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Elvisly Yours pawns life size Elvis Statue 

Sid Shaw was ALL SHOOK UP because his bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland (84% owned by the taxpayer) has a WOODEN HEART and would not lend Sid money for exciting new business ventures. Sid thinks RBS must all be Barry Manilow fans with their SUSPICIOUS MINDS and had written to the CEO of RBS Corporate Banking saying DON’T BE CRUEL. Recently, Sid had read on the BBC website about how a businesswoman needed cash urgently to buy new stock and got an instant loan from a pawnbroker by offering jewellery as her collateral. She then bought and sold the stock immediately, paid back the loan and rebuilt her business. 

Since the Elvisly Yours Shop in Baker Street was forced to close, given 24 hours notice by new landlords at the expiry of the ten year’s lease, Sid’s pride and joy, his life size bronze statue of Elvis Presley was just taking up space in his Watford offices. So Sid thought why not pawn his Elvis statue and RETURN TO LENDER. 

He wrote an email asking for a loan against his Elvis statue to the biggest and best pawnbrokers in Britain, the “MONEY SHOP” and its Director Jim Tannahill sang WELCOME TO MY WORLD, won't you come on in, miracles I guess still happen now and then. The Money Shop has been crowned by Sid as the KING of PAWNBROKERS. They have 335 shops in the UK with 70 more planned in the next 12 months. What a great name, the MONEY SHOP…a shop where you get money. Now Sid is getting his loan he is in BLUE SUEDE HEAVEN. He arranged an Elvis Street Party at the Money Shop 8th September to celebrate and also raised money for the “Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre” 

The Elvises that gave their time to this event were: Elvis Shmelvis, Vince Citrano, Jimmy E, Patrick Byrne, Mark Goddard and Jasper Roberts. 

We would like to thank Andrew Bryan of ‘The Money Shop’ for his wonderful support and donating £2,000.00 to the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre and area manager Nicos. Also, our thanks are due to, “Ptarmigan Bell Pottinger”, who provided many photos and arranged PR, especially Sian and Terry.