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Horror stories about EPE from Elvis fans

I challenged and beat the Elvis Presley Estate in the British High Court and Court of Appeals. EPE have little love for or desire to protect the memory of Elvis Presley and seem only interested in money, greed and ridiculous monopoly power. More and more fans, fan clubs, dealers and businesses around the world have had enough and they aren't going to take it anymore. Elvis' family and friends have been threatened and we, the Elvis fans of the world, must make a stand and stop the madness that is perpetrated by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.

Apparently, when Gary Hovey (Priscilla's brother-in-law) threatened a wonderful Elvis Ballet in Britain he told Peter Schaufuss (the producer and a Danish Knight) that he had stopped more than 100 Elvis Shows and was proud of his achievement ! 

Any small town in the USA
attracts over 100,000 people to their annual festivals yet Elvis Week in August in Memphis attracts only a few thousand (except for special anniversaries).

EPE have alienated so many Elvis fans
that they are destroying the Elvis World, even selling off artefacts from Graceland. Elvis is turning in his grave and Elvisly Yours is giving you the chance to fight back. Please write to us about your problems with EPE Inc and get others to write about their problems and we will build an extensive dossier about their monopoly abuses which you can read about online. You should back up your assertions with documentary evidence where possible (e.g. letters). Please complete the form below and submit.

We are not interested in hearsay, only actual evidence of their threats, intimidation and greed. The High Court and Appeal Court Judges in Britain believe it is wrong to create monopolies in people's names and it is against the public interest. Elvis now belongs to the "people" in Britain and if you really care for Elvis you should fight and make Elvis public domain all over the world and particularly in the USA.

Please keep your information brief, to the point and be factual. We will publish your grievances on the Internet for the World to see. We reserve the right to edit letters published. Please inform other fans around the world and interested people about the "EPE FILES" and we will ALL take care of business for Elvis,

Elvisly Yours,

Sid Shaw

P.S.  Please read the British High Court and Appeal Court Judgements on this website.

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