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This letter was written by

Rosemary Lucy
Head of Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre
Mount Vernon Hospital
Northwood, Middlesex HA6 2RN

It was one of two letters read at Maureen's Funeral Service:

Dear Sid,
How can you put into words the devastation of losing such a person as Maureen? She was one of those very special people that you meet in life who you will never forget. She had that certain indescribable quality about her that people loved. The world will be a sad place without her but richer for her having been here.

I know how much she depended on you for her strength and support and I am sure it was the other way round. She would say to me that she did not know how she would have coped with all the things that life had throw at her without you for support. Together you were a perfect team. Being apart will be so hard. Her influence on so many people will undoubtedly last for a long time and never be forgotten.

I think the theme of everyone bringing a rose to the funeral is such a lovely idea. I am really sorry that I am unable to be with you to remember Maureen but will stop and remember in my own way at the time of the funeral. I will ask Cherry to bring a rose for me. My thoughts will certainly be with you.

With best wishes for all of us at the Centre. Hope to see you on my return.


We hope to raise several thousand so that a "Counselling Room" can be named in memory of Maureen at the Centre. There will be Special Elvis Events organised by Elvisly Yours and the "Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre" in memory of Maureen to raise the necessary funding. You can donate online : Donate to cancer charity or send a cheque

payable to LJMC to: Elvisly Yours, Park House, 15 Greenhill Crescent, Watford WD18 8PH

...write on back of cheque "In memory of Maureen".

Letter written in Toronto but read personally by my sister Sylvia at Maureen's Funeral

March 28th 2007

My darling brother Siddy,
Today your 61st birthday I should be sending you greetings for a wonderful day of celebration; in fact, an extra special one to include last year's 60th which you were unable to celebrate due to Maureen's poor health.

This will be your saddest birthday with the devastating loss of Maureen, just yesterday. We are all hurting Siddy and sharing your pain and can only wish you strength to deal with the difficult days ahead. I hope you find some comfort in realising how very blessed you were with our Creator's gift to you, so many years of Maureen's love and loyalty. You are left with beautiful memories the likes of which many people will never know. Having spoken to Maureen so recently this all seems surreal, she was in such good spirits with her sister Pat close by. She told me how loving and supportive you had been and seemed more concerned for your exhausted state than for hesrself, that was so typical of Maureen.

To me, Maureen was a person of sophistication, gentle, kind, caring and the best listener ever, always ready to analyse your concerns in hopes of comforting you, encouraging you and giving you some positive direction. I believe it was a disadvantage to Maureen in failing to use those strengths for herself but there again her unselfish nature shows. Our family have been blessed and priviliged to have had her sharing our lives. I will treasure her memory forever.

Try to be strong Siddy, celebrate her life every day, do something each day that would make her happy. I believe strongly in the spiritual world, a great comfort to me. Maureen's spirit will be floating around you, feeling all your emotions, so Siddy you can help her soul rest in ever lasting peace and you in turn will find tranquility, All my love,

your big sister Sylvie

Dear Siddy,
Having grown up together in the 'East End', we will always have a common bond, even though the years have separated us. We briefly communicated via email some years ago but, sadly, without follow-up.
I am greatly saddened to hear of the loss of your wife Maureen. Life can be very cruel, but from the tributes I have read and her career choice, I would say ...she made a difference. The world has been a better place for her presence. I don't think we can expect more.
Siddy, please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your life partner.
Please pass on my warmest regards to all your brothers and sisters.
Alan from Old Montague Street
(now in Indian Rocks Beach, FL )

Thankyou for your kind note. I am sorry about the delay in replying but I have been away for a few days.

I deliberately did not give you a copy of the script on the day as I thought you had enough to think about without carrying it around! I shall be putting it in the post.

My thoughts about the ceremony? It came across powerfully as a "labour of love" - so much thought, care and imagination went into it. Your facility with words helped - the text was heartfelt, moving and humorous. Maureen was clearly a remarkable person and it was a privilege to have been involved in a small way in the tribute to her life. I admire teachers!!

I send you my warm wishes for renewed happiness in the future, Sid.


N.B. Cynthia Ibry is the Humanist who conducted the Funeral Service with dignity, respect and perfect tone in her voice. The Funeral Service was a wonderful celebration of Maureen's life and not the mourning of her death.
The Service was very moving with men and women were in tears.

Dear Sid,
We will never forget Maureen
Our hearts go out to you on the loss of your dear wife Maureen.
We feel so thankful that we had the opportunity to spend a few
hours with her on your visit here,
Joan and Paul Gansky
Los Angeles, Ca

Dear Sid,
Words cannot express my sorrow at seeing your announcement on your website telling us all about Maureen's passing.

I am so sorry for your pain; I understand all that you are going through at this time. Please be assured that you and Maureen are in my prayers.

In reading about her she seemed a truly special person. Find comfort in the knowledge that our loved ones linger around us and do watch over us.

God Bless Maureen


Barbara Lee
(Elvis' cousin with a Presley Museum in Gettysburg)

Dear Sid
I was very very sorry to hear of Maureen's passing and extend my deepest sympathy to you and all close to her. I will long remember Maureen's laid-back style, warmth and great sense of humour. She was a truly lovely lady and I will treasure her memory.
My heart goes out to you on your sad loss and you have my deepest heartfelt sympathy.
The world will be a sadder place without Maureen. Her last words to me, after the 2005 Porthcawl Elvis Festival were 'don't ever change Steve - be yourself' and I will treasure that advice.

On behalf of all involved with the Porthcawl Elvis Festival, our deepest condolences.


Sid I am so sorry for your loss. Losing Maureen will leave a big void and pain in your life which only time can slowly heal. Someone as wonderful and
spiritual as Maureen leaves a big imprint in your life. Sadly for me I
only knew her for about four and a half years but in that time I quickly learned what a selfless and caring human being she was. The first time I met her was on 8th January 2003 when I came to the shop for the event you had to celebrate Elvis' birthday. I remember, even though I only spoke to her briefly as she had a lot to do, feeling and thinking 'what a lovely lady'. After that I got to know her and always felt uplifted and happy when I spent time in her company.

I have a lot of wonderful and precious memories of Maureen and will miss our chats so much.


Dear Sid

My heart felt sympathy reaches out to you.

Maureen was always smiling and always had good things to say about the world around her.
I remember sitting with her at an Elvis event in the distant past and she had such a varied intelligence that only few people are born with.

I loved Maureen and the world will be a darker place without her. May she shine in heaven as she did on earth.

Please give her a good send off today, I'm thinking of you and sorry I cannot be there.

I will happily give a donation on behalf of myself and my Elvis Remembered Fan Club.

God Bless and keep you safe
Warmest cuddles

Jenny Milbourne

Dear Sid,

We are so sorry to hear about your beloved Maureen and send our deepest condolences,

With Love,

Audley and Raychel Harrison

I'm sorry about your loss of Maureen

Sometimes things happen that just don't seem fair.
Sometimes it is hard to understand why...

Think of me as a flower blowing in the wind For I will walk beside you wherever you may be

My life I had you by my side
Now I wait for you till we meet again

Take care my friend,

Annie Bentley (POLK SALAD)

Dearest Sid,

Tears are streaming down my face as I write this note. Our hearts go out to you in the passing of your beloved Maureen.

I know how hard it is to lose your best friend and the love of your life.
Maureen was such a kind and caring person and will always be in your heart and part of your being. She will always be with you and nothing can take that away from you.

On your last visit to I can still see Maureen making English tea in the kitchen and then, of course, washing up the tea things (she wouldn't let me do it). We loved sitting with her and chatting, catching up on all the news of the families and events in England.
She was a super person and will be dearly missed !!

You are in our thoughts and we care about you a lot, Love,

Rinette and James

Dear Siddy,
Just a little note to say how sorry we are we cannot be with at such a low and sad time in your life.

We are thinking about you constantly. I am so sorry that Maureen suffered these past weeks but she alwsys told me that she felt lucky to have met and lived her life with you.

We have paid for and having a tree planted in Israel in Maureen's name. I thought you might like that. Hopefully, they will send you a card from the Jewish National Fund.

Try to be brave. You did the best to make her life happy and that is the important thing.

I love you always my little brother.

From us all,

Dena, Malcolm, Hayley and David (Toronto)

Uncle Siddy,

It is with deep sadness we send you this card for the loss of Maureen, a wonderful lady who had a great empathy for those around her. A very warm and sincere person.

Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time,

Glenn, Cindy & family


Uncle Siddy,
I am really sorry to hear the news of Aunty Maureen's death.

She was a really lovely and gentle person who did not deserve to suffer so much - as are you.

We are thinking of you during this sad time and hope that next year you will want to celebrate your birthday again, All our love,

Janine & Tim


Dear Uncle Siddy,

All our thoughts are with you.

We will all miss Aunty Maureen terribly.

She has left me personally with a huge, gracious presence, Love,

Jason, Nikki and kids

Uncle Siddy,

Although we can't be with you our hearts feel your pain, you know that.

Maureen will always be with you in spirit, follow your dreams and be strong.

Look after yourself

Our thoughts and prayers are with you,

Love from Yasmin, Mark, Kyle & Adam (Toronto) 0 X X X X X X X X X X X 0

Dearest Bruv Sid,

Just a little note to say
How much I wish for you today
Solemn and sad it all can be
But remember your part of a family

I want to help you whenever I can
And make you feel you are loved as a man I hope with time your sorrow will fade and That you can be happy once again

With all my Love,

Sis Helen

To Uncle Sid,

I was very sorry to hear the sad news about Maureen. It must be so upsetting for you.

I hope that in time you will be able to forget the difficulties and her illness and remember all the good times you had together,

Love from,


To Uncle Sid,

We appreciated the beautiful Service you organised for Maureen.

She was a very special person and I feel very priviliged to have known her,

With Lots of Love,


Remember to take care of yourself,



Dear  Sid ,
               So sorry to hear of your Loss...although we did not know each other well...Maureen always had a lovely smile and a little chat with me on the few occasions that we did meet. Please accept our deepest sympathy.
               Love from Angela Craig Jamie/"JELVIS", Siobhan Sean and lil Rebecca

So very sorry for your great loss. Maureen was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed by all.
from one elvis mate nigel wilson

Dear Sid

So very sorry for your great loss.  Maureen was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed by all. 

My sincere condolences to you.

May God bless you.

Take care of yourself.


PS      - Your tribute to your wife was really beautiful and touching, - you did her proud.

Dear Sid

I am so sorry to hear your news.  Maureen was one of the nicest people, sensitive, thoughtful and caring.

May your precious memories help ease your pain and may you find some comfort in knowing others care.

I cannot imagine coming to your shop and Maureen not being there with you, but I know she will always be with you in spirit.

With very best wishes

Today, tomorrow and Forever Elvis Group

Dear Sid,
Unfortunately I have been away working on several projects, and have just seen your email.
First, my heart goes out to you Sid, for you have been a terrific and loyal companion to Maureen all these years. Over the years I have seen how she has suffered, and you were always there for her.You are a good man mate, and may God bless you for that!
Maureen was such a good person and gave of herself in so many ways. In my experience she was always giving to others, which sets her apart from the rest of us. She did not deserve all the pain she has suffered, and only God can determine why. I can only believe that Maureen is now with God and she can rest in his love and care. Take comfort from the fact that God has a plan for all of us and he has now called Maureen home, where her pain and suffering will now be over.
Maureen will be in my prayers mate, you can count on that.
Take heart yourself and know that she is at peace.
I'm not sure when I'll be in the UK again but when I do lets you and I go down to that fish and chip shop and keep a chair there for Maureen. I think she was always tickled by the notion of our love for those fish and chips.
God bless mate, and know I'm thinking of you at this time.
Much love,
Brian J.

firstly let me say im heartbroken for you, maureen was always a dear friend to us and always the kind and generous host whenever i stayed with you or worked with you or even visited you.

i dont know what to say, im trying to write something through tears........

i am so sorry for your loss, but your loss is heavens gain, i would also like to congratulate the success of your marriage together, it is an inspiration to all married couples who knew you both, including us.

i am in dubai singing from april 2nd to 8th and am contracted to do so.
i dont know if in the jewish tradition you have a months mind service, as we do in catholisism? but i would be happy to fly over and sing at that or an anniversary service.

i am deeply moved to think of her at this time; the thoughts that spring into my mind are:

maureen cooking for us both as we blabbered on at the table about business maureen throwing her eyes up in the air when she would hear you getting hot or emotionally charged about something; maureen climbing the stairs to your attic asking if i was ok and comfortable; the killarney gigs; the storys about audley harrisson and lennox; the different obstacles she encountered just for being jewish; the strength she mustered not only to overcome that ignorance by people but also her strength in sickness; her undying support of you and the elvisly yours business; at the counter in the shop or at the stand in wembley at the elvis experience concert giving me the card from leyton her soft spoken voice....
her smile.....

im going to miss her sid, if you want a few days away from england and to close up shop for a week or so, you are always welcome to come over and stay with us, no doubt the whole experience will hit you as you sit at home alone some eve and you may have a cup of horlicks in your hand and the tears will start flowing.
might i finish by saying this
you are like an uncle to me sid and maureen was like an aunt you have both of our sympathies and our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.

i am available also to come over and spend time with you.....

may the lords open arms welcome maureen to paradise elvisly yours

Mark Leen aka the EMERALD ELVIS

Dear Uncle Sid,

I was so sorry to here of Maureen's death. The first thing I remembered about her was how she took an interest in me as a kid and helped me feel like I was not a fool and that I mattered.

While growing up it was great for me to see you consistently loving towards Maureen, she was a lucky person to have known this. For me there is nothing more important in this life than too know that someone truly loves or has been loved. All the trials and tribulations that you both lived through only strengthened this love that you shared.

Sending you my love knowing that the richness of the love that you shared with your beloved Maureen enriches you today on your birthday and the days weeks and years to come.



To dear Sid,

I just wanted to ackowledge my sorrow at hearing the lost of your dear beloved wife, just you know she is at peace and I'm sure she is with Elvis having a great time in heaven; I want you to know I am going to play ElVIS singing 'I did it my way' dedicated especially to you.

There are no words to express what you are going through my friend, but,you know she will always be with in spirit, watching you, so my friend may the Angels bring peace..

Sincerely ( Elvisly) Gloria Topfer.

Dear Sid,
It was a shock to hear that your beloved wife, Maureen, passed away.
Please accept my sincere sympathy.
And I hope you will recover from your deep sorrow very soon.
With deepest regret,


I'm very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine losing the "love of my life".
My brother and only sibling died recently which broke my heart. Your tribute was a gift in words to her memory.

Yesterday, was my birthday, March 27, 1953. Every birthday that I have left on this earth -----I will remember your Maureen.

shirley maxon

Dear Sid,

We cannot tell you how heartbreaking it was to read your email about losing Maureen. Although our relationship has been a long distance one for some time, we feel very close to you. I know Shira's acquaintance with her was very brief, but we both thought of Maureen with great fondness and respect. She was a good person, a lovely woman, and obviously the perfect mate for you.

We won't attempt to console you with all the usual cliches; this is the toughest thing there can be for you. Just know that our arms are around you and we send you our blessings and our love. I would like to say kaddish for Maureen as well on the day of her funeral, if it's okay with you.

Please stay in touch whenever you're ready.

Our deepest sympathies,
Larry & Shira Geller

Thanks for your mail. I know we spoke via email a couple of weeks ago but it came as a shock to me this morning to read this.

Maureen was a lovely lady and Sue and I are so bitterly sorry to hear about her in this way.

In the short time we knew her, she was always most charming and we always enjoyed our times with the both of you.

I would be honoured to help in any way possible next Thursday, and you know you can rely on me for anything at all. I will bring full sound system, extra speakers, cables and a few microphones etc of course.

I will give you a call later.

Thinking of you

Martyn and Sue
(Elvis Shmelvis)

Sid . . .
It is with deep sorrow that Connie and I learn of your beloved Maureen's death after such a heroic struggle she made against cancer.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of grief.
I will spread the word worldwide in a couple of hours and we will be making a donation in her name.
Bill E. Burk
Publisher, Elvis World Magazine


It was with great shock and sadness that I read your email.

It was only the other day Maureen was in our office with you and I promised her the first "Get of my Blue Suede Diamante " Watch when it arrived in the country.
I really did not realise how sick she was as she was very attentive in the meeting.

Clearly you had a close relationship and to give you strength in this difficult period I would ask you to keep focusing all the good times you had together it may help a little to overcome the pain of her passing.

I was pleased you shared the comments from Maureen's head of School about her work with children she clearly was a very kind and giving person I wish I had a chance to know her better.

Unfortunately I am unable to attend the Funeral although I will of course be very pleased to support the Charity in Memory of Maureen.

Best Regards
Zeon Ltd

I have so many memories of Maureen its hard to know what to share. One memory is of being in the 1968 netball team with Maureen as our coach. We drew one match and won all the rest. Well, we washed the floor with the other schools really. Maureen remained calm after every match and insisted that we concentrated on the teamwork not the winning, that was what really mattered to her, seeing people working together. She really believed in the children she taught and helped us to believe in ourselves.

Maureen started out being my teacher and gradually became my friend. We have been friends for a long time now and became so very close, her passing is hard to bear. Maureen touched the hearts of many, many people and the spirit of Maureen will be carried on by lots of us in our own small ways, with a thought or a memory of something she said or did to help us on our own life's journey.

I am thankful for knowing such a special person and having her in my life for the past 40 years.

Sue Wentford


Sadly, we never had the opportunity to meet Maureen personally or even see a photo of her until now, but over the years of corresponding with Sid, he often made mention of her, so in our minds we felt we almost knew this kind, generous hearted, caring woman, and it has always been obvious Sid adored her, and she him.

Sid had told us that both he and Maureen always hoped and planned to come to New Zealand one day, and we wish this had been possible.   It is clear that Maureen was no ordinary person – she was very special, as the many children she helped and supported throughout her long career, will verify in their tributes to her.

We send our love and sympathy to Sid, and family and friends for the loss of Maureen, who meant so much, to so many. Our thoughts are with you.

Susan and Roy Brennan-Hodgson
Elvis the Reality, New Zealand

Dear Sid:

Your dear Maureen's passing is a severe inconsolable loss to you,

I know that words will be of little help at a time like this but you must accept that this was the will of God, however cruel and inconceivable it is and you do know that your dear Maureen will be at peace and rest. The powers of the Universe take back to themselves those whom they value most and who give most of themselves to the World in which they live and to their Family and Friends.

Rene and I grieve with you all and pray you will be granted the strength to withstand the loss. Words are too weak and inadequate to say how very deeply we feel for you and having suffered similar losses ourselves, we are very much aware of your innermost feelings. But your darling Maureen has left a legacy to you and to all who knew her; a legacy of noble character, a good name and a loving personality. Wealth and money cannot buy such a legacy. Your Maureen was a woman to be loved because she loved. She was one of the genuine natural princesses, amongst the very few that it has been our good fortune to know.

And so, in fullness of time, your heart will be healed and the sorrow of the immediate hour will be softened and there will remain the shining nobility of a really great woman. For what is greatness if it is not nobility of character and sincerity of humanism, all of which, were the marks of your darling wife. You, like all men whose heads are bowed in bereavement, stand alone and suffer alone until Time will heal your wounds. May the Lord grant you both solace and a measure of peace of mind.

We send our heartfelt sorrow and condolences to you from Florida where I am still getting myself better and pre flying back later this month May GOD grant you the serenity to accept the things we cannot change - courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Maureen’s special way of touching each of Our lives personally will remain a memory in our hearts forever - a very special Lady.


Your friends

Rene and Jeffrey KrugerTKO and Ember Records

Dear Sid,

Im So Very Sad for your Loss,
Im sure we must of met your Wife @ Some point in your shop, please Except Deapest Sympathy in your loss we are Hear for you anytime, But Remember Your Not on your Own, as Your Loved one is walking right next to you always.... In Your Memories..Nothing can Change that..
Julie, uk