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Real Name :
Nasar Sufian

Contact Details :

email:   info@shadowsoftheking.co.uk 

Website : www.shadowsoftheking.co.uk

Nasar Sufian has been performing as an ETA ("Elvis Presley Tribute Artist") since early 2004.

As he is not Caucasian, his ethnicity creates a level of mystery amongst some. Nasar is strongly opposed to being associated in this way.

"It should not matter whether you are white or not. Mature adults should be able to look beyond this. You just need to open your eyes and ears."

"Elvis was neither kitsch nor stereotypical. He was a beautiful man with a unique God given voice that touched the hearts of millions throughout the world. Unfortunately there are too many out there that have made a mockery out of the whole thing. Some are deluded into thinking they are him and it has all spiralled out of control."

Nasar does not like to be called an impersonator but be regarded as an honourable ETA.

He states that his objective is:

"To keep the memory and music alive in the best and most respectful way possible."

Nasar has a genuine heart felt love for the Elvis, and has been listening to his music for the past 30 years.

Typically he performs two shows in each of his engagements, covering songs from 50's and 60's, as well as the 70's.

As a serious tribute artist, Nasar tries to re-create the magic and illusion for the audience who can for a moment shut their eyes and take that journey back in time to stir their dormant memories.

This is his way of keeping the spirit of Elvis alive performing in the 'Shadows of the King'.

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