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michael odwyer
From: ireland
Sex and age: male 40
E-mail: elvisthekinggracelandmemphistenn@yahoo.com
hi iam michael

Hi iam michael iam from ireland i love elvis id love to chat with other
elvis fans espicially female american elvis fans
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From: England
Sex and age: female 14
E-mail: caitlin.2012@btinternet.com
Elvis Fan

hey i am such a massive Elvis Presley fan and i am only 14, many people are
surprised that i love Elvis so much because im so young, and many people
say i am on of the youngest Elvis fans alive. My whole life is dedicated to
watching elvis films and listening too his music. I got into loving Elvis
so much because my dad is one of the biggest fans i know and my house is
full of Elvis memorabilia. me and my family are saving up to go to
Graceland which is one of our biggest dreams ever. I really do wish that we
get to go, it would mean the world to me and my dad and my mum.
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From: Englsnd
Sex and age: female
E-mail: debskentuckyrain@gmail.com
listening to Evis brightens my day

I would love to hear from Elvis fans from all over the world
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Della curtis
From: Hertfordshire uk
Sex and age: F 47
E-mail: Dellacurtis@sky.com
Looking for locals

I love elvis but my husband doesn't I would love a group of friends
to go to elvis events with I am off to Memphis on 27th may
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craig ward
From: australia
Sex and age: male 51
E-mail: wardy_ex_soldier@hotmail.com
The king

I have been a Elvis fan since I was 10 years old and would like to write to
a Female Elvis fan
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From: Gateshead, UK
Sex and age: Male
E-mail: theking1935@hotmail.co.uk
Elvis fan looking for his Priscilla

Hi I'm Andy. I'm 45 years old, single & looking for
female Elvis fans to to correspond with & possibly date leading to a
lasting relationship. Been an Elvis fan for 35 years and run my own Elvis
fan page on facebook.
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From: yorks u.k
Sex and age: male
E-mail: barryinventedwhat@rock.com
seeking a lucky ladie for elvis tribute show

hi there, im seeking a young ladie aged 30:40 too ajion me as tribute
artists should be ok with vocalist backing and free to perform throught the
u.k. im starting on a shoe string but have allready backing music and some
p.a. eqiptment see me on facebook !
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From: from yorks uk
Sex and age: male
E-mail: barryinventedwhat@rock.com
ladie backer wanted for elvis show

hi there, im seeking two ladie backing vocalists im
interested in setting up a elvis tribute show. if your
aged 25:40 live in the u.k. please give us a call on tel ; 07821675198 or
e.mail ;barryinventedwhat@rock.com
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bob leggett
From: rotherham
Sex and age: male
E-mail: robert.leggett2@yahoo.co.uk
elvis friends

i am looking for elvis friends from all over the world male or female
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From: london
Sex and age: lady
E-mail: ladyelvis1945@yahoo.co.uk

hi just love elvis any elvis fans want to chat i am her i am in my 50s so
loved elvis for years xx
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