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From: New York
Sex and age: Female ; 21
E-mail: Satnin_tcb18@gmail.com
Elvis Pen pals

I'm an elvis girl looking to meet other Elvis fans from across the
world. Any age is fine! Would love to just chat anything Elvis :)
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From: Raffeek
Sex and age: 1
E-mail: rassy2000-13@yahoo.com

Amazing and most Awesome Stuff,Coolest, Weirdest High Tech,from all over
the world, in pictures or videos <a href=
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sue hayward
From: bradford,west yorkshire,uk
Sex and age: female;59
E-mail: susannash54@yahoo.com

I would like penpals from any place .I have been a fan for many years.Male
or Female penpa**ue.
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From: kent
Sex and age: male 50
E-mail: gixxxblues@yahoo.co.uk
the king

ive been an elvis fan since i was 9 years old love his music i like all
the 50s and 60s stuff but i think the older he got the better his voice
became i love the ballards would like to talk to other fans and shear
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From: england
Sex and age: female 32
E-mail: supernurse@gmx.co.uk

I have been an Elvis fan ever since I was little, he is my very favourite
singer, nobody comes close!
I look forward to chatting to other fans!
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adrian chapman
From: tunbridge wells
Sex and age: male
E-mail: a.chapman137@hotmail.co.uk
like to meet a single female elvis fan

hello my name is adrian i am a very big elvis fan my room is full of elvis
things from cds box sets all his films concert belts i have bean to
graceland las vegas germany i looking to find a female elvis fan hear from
you all soon my email is a.chapman137@hotmail.co.uk
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From: Uk
Sex and age: male
E-mail: tonyisaac1@hotmail.co.uk
elvis fans wanted as friends

Hi I am a massive fan of the King and most of my family members also like
Elvis as well. I want to talk to other Elvis fans in the UK and around the
world with the view to meet up and have great fun.
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From: Sunny Cornwall UK
Sex and age: Male 40 going on 10!
E-mail: djmatt14@hotmail.com
Calling Elvis (fans!!)

Hello all! Hope you're having a great day with a few Elvis tunes
thrown in for good measure! I have been a huge Elvis fan since I was a
small boy, although Elvis had sadly been long dead by the time I discovered
his music. Would love to chat to other fans, anywhere in the world, just as
long as you have one head and you're an Elvis fan - that's great
with me haha. Keep rockin! Matt :-)
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Sex and age: MALE Age 56
E-mail: kjcelvis@yahoo.co.uk
Seeking a Lady Elvis fan friend

Hello there!,
I'm Keith, an Elvis fan from Leeds, West Yorkshire in England, age
I am an active fan who helps run an on line fan club, creates Elvis tags
and pop art images and so much more.
I'd love to correspond with and meet a female Elvis fan ideally
from my area.
I have a very varied taste in music-but especially Elvis.
I'm a single dad of many years, have a great sense of humour-like
Elvis did, and would love to meet someone special.
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From: USA (NY)
Sex and age: Female: 21
E-mail: yfernandez58@gmail.com
Elvis Friends?

Just a 21yr old Elvis fanatic looking to meet some Elvis buddies :)
email me if you'd like
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