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“Jailhouse Rock”

A New Musical for London  

Opens April 2004 at the Piccadilly Theatre,
with Previews from March 26th

Jailhouse Rock The Musical based on Elvis Presley’s classic 1957 film, is now confirmed to open at the Piccadilly Theatre in the heart of London’s West End. Previews will begin on Friday 26th March with the Press Night Monday 19th April. 

  Piccadilly Theatre
previews from March 26th
grand opening April 19th 2004

Tickets : 0870 060 6630

see map and directions

The West End opening marks the start of an international roll out of the show, with plans already in place for productions to open across the world. Featuring a rich catalogue of 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll classics, the show tells the story of Vince Everett, a young man from the wrong side of the tracks who discovers his own unique musical talent whilst doing time in jail and emerges to become the world’s greatest rock n’ roll star, only to discover that he isn’t ready for the pressures that money and fame can bring. Jailhouse Rock The Musical has been adapted for the stage by the writer/director team of Alan Janes and Rob Bettinson who with their first collaboration, ‘Buddy’, introduced the concept of the rock ‘n’ roll musical to the West End. 

Running for 13 years in London and across the globe, ‘Buddy’ set the benchmark, and heralded the recent successes of shows such as ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘We Will Rock You’. Once again with this new show, Janes and Bettinson, along with their collaborators in the creative team; Adrian Rees (Designer), David Mackay (Musical Supervisor) and Drew Anthony (Choreographer), are looking to create an innovative and distinctive production. “Although based on the film, the musical will tell a much bigger story,” says Bettinson. “Using hit songs from the era, the stage production will also chart the birth of rock ‘n’ roll – pinpointing its roots in the black music of the time and showing how singers like Presley and those who were writing for artists like him carried those influences over into the American teenage mainstream.”“This extra element will create a brand new piece for the stage, not relying on the audience having seen the film or being an Elvis Presley fan, though Elvis fans will love it too!” 

Although set in the 1950’s Jailhouse Rock The Musical promises to be much more than a nostalgia show. Says co-writer Alan Janes: “While the story illustrates the music and changing social patterns of the period, it is at heart a universal story: a challenge against authority and the pursuit of one’s own voice. It is a story that the young from all generations can identify with.” With over a dozen major awards including 2 Oliviers and a Tony, a 13 year run in the West End, and productions of ‘Buddy’ continuing to tour the world, Janes and Bettinson are on solid ground when they predict Jailhouse Rock The Musical is a musical of equal worldwide popular appeal. “It’s the classic story of achievement against the odds set to some of the biggest selling and best loved music of all time. Jailhouse Rock The Musical will be a unique theatrical experience.” Jailhouse Rock The Musical, co-written by Rob Bettinson and Alan Janes and directed by Rob Bettinson, is based on the motion picture Jailhouse Rock originally produced by Pandro S. Berman. Produced by Alan Janes and René Sheridan and co-produced by Jonathan Alver and Stephen Dee, Jailhouse Rock The Musical is a Theatre Partners, Jailhouse Company and Volcanic Island production.

Tickets priced between £45.00 - £19.50.

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