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Apple Homepod Mini Review - Specs

The Apple HomePod Mini is a smart speaker with a compact design that combines superior sound quality and sophisticated features. It can be controlled via Siri voice commands or the Home app, making it ideal for any residence. This article will examine the most comprehensive Apple HomePod Mini evaluation.

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Our Verdict

Our Verdict:

The Apple HomePod Mini is a wonderful addition to any Apple-based smart home due to its superior sound quality, simple Siri integration, and smart home compatibility. Although it may not be the greatest option for those with non-Apple devices, it is a solid option for anyone seeking a reasonably priced and dependable smart speaker.


  • The HomePod Mini generates clear and detailed audio with deep bass and crisp highs despite its diminutive size.
  • Siri integration: The HomePod Mini offers seamless Siri integration, enabling simple voice control of smart home devices and music playback via voice command.
  • The HomePod Mini's compatibility with HomeKit-enabled smart home devices makes it a convenient addition to any Apple-based smart home.
  • With the HomePod Mini's Intercom feature, you can easily communicate with other Apple devices in your home, making it a great way to stay in contact with family members.
  • In comparison to other smart speakers on the market, the HomePod Mini's price is relatively low, making it a fantastic option for those looking to enter the world of smart speakers.


  • The HomePod Mini is designed to function seamlessly with other Apple devices, but its compatibility with non-Apple devices and streaming services may be restricted.
  • The HomePod Mini only connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so it may not be the best option for consumers who prefer a wired connection.


  • It measures 3.9 inches in height and 3.3 inches across.
  • Having a weight of 0.76 pounds
  • White and space gray are the colors of the logo
  • Voice Assistant: Siri Audio Dual passive radiators and a full-range transducer comprise the technology of the speaker system.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Apple Music, Podcasts, and other streaming services are compatible, as are HomeKit-compatible smart home devices.


Review Apple Homepod Mini:

Plan and Build:

The HomePod Mini has a spherical design with a white or space gray fabric lattice cover. Its dimensions of 3.3 inches in height and 3.9 inches in width allow it to accommodate on a bookshelf or bedside table. On the speaker's top are touch-sensitive controls for volume, playback, and Siri activation. The construction is robust and well-made.

Intelligent Functions and Connectivity:

Siri, Apple's voice assistant, can be activated by uttering "Hey Siri" or by touching the touch controls on the HomePod Mini. It also supports Apple's HomeKit, enabling users to control smart household devices via the household app on their iPhone or iPad. The HomePod Mini can also function as an intercom system, allowing users to communicate with other HomePods or Apple devices.


The HomePod Mini is extensively accessible via Apple's online and brick-and-mortar stores, as well as Amazon and Best Buy. Its price of $99 makes it an affordable alternative to other premium smart speakers.

Audio Quality:

Despite its diminutive dimensions, the HomePod Mini provides excellent sound quality. It has a full-range driver and two passive radiators that produce clear and well-balanced sound. Additionally, the speaker employs computational audio to adjust the sound based on the acoustics of the room, ensuring that the audio is optimized for the space. The sound quality is overall rich and full, and the speaker is surprisingly powerful for its size.

Audio Performance:

The audio performance of the HomePod Mini is outstanding due to its computational audio and full-range driver. It is capable of playing a variety of musical genres and produces distinct vocals, punchy bass, and crisp treble. The speaker also supports spatial audio, which makes listening to compatible music and films more immersive.

HomeApple iOS and Intercom:

The HomePod Mini's support for HomeKit enables users to control their smart home devices, such as lamps, thermostats, and locks, via the Home app. It also supports the Intercom feature, enabling users to send messages to other HomePods or Apple devices. This feature is especially useful for communicating with family members or roommates located in various areas of the home.


What features does the Apple HomePod Mini have?

The HomePod Mini includes advanced features such as Siri voice control, multi-room audio, and HomeKit integration. Additionally, it supports Apple Music, Podcasts, and other streaming services and offers computational audio for superior sound quality.

What are Apple HomePod Mini's dimensions?

With dimensions of 3.3 inches in height and 3.9 inches in width, the HomePod Mini is a compact speaker that can easily accommodate in any room.

Can other HomePods be linked with the HomePod Mini?

Yes, the HomePod Mini is compatible with other HomePods for stereo or multi-room audio.

How does the HomePod Mini stack up against the HomePod?

The HomePod Mini is a more affordable and compact alternative to the original HomePod. Even though it does not possess the same level of sound quality as the original, it offers outstanding audio performance for its size and cost.

What are some of the HomePod Mini's drawbacks?

The HomePod Mini's limited compatibility with non-Apple devices and services is its primary drawback. It also lacks an AUX port, which may be a disadvantage for some consumers.

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