Richard Davis died from a heart attack in his sleep August 26th 2004. He leaves a widow, Kim and three young triplets born just two years ago. Richard was working in a Casino in Tunica, Mississippi and was heading Security. He was only 64 and had worked many years for Elvis since 1962 with a range of jobs and the neatest was as Elvis' wardrobe manager. You can also see Richard in many of the movies as an extra.   We brought Richard to England for the Elvisly Yours "Elvis Extravaganza" at Sussex Beach in the 1980's. He had a great time in England and shared the stage with Screaming Lord Sutch and the Black Cats.

We took him to all the tourist places, wined and dined him. He was very appreciative and was great company. 

He told us that he was the exact build and size as Elvis so he would go down to Lansky's or other clothiers and try on the latest clothes and bring back a selection for Elvis to try. Many of the outfits you saw Elvis wear in the 1960s were first worn by Richard Davis.   Richard was always upbeat, friendly and charming and met the fans who went on Elvis Tours to Memphis with our fan club during the Elvis Week. Richard was always there to meet the fans and talk to them about his life with Elvis. He was easy going and very approachable. I was introduced to Richard by George Klein who was his closest buddy. Wherever George was as a DJ you would always find Richard for all the years I went to Memphis. George will be really saddened by his best friend's early death.   The Elvis World has lost two of its icons in the last week, first Al Dvorin and now Richard Davis. Since Richard has left a wife and three very young children in lieu of flowers fans have been asked to help support them by a donation to be sent to :    

Kim Davis
5525 Alexandria Lane
Southaven, MS 38671

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