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This page is intended only for genuine Elvis penpals - people who want to communicate
about Elvis with others - but not for commercial purposes.

Here you can access our penpals archive
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Nick Mangicotti
From: fulton,ny
Sex and age: male(26)
E-mail: NMangicotti@twcny.rr.com

Hi im 26 yrs old and ive been told i look a lot like the elvis from the 50's. i wear 50'sh style shirts and i use hair grease and i have a metal belt with music notes and says rock-n-roll. i love 50's-60's oldies rock-n-roll. and i can sing any 50's-60's song any 50's-70's elvis song. i like going to oldies rock-n-roll shows and classic car shows. i dont have a band yet but im working on it. any one who wants to talk feel free to email me thank you. take care.
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From: uk
Sex and age: male 10
E-mail: jonny.harvey11@hotmail.com
lookin for a girl

lookin for a uk girl with MSN messenger
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Sex and age: FEMALE 23
E-mail: elsapretty360@yahoo.com

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From: romania, europe
Sex and age: femele, 52
E-mail: badeavirginia@yahoo.com

i love elvis from 1963 and i'll love him forever
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Chance T.
From: California, U.S.A.
Sex and age: Male 35
E-mail: EPBackstage@yahoo.com

Hey! I'm lookin' for my "Soul Mate" through Elvis! I know she's out there... If interested in becoming pen-pals, and talking "Elvis", then write me! By the way, I'm also in the music field... I stand 6 foot, Blue Eyes, fit and weigh in at 170 Pounds. In fact, my web-site is www.ElvisGuy.com Check it out if you're a serious Elvis fan! I am and we can be together! Hope to hear from you...
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mrs sylvia robinson
From: united kingdom
Sex and age: female age 62
E-mail: robinsonsylvia@horsemail.dk

I have been a elivis fan from day one i would like to hear from any elvis fan from all over the world
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From: Baytown, TX
Sex and age: male-32
E-mail: jdavid6968@yahoo.com

Hi, here you have a big elvis fan, from jumpsuit and wig, to the move........would like to have some other elvis fans to talk with......Im finally going to his home......
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Alison Peel
From: Es***, England
Sex and age: Female 35
E-mail: alisonpeel1@hotmail.co.uk

Hi, I am an avid fan of Elvis and would like a penfriend. I have so much admiration for Elvis , he wasthe most talented man ever known , he has a charismatic voice and aura . I would gladly like to hear from anyone,
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From: uk
Sex and age: female 30
E-mail: dana34@btinternet.com
elvis fan

I am looking to chat with other elvis fans in uk and usa.I have just recently returned from graceland and want to know if anybody has booked up for graceland 2007 for 3oth anerversary.If so which holiday company did you use please contact me.Thanks dana uk
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From: England
Sex and age: female
E-mail: gilllesley@aol.com
Help please

I want to go to Graceland this year, someone sent me the phone number to phone, had a few computer probs and lost it, I want to go with Todd Slaughters fan club as I belong to it.. The phone number on the web site is wrong does any one know it please... Jas.
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