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From: Newham
Sex and age: 42
E-mail: mandyjane1973@hotmail.co.uk
I am Elvis fun

ho my name Mandy I am 42yer old I like go to see Elvis show. I go to day
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alfred wray
From: UK
Sex and age: male 55
E-mail: alfredwray713@yahoo.co.uk
looking for penfriend

hi my name is Alfie and I am a Elvis fan and I am looking for a pen friend
who is a Elvis fan to and I live in the UK.
I have been a Elvis fan since I was 10 years old and I listing to Elvis
24/7 I just love he music.
but I am just a lad who as leaning difficuity
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From: Chicago. Usa
Sex and age: Female. 54
E-mail: Judithann1961@yahoo.com
Elvis fan wanting to talk with same

Been an Elvis fan since I was 10 when my mom bought me my first Elvis album
and I thought what a good looking guy and he has a great voice too and have
been hooked on Elvis since I want to eventually visit Graceland I tell my
friends when I retire I'm moving to Memphis lol. So hope to hear from
all you Elvis fans out there.
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From: Newham
Sex and age: 42
E-mail: mandyjane1973@hotmail.co.uk
I am Elvis fun

I iam looking for a nice man friend ho like going to see Elvis shows plese
wiret to me
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From: London
Sex and age: Female 29
E-mail: mauboan@outlook.com
seeking for a romantic man

I am seeking for a sincere ,loving and caring man.
send me an email, i will tell you much about myself and send you pictures.
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From: Herefordshire
Sex and age: Female 45
E-mail: madelin15241@gmail.com
Elvis Friends

Looking to connect with like-minded Elvis fans to chat with and make
friends, hopefully travel with and attend Elvis-related gigs and
conventions if distance allows. Been a huge fan for many, many years.
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From: leicestershire
Sex and age: male
E-mail: hamb02810@sky.com
looking for female penpals

hi im a 47 yr man looking for female penpals...ive been an elvis fan since
I was 8yr boy and don't think anyone can come close to the king..i
planning on visiting Memphis,nashville and vegas in 2017 to celebrate my
50th birthday and it would be great to have a travelling companion who
shares the love of elvis...
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From: north yorkshire
Sex and age: female, young 62
E-mail: bardenny1953@hotmail.com
Elvis pen pals wanted

Im a born again Elvis fan since visiting Memphis, Tupelo and Las Vegas in
January 2015. Would love to be in touch with other Elvis fans with the
possibility of going to Elvis themed weekends/conventions/holidays etc.
Most of my friends are not into Elvis but they will do the odd thing. love
to hear from anyone 55 or older
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From: Windsor, U.K.
Sex and age: Male, 67
E-mail: sdenisthemenace@btinternet.com
Elvis pals wanted

Recently widowed Elvis fan seeks pen pal contact with other dedicated fans
to discuss collections, trade letters and Elvis as a part of my life
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From: cornwall
Sex and age: female 52
E-mail: tcop63@googlemail.com
Elvis pen pals

Have adored Elvis since first watching 'That's the way it
is' at the cinema back in 1970, and would love to hear from like
minded fans from anywhere
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