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From: Doncaster
Sex and age: female age 41
E-mail: ElvisFansOnTour@groups.msn.com
memphis 2007

I am interested in how many of us are going to Memphis this August Please
reply to my email address and add your name and Tour you are going on and
lets see if we can get to know each other before we set off They say that
the holiday starts at the Airport I cant wait

luv n stuff
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From: Virginia US
Sex and age: female 20
E-mail: elm1805@vt.edu
Elvis Collections

I would like to hear from anyone who would like to compare or share each
others collections I have a huge collection and love to find things I dont
have and learn how or where I could possibly get it Maybe even share pics

thanks and hope to hear from yall
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jim browder
From: memphis tn
Sex and age: male 43
E-mail: jbtcb4ever@hotmail.com
memphis elvis history

write me if you would like to know more about memphis or elvis history i
would love to chat

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Sex and age: FEMALE 42
E-mail: kentucky.rain@virgin.net

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From: UK
Sex and age: Female 20
E-mail: nsymon@hotmail.com
university project

Hello My name is Nicola Symon and I am 20 year old student at Bournemouth
University in England I have been brought up on Elvis and his music as my
parents are fans Therefore I decided as my final year project I would
choose Elvis and his websites to study I am looking for other fans who
would be willing to answer a few questions about Elvis and his websites as
part of the research for the project If anyone is interested could you
please email me

Thankyou very much

ps Love the site

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From: Perth Australia
Sex and age: Female
E-mail: julie@jewelspr.com.au
Help with finding Elvis song

have been searching for hours on the internet and asking every Elvis fan I
know but have come up with nothing

i desperately need to find the song which Elvis walks on or off stage to

its not Also Sprach Zarathustra 2001 Space Odyssey theme but the heavy base
and drum track with no lyrics

Can anyone help me with the name of this song and which album or DVD I
might find it on

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From: birmingham
Sex and age: male 34
E-mail: fletchy34@yahoo.co.uk
elvis king

although i am only 34 i am a fan of the king and would love to chat to
others about elvis and general conversation if any one is interested email
me its good to talk

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michelle elliott
From: high wycombe bucks
Sex and age: female age 33
E-mail: phil.elliot@sky.com
young elvis fan

hi i love elvis and would love to talk to other elvis fans
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From: windsor uk
Sex and age: female 45
E-mail: sallygreasley@hotmail.co.uk
Memphis 2007

Hi would love to chat to Elvis fans travelling with arena travel to memphis
and hawaii in aug 2007

pls note new email address
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From: birmingham
Sex and age: male
E-mail: fletchy34@yahoo.co.uk
he is king

hello people i am one big fan of elvis presley and would like to here some
good stories from other people who have them and also for general chat
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