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about Elvis with others - but not for commercial purposes.

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From: Worcestershire
Sex and age: Male
E-mail: mcrammstein@hotmail.co.uk
Elvis presley

Lets be friends
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From: wales
Sex and age: MALE 36
E-mail: davidpaulsamuel@hotmail.com
elvis karate king

i am a young 36 year old elvis fan seeking pen pals male and female to talk
about elvis and elvis collecting i am also a fan of martial arts as elvis
was and like to make friends with fellow martial artists who also happen to
be elvis fans too and i been an elvis fan since i was 9 years ago and i own
a big memorobilia collection of elvis including records books cd and dvds
and items that elvis actualy owned such as his 1969 phyician desk
refferance book with hand written words from elvis with a certificate of
authenicity etc etc and i own rare footage of elvis instructing karate
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From: cardiff
Sex and age: male 36
E-mail: davidpaulsamuel@hotmail.com
welsh elvis fan

I am a single elvis fan seeking a like minded female elvis fan with the
possiblity of a real and loving relationship i am tall fit and goodlooking

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Sex and age: FEMALE 44
E-mail: kentucky.rain@ntlworld.com

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lisa marie smith
From: gloucestershire
Sex and age: female 40yrs old
E-mail: smithl54@sky.com
male friendship wanted

my ***age daughter says get a life so this is me making a start
would like to chat to male elvis fans hopefully to talk about all things
elvis but life in general aswell
i not got any special person in my life at the moment but am keeping an
open mind on that one
friendship is my main aim
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Terence Thatcher
From: England
Sex and age: Male 43
E-mail: telboy42@hotmail.com
Female Elvis Fan Wanted

hi my name is terry i am a very nice 43 year old who likes meeting people
i am looking to meet a
nice female who is funny and kind age 28to 39 you can email to a very
kind terry
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From: england
Sex and age: male age 38
E-mail: jason1971tlc@live.co.uk
if i could dream

hi im jason i would like to talk to all elvis fans
about the king of rocknroll it would be nice if you coulc send me a email
and i well return yo sender
i have been a elvis fan from the age of 13 my first record i got was the
greatest hits a double red album my first ever song i herd on the radio was
love me tender i rememer asking my dad who the singer was he replyed the
king then i started collecting and reading up about this man they call
the king of rocknroll iwould look forword to your emails yours jason tlc
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graham raffaele
From: queenslandAustralia
Sex and age: male 52 years old
E-mail: graham.dolphin.raffaele3@gmail.com.au

Would like to write to other Elvis Presley Fans as I miss the contact with
other fans
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From: syria
Sex and age: male
E-mail: t_ammar71@otmail.com

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john trump
From: south tyneside
Sex and age: male
E-mail: john27trump@yahoo.com
hi to all

to all you elvis fans out there im a huge elvis fan have been for quite of
number of years all because of my dad i dont regret one second wish elvis
was still alive so i could go and see him he was and still is the king long
live the king
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