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Elvis Statue Street Party

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Elvis Statue Street Party
Wednesday September 8th 2010 at 11am-12.30pm

The Money Shop 
242 Edgware Rd, London W2 1DS

After Elvisly Yours was forced out of our Elvis Shop on April 2nd 2010 given one days notice by greedy landlords when our ten year’s lease expired Sid planned to tour Elvis Shows and Rock Ballets around Britain and the world. 

Unfortunately, his bank must be all Barry Manilow fans as they would not help Sid with finance. The British banks are slowly destroying our economy by refusing to help small business. Always a fighter, Sid has not given up on his dream and contacted Britain’s biggest and best pawnbrokers, “The Money Shop” who loved the idea. 

They are lending Sid the money he needs for his Elvis Projects and in return Sid is giving the Elvisly Yours Statue as security. Elvis is now working for Elvisly Yours and instead of the statue sitting in out offices in Watford it has generated cash to help take Elvis Shows to the fans around Britain and the world.

The statue will be delivered on Wednesday 8th September at 11am. There will be an Elvis Street Party outside “The Money Shop”, 242 Edgware Road from 11am-12.30pm to celebrate the Agreement between Elvisly Yours and “The Money Shop”.

Elvis Statue at Capital Radio 1981     Elvis has left the building Baker St, 2nd April ‘10      King at the Palace…Sid arrested Sept 1981