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From: Croatia
Sex and age: Female 18
E-mail: kaori92@yahoo.de
Presley Fans

I am a female elvis fan from croatia and I am looking for elvis penpals
TCB and greetings from croatia
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From: clydebank
Sex and age: female 37
E-mail: regiedwight@yahoo.co.uk
calling all elvis fans

hi ive been an elvis fan for 30 years would love to chat to other fans with
the same passion
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john deacon
From: leicestershire england
Sex and age: male 51
E-mail: jkensendeacon@msn.com

hi iam new to elvis and would like to get to know more on him a i did
watch him on his birthdayy thought he was great what have i been missing
would like to hear from elvis fan everywhere but please no under 18s many
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anna marie
From: south wales
Sex and age: female
E-mail: judy-marie@hotmail.co.uk
i lov elvis

to everyone out there who is a fan like me i just think there will never be
anyone take is place i am 43 and loved him since i was 12 anyone i would
lov to talk to about elvis anyone
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From: Croatia
Sex and age: female 17
E-mail: kaori92@yahoo.de
Aloha everybody

first of all yes i am 17 years old
turning 18 this year and i am totally nuts about elvis
i love him since i was a child
i would love to hear from fans all over the globe
greetings from sunny croatia
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rachid MAHRANE
Sex and age: MALE 49
E-mail: scalalone_wolf16@hotmail.com
fan of elvis


i would like to have some contact from all over
the world just fan of Elvis of course rock 50
country music folk and others
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Sex and age: FEMALE
E-mail: kentucky.rain@ntlworld.com

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jim browder
From: memphis tn
Sex and age: male 46
E-mail: jbtcb4ever@hotmail.com
the king lives

hello from memphis i have been here my entire life and am so proud to see
people from all over the world come see graceland ialways enjoy talking
about elvis and telling my stories i never met him however i do know most
of the people that were around him some of which i am very close to email
me and lets chat
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Elvisism Graceland
From: Australia
Sex and age: Female 48
E-mail: elvisism@live.com.au
elvis new recruit


love to chat to anyone about the king and my favourite elvis song of the
week is dont think twice its alright
chat soon
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From: Surrey
Sex and age: malc 31
E-mail: toffeeman102@hotmail.com

Big Elvis fan looking to chat with people about Elvis and everything else
Been to Graceland was amazing Hope to hear from anyone really
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