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Rubberneckin' and BMG, 
the Record Company with no 'balls'

This article appeared in our latest CYBERCLUB NEWSLETTER but we received an email from Jake Shand of BMG New Zealand coming to our rescue. Thankyou Jake for having commonsense and balls. Jake, couldn't you get transferred here to kick ass and revitalise manhood at BMG UK ? Although we cannot provide information about Elvis' music from BMG UK it is probably much better coming from down under in New Zealand where not only are they ahead in time on the UK they are ahead in common sense and business sense.

Also, having a busy Elvis Shop in the centre of London you would think BMG would be providing us with all sorts of Elvis info and leaflets, posters, CDs to play or for competitions but you would be wrong, very wrong. Now read on, loyal Elvis fans :

Last year Elvisly Yours was instrumental in first getting Elvis fans involved with the promotion for the remix of "A Little Less Conversation". We had been kept informed by BMG of details of the release of the single and two months before it was launched we were encouraging fans all over the world to promote the fact that Elvis was going to get to no.1 in the UK singles charts. We kept up a relentless promotion with fans, fan clubs, the media and even William Hill who stopped taking bets that Elvis would get to no.1

When it was close to release we got fans all over Britain and even around the world to place advance orders for 'ALLC' in UK record stores. On the day of release we had TV and Press at the Elvisly Yours Shop and all this was done without one penny in payment from BMG. We were just happy to help get Elvis to no.1 where he had deserved to be for the last 25 years but RCA/BMG had never bothered to promote Elvis because they had received no support from EPE and even had to fight a lawsuit with them.

You would think BMG would be grateful for all this free publicity but instead BMG have told us that they can have nothing to do with Elvisly Yours because this would upset EPE. What bullshit ! When "Suspicious Minds" was released we had EIGHT Elvis tribute artists singing the song outside the Elvisly Yours Shop and they just got travelling expenses and a free copy of the record with a low number. TV footage was shown all over the world but BMG had done a lousy job getting the records into the stores and Elvis only reached no.13. I complained bitterly to BMG that they had to do a better sales job and when ALLC came around all the stores had good stocks until, of course, it was taken off the shelves to make way for that wimp "Gareth Gates".

We have received no information from BMG about "Rubberneckin" so we cannot tell you when it will be released. We have never been put on the BMG mailing list and it is sad that Elvis' record company should have no balls and stand up to the ignorance shown by the megalomaniacs that run EPE. Any company in its right mind would welcome publicity aimed at its core market. Elvisly Yours has access to a mailing list of 100,000 Elvis fans in the UK and our website is the most popular in Europe with thousands of hits each week for all over the world.

Why BMG chose Rubberneckin' God only knows as it is not a touch on the last remix, "A Little Less Conversation". To be honest, I don't think the remix is as good as the original version but I have only heard it on my computer as BMG have refused to send me an advance copy. There is not much we can do to promote the single, not knowing when it will be released and BMG are notorious about changing release dates. I hope it reaches no.1 but I am sorry to say that it is not a worthy follow-up to ALLC and unless BMG do a great marketing job I do not think it will make the top 10. BMG were lucky that ALLC was used in 'Oceans 11' and on the NIKE ad so their marketing and PR job was done for them, plus a little help from Elvisly Yours. In fact, we cannot tell you anything about new Elvis albums or CDs because we have been excommunicated by BMG but starting next year BMG will start to lose their monopoly rights in Elvis Presley as their copyright expires after 50 years. All the 'Sun' material will become public domain and then by 2006 all the early Elvis 50's hits will start to follow. Explanations of why you think BMG have no balls can be sent by email to info@elvisly-yours.com.

Now because of good ol' Jake Shand of BMG New Zealand you can read all about the release of Rubberneckin' and the new Elvis compilation to follow "Elvis #1". If they would have spoken to me I would have suggested the tile should have been "Elvis 2" instead of "Elvis Second to None" a real wimp title. Just click on: Rubberneckin Press Release


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