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This page is intended only for genuine Elvis penpals - people who want to communicate
about Elvis with others - but not for commercial purposes.

Here you can access our penpals archive
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Ian Burdett
From: united kingdom
Sex and age: Male age 40
E-mail: ian_burdett@hotmail.co.uk

I have been an Elvis Presley fan for most of my life and would like to
hear from any elvis fan around the world always elvis
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From: germany
Sex and age: male, 39
E-mail: charro69@gmx.de
Help Me

Hi! Im an german Elvis fan and seeks contact with other fans around the
world. Male or female of any age.I`m interesting in Elvis vinyl
discographies of any country in the world. From the beginning of pressings
in your country up to 1977. Vinyl collectors
I need your help! I need every information you can give.
Looking also for friendships and penpals around the world. Feel free for
mailing me.
My Best Regards,Basti :)
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From: Rochdale UK
Sex and age: female 42
E-mail: alan_c_bramwell@yahoo.co.uk
looking for old elvis penpal

I am looking for Micky Barrett he lived in Glasgow. Lost touch in 1984 just
wondering how he is doing. If anyone knows him could you please ask him to
e-mail me.
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From: es***
Sex and age: female 56
E-mail: skyejay@tiscali.co.uk
big fan

hi have been an elvis fan for 46yrs a long time. he still the king as far
as i am concerned long live the king
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Julie from uk
From: basildon es***
Sex and age: female 42
E-mail: juliebunting@btinternet.com
quiet fan would like penpals

hi there im julie, ive been a elvis fan since i was about 12 or younger.
im a quiet family person, im single and live with my parents and sister and
3 adorable female cats.
I love to read biographys about Elvis personal side,
and biographys about Elvis by people who knew him.
i love his speaking voice as well as his singing voice.
Elvis is a special human being always was still is.
if you dont mind a quiet fan, please contact
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sean wynne
From: brighton eastsus***
Sex and age: male 39
E-mail: marlon875@yahoo.co.uk
looking for a girl friend

39 year old elvis fan who james dean 50s rockabilly who live in
brighton east sus*** is looking to find a girl friend age 25 to 36 who
likes elvis and going out text me on 07955618377
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From: Brussels, Belgium
Sex and age: male 55
E-mail: murf54breathing@yahoo.com
sculpturing the Kings face

I have been sculpting the King's face for years, never being happy with my
hard work, I don't believe in misrepresenting his image, so any words of
encouragement would be appreciated. Everybody says they can see him in my
work, but I cannot settle for second best, its got to be better than good!
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From: south wales
Sex and age: female
E-mail: elvisforalways@aol.com

Are there any 100% Elvis fans from Carmarthenshire or Cardiganshire,South
Wales who would like to chat about Elvis,maybe like me,you feel there is
not enough going on in our area,although there are many Elvis events in
other areas so you sometimes feel a little cut off from what is happening
in the Elvis world.I am female,age 44,single,i love Elvis and have been to
Memphis and would love to chat to you. keeping the dream alive always.
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From: india
Sex and age: male 50
E-mail: vijayakumararadhana@yahoo.com

Love is divine.I love friends.Life is short.We come through this world once
only.So we should forget our enemities and start loving each other.
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From: uganda
Sex and age: male
E-mail: mbds02@yahoo.ca
i need a girl friend and friends tooo

hi u pal ,
ma name is medya aged 17 a mixed race of a ugandan father
and tanzanian mother .i go to school at Bilal secondary school at bwaise
and am in ma last year of A.level. i come from a family of 7 members
3sisters and two brothers i and another elder brother .they all go to
school starting with ma elder sister who has gat already a diploma ,other
sister is in s.6,the the other in s.2 and mi i have passed to s.6 and ther
other brother has a complised s.6 and in vacation now .
i have many hobbies and some of them are making and visiting
friends,watching and listenning to music,watching movies,playing and
watching football plus surporting,reading ma books ,going out with
friends,camping and praising GOD and helping mam at home .
am a footballer at the village,ma club (super eagles),a school
captain .i play the midfield role mostly deep six like viera and his one of
the best players i like all over the world because he gives mi alot of
skills and the next is Ronaldinho,Zidane,Becham,lampard,Gerrad,Ruud van
Nistelrooy,Sheveshenko and lastly Thierry henri.
ma favourite music is hip hop and R&B ma best artists are
50cent,Busta Rymes,Pididdy,Mario,Usher,Baw-wow,R.kelly,Maques huston ,Black
street boys ,blue and many others and the ladies are
celinedion,j-lo,beyouce,ashanti,eve,ciara,Jojo,mis eliot,the late Aliya
,witney houston .
ma favourite move starters are Swarzznerger,rambo,denzo
washington,samuel l jacson,ll cool j,jet li,jackie chan,tom hanks,robert
deniro ,martin lawrence and many others .
so thats how i try to take part in ma country . i would like to
get a girl friend and friends too and they should reply mi on
medyabouyer@yahoo.ca 0r call on +256712576183
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