Rarest artifact in Rock'n'Roll history 
'Mother' Master vinyl stamper, 
that produced "That's All Right"

As part of the 50th Anniversary of the Rock 'n' Roll celebrations, the most important artifact in popular music history will be unveiled at Elvisly Yours, 233 Baker Street, London NW1 on Monday July 5th 2004, from 11am - 5pm.

The actual 'Mother' Master vinyl stamper, that produced "That's All Right", the first ever Elvis Presley record, will be displayed publicly 50 years to the day it was recorded on the 5th July 1954 at 'Sun Studios'.

This Mother Master, for the song ‘That’s All Right’, hailed as the first Rock 'n' Roll song, is the most original format in existence since the original Sun master tape has been lost. Records produced from this metal master are now valued at around £3,000.00 each.

This historical artifact transformed and revolutionised popular music forever. History does not have to look further than this to see the birth of popular music, as we know it today. We are indebted to Joseph Pirzada, an expert in rare Elvis memorabilia, for the opportunity given to view this unique historical artifact. There will be no charge, but a donation to the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre would be appreciated and collection boxes will be provided.

For further details about the master contact Joseph at jpirzada@traffickingelvis.co.uk

Read about the history of the Master Stamper:

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