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From: colorado
Sex and age: female 18
E-mail: Cindybuenavista@aol.com
I Can't Help Falling In Love With Elvis!!!

I'm looking for a penpal...Someone who looks like and loves elvis as much as me. He's is and always will be the KING!
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Iain Duncan
From: Mallorca
Sex and age: male
E-mail: rebeliain@yahoo.com
winner of 2005 europe E.T.A

I had the great pleasure to win the title of europes best elvis tribute in 2005, since then i have been performing in Elvisarama las vegas & germany. Originally i am from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, but have been performing in Mallorca, Spain, for the last 14 years, please feel free to check out my website. www.iain-elvis.com . keeping the kings music alive. thanks for reading. tcb iain
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Kelly Wallace
From: Hornsey, London. U.K
Sex and age: female and 21
E-mail: kellyelvis@hotmail.com
Let's Be Friends

I'm a shy, but fun loving girl and would like to chat to other Elvis Fans. 20-35. I love Elvis more as a man, than I do the singer. He is so gorgeous and I've always wanted to know the real Elvis. So many let Elvis down and hurt him. I feel he is a man that deserves respect, as he started at the bottom to get to where he is. My fave film is Blue Hawaii, My fave song is 'I Just Can't Help Believing' and Good Luck Charm.
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joey rehnblom
From: stratford iowa
Sex and age: male
E-mail: starman@wmtel.net
i like to here him sing my boy

i like to hear him sing religious songs thats good all he did was good i try to sing he was the best all i have is his voice the good man gave me i like to talk about him
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alice miah
From: edinburgh scotland
Sex and age: female 45
E-mail: alice_miah@hotmail.com
looking fpr penpals

my name is alice miah i am from edinburgh i am married i am 45 i have loved elvis for as long as i can remember i hope to go to graceland next year i would like to write to other elvis fans all over the world i am the only one in my family that likes elvis i live for elvis,s music and his films i have a collecton of things of elvis i would like to hear from anyone .i will reply to every one that writes thank you alice
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From: gloucestershire England
Sex and age: female 32
E-mail: clarelouiserohd@yahoo.co.uk
I love Elvis

Hi my name is Clare and i would be interested in chatting to anyone who is also interested in Elvis. I would love to go to Graceland it is my dream. If anyone wants to e-mail me then feel free i would love to hear from you. Clare xx
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From: bristol
Sex and age: female 17
E-mail: jess28389@hotmail.com

hi i love elvis!
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From: use il.
Sex and age: male 36
E-mail: randylove@ameritech.net
love talking elvis with the girls

theres noghting like talking elvis to the girls ages 18 to 39 i have been an elvis fan and singer for over a while now and like to learn what makes you love elvis so much >? what makes you want to hear his songs? what has he got no other man ever can have? talk to me ok? let me hear from you thanks
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From: England
Sex and age: female
E-mail: gilllesley@aol.com
Elvis tour Graceland

I would like to go to Graceland but would like to go with a fan club could anyone email and tell me how to do this please xxx
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From: England
Sex and age: female 56
E-mail: gilllesley@aol.com
Wanted other Elvis fans

I would luv to chat to Elvis fans anywhere in the world
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