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LISA MARIE does NOT make UK TOP 40

Sadly, after all the hype we gave Lisa Marie on the Elvis website and in our last Cyber Newsletter fans in the UK just did not buy her album. 

The single only got to no.16 in the charts but the album has bombed. I have tried to analyse the lack of success for the single  but for the album to do so badly is a real surprise and reinforces my original thinking about the way her PR campaign was organised in Britain.

Lisa did not get the support of the UK media because many people from the media were refused entry to her Showcase in London.  Of those that did attend my contacts there said most were disappointed. These music critics were waiting for some quotes, some statement from Lisa about her first and only performance in London but she said nothing. She is Elvis' only child but has seemed to avoid questions about her father or even commented how proud she was to be in London, something that her father never did. 

I had suggested to EMI she should do a photo call for all the media and would have made the front page of the national daily papers but my advice was ignored. 

Just a few words, something that the media could have latched on to was all that was required, but Lisa remained silent. She did not perform particularly well and the media were underwhelmed or some were even angry that they were not allowed to take photographs. Although she is Elvis' daughter she is still a new singer trying to break into show business and possibly the first rule of show business is you don't alienate the media when you are starting off your career. 

Further problems were that her music got very little airplay except on Radio 2 and I hardly saw her on MTV or VH-1 except for a good documentary and I was looking out for her video every day. Also, Lisa upset a lot of fans by continually swearing during interviews and having swearing on her album. 

I am sure her father would have disapproved although Elvis swore in private he always was the perfect gentleman in public.

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