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Lisa's Showcase in London

Lisa Marie did a Showcase at the CC Club in the Trocadero during her visit to London. Of course, the Trocadero was the home of the Elvisly Yours Shop for more than two years. The ticket allocation was very limited to the media and one or two celebrities. Even though Elvisly Yours is organising a major promotion for free for Lisa’s single and album I still could not get a ticket from EMI or the CC Club. But, I managed to interview one of Britain’s leading Showbiz writers who did go along to the Showcase. His brief report on the Showcase was featured all over the world but did not get into the real nitty gritty and only mentioned that she had performed and a comment from Frank Skinner which said she was ‘fantastic’. Sadly, the reporters comments and apparently the general impression among the media present was not very complimentary. He used an expression ‘underwhelmed’ regarding her performance and I expect it is the opposite of overwhelmed. What the media wanted was some good sound bites, some comments between songs, something they could get their teeth into and write a really upbeat story about this historical event. Lisa had achieved what Elvis had never done in his life and performed live in the UK. The CC Club was packed with media and some big names from the media world, all there, intrigued to experience a piece of history and most were left unimpressed.

Lisa has an enormous cross to bear being the daughter of the world’s most famous ‘entertainer’ and that is what Elvis was with every ounce of his heart, soul and body a truly magnificent entertainer, the likes of which we will never see again. As his father said, Elvis was a gift from God. Lisa can sing, she can move but she must learn to entertain. I doubt if she will ever read this article but if someone does who knows her perhaps they can inspire her to dig deep into those wonderful, God-given genes and teach her to turn on the charm, to give herself totally to her audience, to learn from her father. My reporter friend did not hear any banter between songs and her voice was so quiet she was often drowned out by the music. He said the backing band was good but they tended to dominate her voice. The media were waiting for some comment about Elvis, about her career, about being in London singing when Elvis had only landed in Scotland on his way back to the States after his term of duty in the US Army. If she had said anything it was not heard. She is apparently, tiny and could hardly been seen on the low stage except for those in the front. She sang six songs, one of which she had to start again, after she forgot the words, then swore. She had an audience of Britain’s leading Showbiz journalists and could have had them in the palm of her hands. It will take time and she has a US Tour planned but she must watch her father’s concert videos over and over again and study his technique to learn how he captured an entire audience. She must learn to joke and play with the audience, be outward and not inward, be herself and overcome her apparent shyness.

When I asked how come Frank Skinner said she was fantastic and the reporter was very much unimpressed he made a poignant comment and said perhaps Frank Skinner would like her on one of his shows. However, if she ever went to see his “Cooking with Elvis” I doubt if she would ever appear on his show. The Daily Star reporter was also very impressed by Lisa’s Showcase. In all the interviews I have seen of her I was impressed by her candidness and honesty but I sense a great, hidden sadness and an inner struggle for her true identity and I hope her music helps her achieve her dreams.

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