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From: Ukraine
Sex and age: female 23
E-mail: ksenia_klimenko@yahoo.de

Hello everyone! Since in this country, not much people love Elvis, and rockabilly is not that popular, I desperately want to find someone to chat about the King! Rock'n'roll is the style of my life. Waiting for mails! My ICQ is 216-671-703
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linda maclean
From: oban scotland
Sex and age: female 38
E-mail: linda maclean@hotmail.com
long live the king

I would like to hear from any elvis fans from all over the world. I have been a fan since i was 11yrs old,
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From: italy
Sex and age: male
E-mail: gondoliere@email.it
seeking a girl

for exchanging ideas and more
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matthew phelan
From: christchurch new zealand
Sex and age: male 24
E-mail: matthew_james_phelan@hotmail.com
cc rider elvis impersonator

Hello my name is matthew phelan. I live in christchurch new zealand. And I'm also looking for an elvis pen pal fan. I'm not quite sure when I first heard about him. But I can say I really enjoy impersonating Elvis. And I just wish that one day I could have an Elvis jump suit to have of my very own . (I'm wanting the american eagle jump suit) From matthew phelan of christchurh new zealand.
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Elizabeth A Mest
From: Hamburg, Pa
Sex and age: A 31 Female
E-mail: svilardo7@yahoo.com
Always Elvis Presley.

Hi! I've been an Elvis fan since I was little and now I can't live without his music. Everytime I'm down in the dumps I put his music on to cheer me up. I collect everything of his and I listen to his music every single day. Elvis will always be the king of Rock'n'Roll forever.
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From: israel
Sex and age: male, 29
E-mail: liorelvis@walla.co.il
20 years of loving the king

Hello everyone Looking for elvis fans all over the world to share the love of the king sincerely yours LIOR
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Jenny Dror
From: Israel
Sex and age: female, 31
E-mail: type2u@walla.co.il
Elvis Presley rocked the world!!!

Hi, I'm the president of the Israeli official fan club "2nd to none" named after the collection album taht came out a couple of years ago. I love listening to Elvis' music evry day and rewatch his movies. A day without Elvis is not a fulfild day. I like to coresponed from fans all over the world. TCB
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From: United states
Sex and age: female 12
E-mail: b236411@aol.com

hi i been an elvis fan when i first heard his music i been to graceland before also so if your my age and like elvis give a shout
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From: london
Sex and age: male age 40
E-mail: telboy201165@aol.com
happy birthday elvis

hi elvis fans it is hard to believe elvis would be 71 on sunday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS
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From: Austria
Sex and age: 36, female
E-mail: Linschi2002@yahoo.de
Hello everyone!

My name is Linschi and IŽd like to find some friends from all over the world who want to chat about Elvis
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