How to connect usb headset to Xbox One

If you want to connect a USB headset to your Xbox One, there are several steps you must take. Despite the fact that Xbox One consoles typically include their own headsets, some gamers prefer to use their own USB headsets for improved sound quality and convenience. This article describes how to attach a USB headset to an Xbox One console.

Source: iTechTechnologies

Verify your headset's compatibility in Step 1.

Make sure your USB headset is compatible with the Xbox One before you begin. While the majority of USB headsets are compatible with the Xbox One, some may not be. Check the manufacturer's website or the headset's packaging for Xbox One compatibility information to ensure compatibility.

Connect Your headset next.

Once compatibility has been confirmed, connect your USB headset to your Xbox One console. This is how:

  • Connect your headset's USB connector to one of the USB sockets on your Xbox One console.
  • Power on your Xbox One and log in to your account.
  • To access the guide, press the Xbox button on your controller, then select "System."
  • Choose "Display & sound" under "Settings."
  • Select "Audio output" by scrolling down.
  • Choose "Stereo uncompressed" or "Windows Audio for Headphones" under "Headset format."
  • Select "Output to headpiece" and "All audio" under "Headset"

You should now be able to use your USB headset with your Xbox One.

Step 3: Adjust Your Headset Parameters

After connecting your USB headset, you may need to modify some settings for the optimal audio experience. Here are some advice:

  • Using the volume controls on your headset or controller, you can adjust the audio volume.
  • If you need to muffle the microphone, select the mute button on the headset or controller.
  • You can modify the microphone settings by selecting "Display & sound" > "Audio output" > "Headset mic" under "Display & sound."
  • Test your headset Go to "Display & sound" > "Volume" > "Party conversation output" and select "Headset" to test your headset.


Connecting a USB headset to an Xbox One is simple and fast. By following these straightforward methods, you can improve the sound quality and gaming comfort of your Xbox One console. Remember to verify the compatibility of your headset and adjust your settings for the best audio experience.

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