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about Elvis with others - but not for commercial purposes.

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From: Ph
Sex and age: M 31
E-mail: mannyvillas@yahoo.com
blue suede shoe missin'

rock and roll the new way

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channing Ashbaugh
From: Matthews, north Carolina
Sex and age: Female 46
E-mail: channing28205@gmail.com
Pen Pals wanted

I am looking for postal mail pen pals. I swap friendship books and
friendship sheets . I enjoy penpalling, word searches and coloring. If you
would like to be my pen pal email me.

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From: canada
Sex and age: male
E-mail: lvscollector@gmail.com
elvis collectors and pen pals wanted

would like to e mail other ELVIS fans and collectors who collect
ELVIS cd's , photos , books and dvd's . i mainly like
the 70's period but also the 50's - 60 's .

Also like to watch tv do***entaries on ELVIS as well as old talk shows
about him back in the day .
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Sex and age: Male 46
E-mail: timothypenney1271@gmail.com

Hi I am Tim from Somerset seeking Elvis Female Fans. I am seeking F 28-40
for a good friend and love of Elvis music. If you want a genuine friend
and loyal one then please feel free to email.
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Craig ward
From: Australia
Sex and age: male 57
E-mail: wardy_ex_soldier@hotmail.com

Looking for a female Elvis fan I can write to ,being a fan since I was 6
years old .
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Muriungi ikiara
From: kenya
Sex and age: male
E-mail: ikiara62@gmail.com
long lasting friendship...

Hi , am a kenyan male aged 55, humble and trustworthy . I have really found
Elvis site good to get a genuine friend hence , i post my message here for
you to write to me . My email address , ikiara62@gmail.com. we can share
alot in terms of culture , expriences , ideas , languages among others .
Looking forward to read from you. Thanks in advance .👍
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Lizbeth hart
From: United kingdom
Sex and age: Female 64
E-mail: Lizbeth.hart@icloud.com
Penfriend wanted

Hi I'm liz my age is 64 I'm an elvis fan love all his music,
would love to hear from people in America and carcass one
In France females only place my hobbies are knitting, crochet,reading, my
pets I also collectbookmarks
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From: Staffordshire
Sex and age: female / 54
E-mail: d39rober@outlook.com
Genuine friendships

I am looking for honest and genuine Elvis friends in the Staffordshire area
who would like to meet up occasionally, I am happily married so not looking
for a relationship, I've been an Elvis fan all my life from the age of
Genuine replies only please.
Would also like to meet people from all around the world again genuine and
honest replies only please.

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From: London's
Sex and age: 44
E-mail: Mandyjane1973@hotmail.co.uk

I am 44 yers old I am single I live London I like Elvis show and like
Elvis music I am look for single man
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From: USA
Sex and age: female 60
E-mail: nancyJSimpson@aol.com
Psychologist Fascinated by Elvis

Hi, I'm a psychologist who is fascinated by the life of Elvis Presley.
He was such a contradiction of energies. He was a spiritual innocent, a
gentle seeker, and a crass hedonist at the same time. He had everything,
and yet in many ways he had very little. He was the a god to most women
and yet the women he loved ended up leaving him. And, there is a magic
about Elvis that defies time. He captures the hearts and imagination of
his fans in a profound way. He was unique on the earth. I am looking for
a professional pen pal who is also fascinated by Elvis.
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