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about Elvis with others - but not for commercial purposes.

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From: UK
Sex and age: Female
E-mail: miss.bella.boo121@gmail.com
Hello :)

Hello :)

I've just found elvis and would like to know all about him :)
thought this would be the best place to learn
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Catherine Fearnley
From: West Yorkshire
Sex and age: Female age 38
E-mail: catherine.fearnley@yahoo.co.uk
Seeks Genuine Elvis Fan

Have been a Elvis fan since I was a ***ager if not younger. Love the man
and his music. Even once went out with an Elvis impersonator lol and went
to shows, had some fun times liking the King of Rock N Roll. Hope someone
will mail to me, I promise it will not be Returned To Sender, Address
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From: england
Sex and age: female
E-mail: carolthomas354@btinternet.com
elvis pen pals wanted

Would love to have pen pals that are Elvis mad as i am and have been for
many years now.I am married female with one grown son and have lots pets
too. Only lived where we are now for seven months,it is place in England
called Staffordshire.
Hobbies include Elvis music played non stop, cookery, reading,surfing net,
emailing other like mine folk who cannot get enough of Elvis.
I am in my 50s now but one is never too nold to be Elvis fan.. i hope i
get some great pen pals

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From: Wisconsin
Sex and age: female
E-mail: pob905@yahoo.com
Seeking Elvis Penfriends!

Looking to write a few people who also love Elvis. Email me for my address.

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From: preston
Sex and age: male
E-mail: phil-harding@hotmail.co.uk

can anyone tell me best place for an elvis tat please
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From: Lancashire
Sex and age: Female
E-mail: caroline_mcuk@yahoo.co.uk

Hi all - would love to hear from other Elvis fans
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From: london
Sex and age: 37
E-mail: mandy_1973@live.co.uk
for a penpla

i am look for a penpla frind i like elvis muic
from mandy
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Yman Sanso
From: New Jersey
Sex and age: Female 14
E-mail: billiejoe1964@yahoo.com
Hello everyone

My name is Yman I am a huge fan of Elvis Presley since i was little I know
what you are thinking what is a 14 year old wannabe doing liking Elvis
Presley Well Im not an average immature ***ager I find myself mature
compared to other ***age girls There are many reasons why i love Elvis
Presley He is my inspiration I would love to talk to someone who loves him
just as much as i do since there arent many ***s who are into Elvis Email
me please and well chat
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Paul brown
From: London
Sex and age: 33 m
E-mail: Paul.summerpresley.brown@googlemail.com
Michelle McCartney gillingham Kent

Anyone seen michelle
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From: kent uk
Sex and age: male
E-mail: tonycole6938@yahoo.co.uk
i miss graceland

the first time i went to graceland was in 1987 is there anyone who went
there in that year i shared room with darren and become good friends i been
to graceland 7 times since but i cant save the money fro this year take
care all
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