months we harangued the owners who were Abbey National and eventually we signed a lease and moved in March 2000. On one shop there was a sticker for Apple computers and on the other store in the dust and dirt on the window the name "Elvis" was written in large print. Immediately we knew the choice of shop and No. 231 would be the London Beatles Store (Apple) and No. 233 would be Elvisly Yours (ELVIS). As the stores had been left derelict for five years there was lots of painting and refurbishment to do and we opened eventually at the end of March 2000. WE were just two doors from the Sherlock Holmes Museum and we racked our brains for appropriate songs to combine Elvis, Holmes and the Beatles as potential promotional theme tunes for the new tourist location: "Hound Dog of the Baskervilles" and "She's Leaving Holmes"...awful I know but can you think of better song titles?

We have remained at 233 Baker Street, London NW1 until today. Our shop is just 100 yards north of Baker St Station and just 100 yards from Regents Park. We are open 7 days a week 10.30am-6.30pm. Give us a visit soon and bring a copy of this article on Elvisly Yours Shops and you will be given a FREE poster.

Old friends…

In the latter years of taking Elvisly Yours tours to visit Memphis and Tupelo we found a new friend who was named by Elvis as "Bardhal". The name Bardahl is a nickname given by Elvis and is actually a brand of oil. His real name is Will MacDaniel but everyone calls him Bardahl. He was a close friend for years with George Klein and Richard Davis and used to hang around with Elvis and the guys playing touch football in the 1950's.

It was either Aunt Loraine or Linda Gail Lewis who brought Bardahl along to meet the fans from our fan club tour to Memphis and he would hang around with our group during our stay in Memphis. Bardahl was always cheerful, always smiling, always lots of fun and would recount stories about the early years with Elvis. Our fans would often migrate to Hernando's Hideaway at the back of the hotel where we stayed in Memphis. Bardahl would join us bopping the night away, especially when the fabulous Linda Gail Lewis was performing. Some fans would roll out of Hernando's at 5am and missed the tours we arranged each day during our Trip. Apparently, the night club, Hernando's Hideaway and the premises are for sale at the moment.

The last tour we took to Memphis was in October 1992 and I lost touch with my dear friend Bardahl. I still hear about him from friends who visit Graceland and he joins  fans each 'Elvis Week' in Memphis.

Randall Lee Rose

For some years on Capital Radio the Elvis DJ was Randall Lee Rose and we had some great times with Randall in the mid to late 1980's. In those days Capital Radio used to run special Elvis nights at nightclubs and they were very successful so I don't know why they did not continue them. We used to do lots of promotions over many years with Capital Radio since 1981 when they displayed our life size bronze statue of Elvis for some months in their foyer. This occured when they had their radio studios on Euston Road before their move to Leicester Square in Central London.

The highlight of our successful promotions with Randall was when he recorded from Russia my visit in 1988 when we had an apartment full of all the greatest rock stars in the Soviet Union singing live over the telephone from Leningrad to Capital Radio in London. The Rock stars sang a repertoire of great Elvis numbers and they were all drunk at the time. I never did get to hear the show and wonder whether Capital radio kept a tape. It was really wild and a "first" in British radio history uniting East and West with live rock 'n' roll from a communist country and probably totally illegal in the Soviet Union.

Deliberate Mistakes

When we published Elvisly Yours magazines (1980-1992) we used to run regular competitions in each issue. My favourite was "Deliberate Mistakes" and this tested fans general knowledge about Elvis facts and history. 

Read through the text of this article below and send a list of all the mistakes. The first correct entry opened on July 20th 2006 will receive a pack of the new Elvis Playing cards.

How many deliberate mistakes can you find in this short Elvis history?

Elvis Jesse Presley was born on August 16th 1935 in the small Alabama town of Tupelo. His parents, Vester and Gladys, worked as share-croppers on the cotton fields and were very poor. As work was scarce in Tupelo, the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee where Elvis attended the County High School. 

After graduating, Elvis got a job working for the Crown Gas Company as a driver. It was during this time that Elvis made his first record, a Birthday present for his father, at Sam Phillips' Sun Recording Studio.

After hearing about Elvis from his receptionist, Sam invited Elvis back to record a few more numbers with the help of local musicians Bill Moore and Scotty Black. Elvis was able to re-create the sound of the black blues singers together with a hillbilly beat and the results were sensational. 

The records Sam released did well locally, and it soon became clear Sun Records just couldn't cope with National demand. Phillips sold Elvis' contract to Columbia Records for $35,000 but a change of heart by the executives there gave RCA the chance to sign Elvis up themselves. 

And so Elvis became RCA's biggest recording star with number one after number one on both sides of the Atlantic. Elvis' fame spread worldwide and the hits just kept on coming. Movies were next, and Elvis made the trip to Hollywood for his first film "Loving You". The fans flocked to see Elvis on screen and he also became one of America's most popular movie stars.

Elvis, just like any other American man, was drafted in 1959. He joined-up with the U.S. Marines and was stationed in France. It was here that Elvis met his future wife, Priscilla, the daughter of his commanding officer. After his national service was over, Elvis moved-in to his new home in Memphis called 'Graceland'. 

His career was unaffected by his years in the forces and a film of his adventures was quickly made. Throughout the sixties, Elvis continued to record great records and starred in many films, including "Roustaround", "It Happened At The Worlds Fair", "Spinoff", "Blue Hawaii", "Paradise Hawaiian Style" and "A Stone For Danny Fisher". 

But Elvis had not performed before his fans for many years, so in 1969 he was persuaded to make a T.V. Special for the ABC network. The show was a tremendous success and this encouraged Elvis to play a season of dates in the Las Vegas area. 

He later went on tour and performed another T.V. special in Hawaii during 1974. Other countries visited by Elvis included Canada, Scotland, West Germany and Japan, although British fans were sadly never to see him appear on stage.

The tragic news of his passing came on a sad January night in 1977. Elvis, in body, was dead, but his spirit and legend will live on forever. Send entries to competition@elvisly-yours.com 


Worst ever photo of Elvis Presley

Trocadero Shop




Inside Baker Street Shop

Outside Baker Street Shop




Bardahl and Sid Halloween 1989

Randal at Elvisly Yours Shop with Sid, Johnny Earl, Screaming Lord Sutch and Russian Elvis fan

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